Chris Burch Lists Ways To Get Investors Onboard With Your Business Startup

Entrepreneur and investor Chris Burch helps business ideas and new brands takeoff at his company Burch Creative Capital, and he also posts blogs for other entrepreneurs on how to get investments into their proposed companies. He posted an article on explaining how to get venture capitalists or angel investors attracted to a startup. He mentioned that venture capital investors will likely infuse more capital into a business they like, but angel investors can be a little easier to sell your idea to.

The first thing Chris Burch says you should keep in mind is not throwing too many big words or technicalities at investors when selling an idea to them. You do need to make sure they know your business idea could be of great benefit to their business interests, but you want it to be simple enough that they know it will be worth their time to consider. If they throw a question at you that you don’t understand, don’t pretend you know an answer or promise to do something that you know you can’t do. Be honest and let them know if you don’t have an answer at the moment that you’ll find out what it is and get back to them. And if after you’ve done all the pitching they still don’t want it, just move on to another investor.

Burch started his entrepreneurial career in fashion with his first company being a sweater sales business that expanded into other lines and became known as Eagle Eye Apparel. The second fashion company he owned partial controlling shares in was Tory Burch, a brand named for his then wife who oversaw most of the designing and store openings. He also helped seed C. Wonder after he started his Burch Creative Capital company.

Chris Burch has also been affiliated with private equity firms such as the Internet Capital Group and Guggenheim Partners. He also was a joint investor with Alan Faena for the construction of the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he bought several million-dollar homes in Long Island and Nantucket that he later sold for large profits. He currently owns the world’s top vacation place on Sumba Island known as Nihiwatu Resort. In 2013 Burch joined the list in Forbes of US billionaires (


Chris Burch Gives The Basics Of Venture Capital Pitches

There’s different ways you can approach a big money investor if you’re an entrepreneur who needs capital to get your business started. Chris Burch, the founder and chairman of Burch Creative Capital posted an article on Medium about how to do it, and he primarily focused on elevator pitches. There’s formal pitches you can make to an investor if you’re in a situation like a networking event where you have more time to discuss your planned company with them, but most of the time you’ll be making elevator pitches which may not necessarily be in an elevator, but they will usually be during busy times of the day. Burch tells his followers they should keep a few things in mind.

Burch says your pitch should cover the core of what your company does without getting into the meat and mashed potatoes of everything. It should offer something to the investor that will make them want to be interested in your planned company. Burch says you should never get too down about a rejection because even attractive company ideas aren’t going to be worthwhile for every investor. If one investor doesn’t go for your idea, look for another. And another thing to remember is that you shouldn’t pretend to have all the answers. You should have the answers to the most important questions you’re asked, but if there are areas you don’t have covered, be honest with the investor and tell them you’ll get back to them on the question.

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Chris Burch is sometimes called the serial entrepreneur because he’s founded his own companies and later sold them, and he’s invested in many other companies at Burch Creative Capital. His first company that was started while he was still in college was Eagle Eye Apparel. One of the most famous companies that he and his former wife both founded was Tory Burch, a premier fashion brand that was showcased in several fashion shows and had several national brand stores launched. Burch is also real estate investor who previously owned shares in the Faena Group in their Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires and a Miami condo property. He also partnered with James McBride in 2012 to buy Nihiwatu Resort, an Indonesian remote island luxury hotel that’s been rated top vacation place in Travel & Leisure (


Alex Pall and The Drive to Create Music That Gives Meaning to People

As true today as it was when the art of music began to reach commercial popularity, the creation of a song is only successful not in its profit, but in how it touched its listeners. The listeners’ love for the music is translated into their revealed preferences through their purchase of the songs.

It is also good to know that musicians right now understand the importance of this act of deviating a bit from profit and mostly do it for the love and meaning of it. One of the many groups of artists today that offer this kind of approach in music-making is The Chainsmokers. With Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart churning out music every so often, it’s not hard to see that their passion is not just on the money.

The Alex Pall Interview

This act of deviation from profits alone and more on rooting or zeroing in on the act of expression through music can be seen in the Alex Pall interview at the Interview Magazine. We can read and learn a lot about The Chainsmokers from that interview, and one of them would be the fact that it’s the real mission of The Chainsmokers to make their songs as catchy but also an emotionally charged masterpiece of a song as it can be.

