A Recap on Chris Burch’s Rehabilitation on an Award-Winning Resort

Christopher Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. For nearly 40 years now, he has been a successful entrepreneur and an active investor in several industries. He has profoundly contributed to the establishment of many technological based luxury brands like Voss Water, Jawbone, poppin and Faena Hotel. He is also a retired board member of Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.

His prowess in entrepreneurship was evident by 1976, even before completing his undergraduate studies at the college of Ithaca. He partnered with his brother to invest 2000 dollars in Eagle’s apparel. The business was worth 165 million dollars when they sold it, click bjtonline.com for more reading.

Chris Burch has continued to stand out in the business world, and in 2015, he surprised many by rehabilitating a very remote island located in Indonesia to a breath-taking resort he named Nihi Sumba Island. The surf spot, which was turned in to a luxurious resort, has been consecutively voted the number one luxurious resort by the readers of Travel and Leisure magazine ever since.

Nihi Sumba Island was previously called Sandalwood Island, and it is approximately 4000 square miles, located in the southeast of Bali. The island has been largely ignored due to its lack of modern civilization, natural resources and the existence of notorious headhunters (nihi.com). Its insularity, therefore, led to a very authentic and powerful culture.

Therefore, the unspoiled and undeveloped coasts together with the aesthetic natural beauty of the island attracted investors like Christopher to develop it. Mr. Burch discovered the island in 2012 and along with his friend McBride.. The partnership of the two investors in the acquisition of the island in 2012 led to the transformation of Sandalwood Island into a trendy tourist attraction destination worldwide.

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Billionaire Chris Burch Invests in Nihi Sumba Island – “The Edge of the Wilderness”

Billionaire investor and entrepreneur Chris Burch has recently involved himself in a real estate endeavor that is a bit off the mark — in more ways than one. Beginning in 2012, Mr. Burch went to work with a few other partners to enhance a remote surfer hot spot into a unique, high-end travel destination.

This endeavor was recently outlined in an on-line piece posted on “Wings Journal“. In this article we learn that the five-star resort called “Nihi” is located on Sumba, a remote island in Indonesia. Sumba is indeed remote, but is reachable via a 50-minute flight from Bali. Historically, the location has remained fairly uninhabited and little visited since its discovery by Portuguese explorers in the 16th century. Starting in the 1980s, Sumba began to attract surfers who came to ride its famous 20-foot left-breaking waves.

Fast forward to 2012 and Chris Burch “rediscovering” this remote paradise. At that time, Burch learned that Claude and Petra Graves, back in 1988, had found this “perfect wave” location and decided to build a resort that would allow outsiders to enjoy this unique spot while preserving its quaint and quiet environment. Fascinated by this local and this vision, Mr. Burch worked with the famed hotelier, James McBride, to enhance the resort and the overall user experience for its guests. While pinching no pennies to turn this into a five-star resort destination, Burch and his partners strove to weave a luxurious tapestry that would maintain the remote, unusual feel of the place.

More on http://nihi.com/our-story/

Burch and his partners dubbed Nihi Sumba Island as “the edge of the wilderness.” Purposely, the resort was designed to be very low-impact on the surrounding environment.

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The Attributes of a Successful Investor with Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is the king of the business world. Every time you want to discuss the success of UTC, you cannot avoid his name. This is because of the advancement that he made in the company. Chenevert served as the CEO of UTC from 2006 to 2014. In his reign, he stretched the limits of the firm and pushed it to the next level.

Louis Chenevert has many attributes that have led to his successful career. Here are some of the attributes;

Good Leadership

Leadership in an organization is everything. It is the CEO of the company who determines the sales of the company. Everything that happens in the firm is the responsibility of the CEO.

Louis Chenevert is an accomplished leader. He understands the importance of employees in an organization. He believes that one is only as effective as their team is.