We can get a lot of things from listening to music, but Alex Pall and the entire gamut of The Chainsmokers attempts to do more. It wants to put stories in otherwise monotone EDM music. It elevates EDM as a platform for frisson of feelings, and a wonderful set of emotions that can only be experienced through good writing.

We also learned in The Interview Magazine that even as a young kid, Alex Pall is already one who wants to create more art as a DJ. He realized that dance music was the one that gave him meaning, that gave him the drive to achieve more, and that gave him the desire to find the artistic path for his life.

Aside from how they began, it is also in the interview that we learned how Alex makes sure that all the gigs that he does could all contain the kind of music that helps people get the feeling of being alive that is mostly what music wants to always give to mankind.

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Paul Mampilly Says Cryptocurrency Has Come, But You Shouldn’t Buy Bitcoin

Paul Mampilly has said in his newsletters and articles that he is a fan of blockchain technology and believes in digital currency, but he says Bitcoin is not what you should be looking into right now. Bitcoin reached some record-high levels in stock market value in 2017, and Mampilly says if he had realized that surge was going to happen, he might have urged his readers to buy it while they could. But now that it’s hit its high, he says it’s going to crash. That’s because it’s gotten so popular that a bubble has formed; a bubble just like the ones that formed in the tech industry in 2000 and the real estate markets in 2008. Bitcoin is not the investment for right now says Mampilly, but there is another digital currency out there that he says his newsletter readers can find out about. Visit to know more.

Paul Mampilly’s story is about his rise from a working family to a prestigious Wall Street investment expert to now actually doing something better as an investment newsletter writer. He got his bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University and his early investment advisory career began at Deutsche Bank. He moved up from research to active portfolio management while working at ING, Banker’s Trust and Sears. He became the ultimate portfolio manager when he joined Kinetics International Fund and made investments for clients that made very high returns of 26%. The Templeton Foundation wanted to see if he could do the same by putting $50 million in the stock market, so they asked him to come to their competition in 2008 where he took that $50 million and in one year turned it into $88 million. Best of all, he never shorted stocks to do that and he did it when the recession hit its worst. Read this article at

Paul Mampilly left Wall Street just four years after winning that competition, but he had plenty of savings to support his family and live financially free. He decided now it was time to share his investment secrets with the middle class, and the approach he took was through newsletters and giving his followers an over-the-shoulder look at how to run a portfolio. “Profits Unlimited” was his first newsletter and it’s served as a starting point for newer investors, while “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum” are newsletters for those who are ready to take on bigger stock investments. All of Mampilly’s articles and newsletters can be found at



Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Draws Large Crowds

You can’t deny that what has been done by Chris Burch is something to be amazed by. He has made himself a billionaire by deciding to take his passion for fashion to the next level. The fashion guru is now setting his sights on ways to enter the hospitality industry and take his share of the wealth. That isn’t an easy task at all but it’s something that people with the right passion and devotion can easily do themselves. The new hotel Chris Burch is trying to bring out is an example of why he has gotten as far as he has and why his next moves may make his empire even larger (

The Nihiwatu hotel is something to behold. It’s unique theme is bringing people in who otherwise would not have decided to stay at a resort. His challenge has certainly been made for him, but he’s already showing that he knows what to do.

Burch’s making Nihiwatu a success by focusing on giving people the best experience he possibly can. There just isn’t anyone out there who has the ability to do just what he has. Nobody has shown they can blend talent and acumen into the same package across so many industries. His success isn’t just in the world of fashion. It’s in cinema, finance, and countless other domains where has proven to be one of the best investors out there.

Learn about the diversity of his Investment portfolio at

Chris Burch has been able to succeed as well as he has because he understands that the key to success in business is creativity. You can’t win if you decide to copy others or do what other people have done. Instead, you need to pave your own path and use that to reach the heights you’re trying to get to. When people do that they manage to go much further than otherwise. Creating your own niche is the best way to go forward for entrepreneurs. That has taken Burch to places that others can only dream of going themselves. It’s the reason he’s done as much as he has and why his name is so important in fashion. There are so many ways to win in the business world. This is just one of the latest examples of that. The result of the work of Chris Burch is that he has proven himself to be an ever-growing source of wonderful new ideas for every venture.

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Careers Available at Talos Energy

Talos Energy was established in 2012 and is based in Houston, Texas. This oil and gas company has an employee capacity of 200 people. Talos Energy has a fast growth rate which means that it carries out recruitment of new employees quite often. The company offers equal employment opportunities to all people across the world without regards to their background. Ensuring fairness and avoiding discrimination at all levels remains a fundamental principle of the company.Joining the organization as an employee is based on an individual’s merit, education background, and abilities. If a person scores high in those fields, they find themselves most suitable for particular job positions offered by the company. If an individual is highly qualified, they are prioritized as well since people are not discriminated against color, national origin, age, disability, province, race, or religion. This principle is also applied to other business operations such as promotions within the company.

The people who work hard, achieve their target and demonstrate outstanding skills are prioritized for promotions. #Talos has been nominated severally as one of the top places to work. Such nomination is done by employees which shows that they are satisfied by what the company offers in terms of salaries and working conditions. The company does not only focus on making profits and providing quality services but also minds the welfare of employees. For instance, employees are able to improve their relationships through games. The company has a kickball team that is made up of both men and women. Before applying, it is essential to find out the job positions available and use the recommended channel to apply. Through the company’s official website, the career section gives details about jobs at Talos Energy.

Candidates are supposed to submit their resumes for consideration. Some of the positions available include Drilling Manager, Drilling Engineering Manager, General Application, Offshore Operations Engineer, and Senior Drilling Engineer. Before applying, it is important to look at the job qualifications, duties and responsibilities, experience, and physical requirements among others. For instance, the skills required for an individual applying for a Drilling Engineer Advisor position are; more than 20 years experience in drilling, a professional license, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering among others.Talos looks for brilliant minds and talented people. The company is always willing to engage individuals who would like to contribute their knowledge and skills to a dynamic company. It is important to note that Talos Energy offers impressive benefits to its employees such as medical coverage and voluntary life insurance among others. Additionally, an increase in salaries at Talos Energy is done annually where a bonus is also offered.


Chris Burch’s Luxury Resort Nihiwatu

Chris Burch, successful entrepreneur and cofounder of many internationally recognized retail brands such as Tory Burch and C. Wonder, bought a beach hostel island in Indonesia in 2012 along with hotelier James McBride. Within three years, the island was transformed into a luxury hotel known as Nihiwatu, and in 2016 was voted “best hotel in the world” by Travel + Leisure ( Nihiwatu encompasses 567 acres of land, has 32 private villas, and offers various resort activities unique to the island such as waterfall hiking, surfing, stand-up paddling, and village sightseeing.

Burch started his entrepreneurial career in 1976 while he was still attending Ithaca College. It was then that he invested $2000 into Eagle’s Eye Apparel, a business which eventually grew to $165 million. After selling Eagle’s Eye Apparel to Swire Group, Burch invested in Internet Capital Group which soon became a well-known IPO story on the internet. He continued investing and creating for the years following that, using his intuitive understanding of consumer demands and experience to guide his way to success. Some of Burch’s notable investments include Faena Hotel + Universe, ED by Ellen Degeneres, Cocoon9, BaubleBar, Blink Health, and many more. He has also been a active philanthropist, contributing to countless domestic and international institutes (

The story of Nihiwatu and the island it is based on, Sumba, begins with the Marapu spirit who landed on its beaches centuries ago. According to the Sumba people, the Marapu spirit is a benevolent force that has safeguarded the island and has worked to attract custodians to protect the Sumbanese people and their way of life. In 1988, Claude and Petra Graves were attracted by Marapu to the beaches of Sumba in search of waves to surf on. In appreciation of the island, they decided to found a hostel which they named Nihiwatu, after the beach they first came to. Twenty-four years later, word of Nihiwatu and the Graves’s desire to expand the hostel reached Chris Burch’s ears. He then joined forces with James McBride who’s successful hotel management in Singapore was used to create the luxury resort that is so well known today.