In 2006 when he joined UTC, the nation was going through a tough recession period. Every firm was trying everything possible to remain in business. Some firms sort to shift their production units to other nations where they could acquire cheap labor. Others conducted massive layoffs to reduce the input cost.

Louis Chenevert followed a different direction. He combined all his engineers in a central position where they could team up and come up with ideas to improve the company.

Relentless Focus

Staying focused in the business is crucial. This helps in ensuring that all the objectives of the firm are achieved. Louis says that as a leader you have to stay aligned with the agenda of the firm even when the naysayers say otherwise. You have to conquer the voices against you.


Besides being a businessman, Chenevert is an environmentalist. He cares about the environment. This is why when he realized that global warming was at a rise, he found a solution. He reduced the consumption of water and the emission of the greenhouse gases.

By so doing, the products of UTC became more acceptable in many parts of the world. This was a win-win for both the company and the environment. He urged other companies to do the same.



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Chris Burch Working Wonders on Nihi Sumba Island

Evolution of a 5-Star Resort

Long before Chris Burch discovered the opportunity to transform Nihiwatu into the beautiful resort it is today, Claude and Petra Graves were in search of the perfect wave-side beach front when Claude and Petra discovered Nihiwatu. They were struck by the “mortar stone” that covered the beaches in Nihiwatu and by its “unregulated freedom and beauty,” as they told the Mogul Chris Burch on their first encounter in 2012.

Claude and Petra were taken up with Nihiwatu and began to envision creating something special as a Sumba resort are other could also enjoy. While the Graves wanted to keep the historical mystique and aura of Nihiwatu alive, Chris Burch has renamed the tropical paradise Nihi Sumba Island.

After meeting the Graves, Chris Burch contacted the Hotelier James McBride and gained his interest in co-developing Nihi Sumba into a 5-star resort. Burch and McBride initially invested $30M to begin their project. According to Wing’s Journalist, Svilen Petrov, Burch and McBride continue to expand their original plans that now encompasses 700 acres in development.

Nihi has been named the #1 Hotel in the World Travel and Leisure readers consecutively for 2016 & 2017.

Chris Burch and Burch Creative Capital

Christ Burch has a passion for helping entrepreneurs while using his knowledge and resources which have great innovative ideas of value to society. Burch is always on the lookout for what he calls “extraordinary possibilities” for the world. More on https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222766

Branching Out

Burch Creative Capital has supported wide-ranging products from lifestyle to retail, apparel to technology, organic foods to home furnishings (ideamensch.com). One of Chris Burch’s latest investments has been into ED by Ellen DeGeneres, as well as TRADEMARK and Cocoon9.

Chris Burch credits his success to his understanding of people. Thru this ability to be curious about people he has learned to listen better to others.

Keep up with Burch, follow him on Instagram


Kamil Idris Understands The Critical Importance Of Intellectual Property Laws

Kamil Idris has discussed the way President Trump’s new tariffs will affect China. These were issued because President Trump believes the United States technology acquisitions by China are unfair and harmful. The estimate for the losses to the United States for the Chinese theft is $225 million to $600 billion. IP or intellectual property theft has high tariffs. The Chinese imports will be imposed for $50 billion. This is a punishments for the county’s alleged theft of United States IP. These violations include counterfeiting popular brands, stealing trade secrets putting pressure on businesses to share technologies with the firms in China to help them access the American market.

President Trump has fulfilled his promise to impose a tax of 25 percent on imported steel and ten percent on aluminum. Canada and Mexico were not included in this tariff. The sanctions caused dissent among the Republican lawmakers, business leaders and economists. The concern is President Trump may have set the wheels in motion for a global trade war. Kamil Idris has expertise regarding IP. This can be created by foreigners or Americans by counterfeiting luxury items, pharmaceuticals, film, record piracy and software.