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Chris Burch: Beauty and Business

Imagine lying on a beach in a beautiful Indonesian backdrop, you are currently staying at the world’s best resort. There is a sense of luxury and immersion that you have never felt before in your entire life. It is truly one of the most relaxing and unique experiences on the planet. It will be an experience that you will look back with fondness and genuine appreciation. The experience that you have just pictured is an atmosphere that is cultivated throughout the Nihiwatu Resort owned by forward-thinking entrepreneur Chris Burch. The resort, which was dubbed the best in the entire world by Travel+Leisure, is a gem on the Indonesian shoreline (

Since the beginning of his career, Burch has been pushing the boundaries of the business world. He started his first company with his brother while still enrolled in college. He felt like there was a need in the clothing market that was not being met, he went with his brother all over campus selling sweaters to his peers. Eventually, students realized that Burch was offering something they had never considered before. His business grew in popularity and expanded to college campuses all over the nation. This whirlwind success grew the company from a meager $2000 investment into a national chain with more than $140 million worth of sales. Clearly, Burch knew exactly where he wanted to go in the business world and he was going to get there no matter what it took.


Throughout his career, Burch has also invested in many other types of industries. His newest investment with the Nihiwatu Resort, while one of his most passionate, is in line with the business practices of Burch. Burch has also been involved in substantial real estate transactions (, the fashion industry, movie production, and even an investor for Voss Water. When it comes to business opportunities, Burch has always known what will succeed in what will fail. He has chosen to invest his money wisely, but he is also very active in the success of these companies. You do not gain such an extensive portfolio of success by simply standing on the sidelines and hoping that your investments pay off, Burch has always been in the thick of it pushing for growth. His latest success with the Nihiwatu Resort comes as no surprise when you look at the hard work he has put into his career up until this point. It is interesting to see what happens next.



Chris Burch Entrepreneur and Resort Owner

Many people aspire to become a successful business owner. Operating a prosperous business is a proven way to increase income and have more freedom. Chris Burch is an entrepreneur with experience in multiple industries (  During his career, he has started numerous companies.

Burch now operates one of the best resorts in the world. Nihiwatu Resort is known around the world as a luxury location. Staying at this resort is costly. Customers who visit at the Nihiwatu Resort expect everything to be perfect.

Early Business Ideas

Starting a business is difficult. Chris Burch went to college to study business. He quickly decided to focus on starting a business rather than becoming an employee. His first business was a significant failure. He built a website to sell various products online. He struggled with marketing and went deeply in debt. After the company failed, he decided to learn from successful business owners (

He interviewed successful business owners across the country. During this time, he learned valuable lessons about starting a company. He now spends his extra time helping other business leaders in the community.

Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch had an idea to build a luxury resort in a prominent area. Due to his past failures, few banks were willing to lend him money. Any loan offers he received had interest rates that were too high.

Chris Burch decided to pitch his idea to several venture capitalists in the area. He was denied multiple times, but he eventually found an investor to fund his plan. Nihiwatu Resort did not make a profit during the first year. However, the resort is now profitable and is a popular tourist destination. Many people enjoy staying at the resort due to the various amenities offered there. Chris Burch is a great example of how to become a successful business owner.


Chris Burch: Investment Genius

The business world can be a very tricky maze to navigate. Most people see successful businessmen and think that it is an easy way to get rich. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every time you invest, there is a good chance that you may lose it all.

Business is characterized by aggressive competition whereby someone else is always ready to take your position, and you must always work hard to stay ahead of the competition. Success in business is only achieved through hard work, dedication, and above all, passion bordering on obsession.

Chris Burch has managed to succeed in multiple industries ranging from fashion to real estate and hospitality. His companies are known for their strict adherence to quality.

He recently launched one of the best resorts in the world on a remote Indonesian island. Travel magazines have described it as the ‘best hotel in the world (

Early life and Education

Chris was born and raised in Pennsylvania. His family was middle class; his father owned a company dealing in mining equipment. It is fair to say that Chris inherited his business talent from his father.

He undertook his high school education at Tilton School in New Hampshire. He got his undergraduate degree from Ithaca College.

Business Career

Burch began his entrepreneurial venture very early in his life while he was still in college ( He began by selling sweaters door to door on campus, buying them for ten dollars and selling them for fifteen dollars.

He worked hard at this modest business, and he quickly grew it into a company that was making sweaters and selling them on neighboring campuses, eventually making it into retail stores. He would eventually sell his clothes business in a deal that brought him over fifty million.

This was just the beginning of what would turn into a glittering investment career. His next venture was in technology when he invested in an internet IPO company, which grew to become the now recognizable Internet Capital Group.

He made a return to the fashion industry when he co-founded a clothes company in 2004. Under his leadership, this company achieved tremendous success eventually attaining a valuation of over three billion.