The traditional response is for the United States Trade Representative to protest China has failed to prevent the piracy of items to the United States. This generally leads to a memorandum of understanding where China agrees to find a way to stop piracy. If the violation continue after three years another agreement is established with more specific parameters. Kamil Idris will attest to the importance of intellectual property. In the current situation, the Chinese domestic copyright firms are competing against foreign merchandise cheaper than what they are manufacturing. Pressure was placed on the Chinese government by these firms to strengthen and enforce their own IP regulations. The same situation occurred in the United States roughly one hundred years ago. Foreign products did not receive protection until 1895. It took another hundred years for the United States to join the treaty for international copyright.

Professor Kamil Idris is a Sudanese scholar, statesman and international civil servant born in August of 1954. From November of 1997 through September of 2008 he served the World Intellectual Property Organization as the Director General. He then attended the Khartoum University in Sudan where he earned his Bachelor of Law. During his education he also earned his Philosophy, Economic Theories and Political Science Bachelors. He additionally holds an International Law Doctorate.




The Growth an Innovation at its Best with OSI Group

OSI Group is without a doubt one of the most competitive companies within the food service industry, but there is also no doubt that their history founded on innovation is growing by leaps and bounds. Today, with more than 19,000 employees, the company is making sound decisions, completing mergers, and making more acquisitions. While it all sounds complicated, the driving force behind Sheldon Lavin is “growth”.

When the OSI Group started, it was started by immigrants from Germany, namely, Otto Kolschowsky. As a growing part of the German-immigrant community at the time in Chicago Illinois, he was focused on growing the best food supply company possible. Although Chicago has always been considered to be a thriving city, it was quickly becoming a place where immigrants were also hopeful to find land that they could farm and become self-sustaining. The city, known as the “Hog Butcher of the World”, deemed to be so by Carl Sandburg, the OSI Group had to find a way to either work together with farmers to get the food supply out to the families, or to compete with them.

Kolschowsky opened a retail meat market to serve the community, and by doing so over time he was able to build relationships with the community. His questions about what people need and how to enhance the food supply were all answered through his work with the OSI Group. As he aged, his sons took the reins of the business. Once Kolschowsky’s sons were ready to retire, they called upon the expertise of Sheldon Lavin. Once their consultant for business, he was able to see what the future might be like and how they would need to grow and expand to stay at the peak of their marketplace.

One of the first things Sheldon Lavin launched into action upon his appointment as the Chairman and CEO of the company, was to join with McDonald’s for a wild venture in food service. Although they were not the same company, they were supplying much of what McDonald’s was using. This was when they could see the opportunity for marketshare.

Since the mid-90’s, the OSI Group has grown globally and continues to open up more opportunities within local markets as well. In 2017, they launched into the European market even stronger, taking over Creative Foods Europe.

Read More: www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/


Your Vacation To American Samoa

Choosing where you want to go on your next vacation is sometimes very difficult to do. If you want to stay in America, but, would like to also spend your time on a beautiful island; then, a trip to American Samoa may be just the right thing for you and your family. You can visit the island of Fagali while you are there and can fly into the Fagali airport. It is a very small airport with only two airlines servicing it, Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air. Fagali has a very small population and the main industry is tourism. The Fagali people are very welcoming and love to share the history of their home with tourists.

Arriving on the island, you will find yourself on a small airstrip which seems to be in the middle of a jungle. The airport itself has all of the resources you will need in order to get around. There are car rental stations and restaurants. They offer many of the same services that large airports do. You can make arrangements to stay at any of the island hotels or catch a connecting flight to Pago Pago if you wish. The employees at the airport can recommend any tour companies they have on the island and these companies will escort you to the best sights to see.

When you return to the main island of American Samoa, your family will enjoy many of the amenities they have there. There are numerous restaurants and accommodations available for you. No passports are needed to travel to Samoa but you may want to take yours if you plan on visiting other parts of the islands. It will be a welcome change for your next family vacation and they will make many new memories. The islands are a beautiful retreat.


The Chain Smokers And Avicii

The Chainsmokers is a group which is a combination of two people Alex Pall and his friend Andrew Taggart. Before they had formed the group, Alex Pall used to be a recognized DJ in New York City and that was what he grew knowing. He attended New York University where he pursued history and music business. Andrew Taggart went to the University of Syracuse and after he completed he went for his internship at Interscope Record. Taggart used to have some DJ interest although he did production and he had managed to release some original songs and uploaded them to a website called Sound Cloud.

There was an earlier group that used to be a formation of Alex Pall and Bixler. After Bixler decided to leave the group, it’s the time when Taggart came from Maine to the City of New York to join Alex Pall. The group was under Alpert who was their manager.

They have had a lot of success in their music career after quieting their earlier job. They passed their music breakthrough in 2014 when they released a song that was called “Selfie”. the song was ranked among the top twenty hits in various countries. They have also been awarded various success like Grammy awards for having done the best dance recording which was held at the 59th award ceremony. They have also been awarded twice in American Music Awards. When we talk about iHeartRadio Awards, the duo has won the title five times.

It was during the Billboard Music Awards when the Sweden talented DJ and producer Avicii was being honored on that day which was on Sunday night. Halsey and the chainsmokers talked about Avicii. The Chainsmokers talked to thousands of people who were gathered there in Las Vegas that Avicii was an artist who brought inspiration to the people who listened to his music in many different ways. He is an artist who meant a lot about EDM community.

When Halsey talked, he said that if there was a person who worked with Avicii, he could have noted that he was a joyful guy and the tragedy was the most painful thing. He reminded everyone who was that to ensure they love their friends and loved ones who have been struggling with mental illness.


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Fearless Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere

Lime Crime CEO and Founder Doe Deere has a very unique and striking personality. She is popular on social media especially Instagram where she markets her products. Her brand has gone through highs and lows and sometimes experienced hiccups but has risen to a cult status. The brand is characterized by glitters and bold combinations of colors heaped with nostalgia.

Cult brand and products

According to Deere, the word cult indicates uniqueness. It means providing customers with exceptional products that cannot be offered by anyone else. Since inception in 2008, Lime Crime has always aimed at providing their customers with unique products in an industry that is ever-changing and crowded.

Purely vegan products

Doe Deere is very passionate about animals. She, therefore, developed a brand that does not include any animal products as raw materials. The brand is also involved with numerous animal-related charities and so it was sensible to develop products that are purely vegan and cruelty-free.

Mistakes made as an entrepreneur

Deere indicates that making mistakes is part of being an entrepreneur. The most important thing is learning and growing out of mistakes. Lime Crime is a perfect example of making the best out of mistakes. The brand has gone through challenges along the way but has trounced all the turbulence to become a major player in the cosmetic industry.

Advice to young women entrepreneurs

As a successful entrepreneur, Deere credits her achievements to passion. Apart from passion, looking at the gaps in the market is also another way of finding a perfect niche which can result in profit making. Paying close attention to personal preferences is also a good way to make things happen.

The process of formulation

Initially, Deere was involved in formulating all the products that the brand was producing. However, she now has a team solely responsible for making products that are perfect and appealing to customers. The brand is driven by the passion for excellence and is committed to provide credible products.

The popularity of the make-up palette

The make-up palette has become popular in the recent past due to the development of different shades of colors. Deere indicates that make-up palettes are a great and inspiring way of communicating a specific beauty story. Palettes produced at lime Crime are not just random colors but are focused on a specific look.

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia but raised in New York. She started on an eBay account where she showcased her DIY fashion line. She found that bright and unusual colors are uncommon in beauty products and was inspired to start a makeup brand that could incorporate more colors. Lime Crime was launched in 2008 and has grown to become a major player in the industry across the world. Her main aim is to prove that cosmetics can be used as a form of self-expression and freedom and not just a way of concealing imperfections. Deere believes that beauty is not what is natural but what feels right. Believing in her vision and customers is a habit that makes her productive. Learn more:  https://www.pinterest.com/doedeere/