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Capital Management and the CCMP

In the current developing global economy, the need for capital management skills has been on the rise. This has been influenced by several factors including the complex international trade on and the growing online trade.  One of the greatest capital management advisors known all around the entire globe is Stephen Murray. Murray is a well-known and highly reputed financial management advisor and to his reputation is his brain child, the CCMP capital. He was the founder and the president of the company before his death, which was a blow to family and friend.

However, he left a legacy that can be celebrated and used to commemorate his industrious life. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has been operating in the industry for years now and it has made great progress since the day of its inception. CCMP has been able to accumulate great experience over the years making it one of the most competitive company in the industry. The company came into being in 1984 and ever since it has been experience tremendous changes all geared to making it a better business entity. Dealing with capital management is a risky and a volatile business since business is about risks and returns are only by a chance which is almost equal to the chance of making losses. In some investments, the chances for losses are even higher.

To maximize its profits and to match with its goals in the industry, CCMP mostly deals with big corporations and governments. This is evident from its historic transformation form what it used to be to the current status. CCMP is a leader in technology especially in creating financial products and I research and market watch. This has been achieved by the company’s strategic move to help its employees to become innovative. At CCMP, employees are free to come up with new ideas and they are assured of great support from the management. Some of the greatest idea that the company has come up with are drawn from the employees who work very hard to create new venture and come up with new innovative proposals.

The company has helped a good number of organizations and governments in their dilemma of investing. The company has been very keen on the current market trends keeping tabs on the business world both locally and internationally through extensive research. As a result, investors are satisfied by the results they get after following the company’s advice on investment. The company gives advisory services alerting investors on upcoming and viable opportunities to invest since it keeps researching on the current affairs in the business world.

North Korea’s Youthful Defector

It is a common occurrence for those opposing the government to find themselves in an awkward situation where they could not trace back how they got in, at the first place. For instance, discrimination and cultural differences have lead to the fall of many countries upheavals. Besides, there are some who did not like the situation in their countries, hence making adjustments on how they will establish a new way of life. The brave ones have championed for the formation of the human rights groups that would offer support to other people’s lives. An example of such a person is Yeonmi Park, who is a renowned defector and human rights activist. At only 21, she has managed to prove her country wrong in matters relating to human rights affairs.

Due to political instability in North Korea, Park, and her parents fled to seek refuge in a foreign country. As she grew up, she believed that the North Korean leader was a god who could even read her thinking capability. She had an assurance that anyone who talked negatively about the leadership practice of North Korea would eventually die. Park spent fifteen years in her motherland and the years have been a critical part of her energy to bring salvation of human rights to the country. She later quoted saying that while in North Korea; she could never imagine that some countries offered all rights to their citizens.

Yeonmi once narrated her story on youngvoicesadvocates indicating that living in North Korea was extremely difficult for her family. They experienced all the characteristics of underdeveloped countries that included; poor means of transportation, constant power outages, and a very untidy. Despite all the suffering and continued torment, she was forced into worshiping the authorities, for there was no other option at the time. She was terrified by the way that people could disappear and never be seen again. It was like one day she would disappear too. In one of her speeches, she goes forward to explain how her classmate’s mother was punished publicly in an execution that she attended.

Yeonmi father used to work in a North Korean government where everything seemed okay until when he was arrested for illegal trade. He was jailed and offered hard labor, and it destabilized the family. After a short period, she stopped going to study in her enrolled university and opted to travel to Pyongyang and fled to China.

On getting to China, she realized that North Korean refugees are unrecognizable and had to seek job opportunities to support her life. On the same note, her mother managed to get a job as a dishwasher. She once told her congregation that there were times when she had to pretend that she could not speak for fear of being recognized as a North Korean defector.

Park is now focused on her course and believes that her opinion was right when she opted to move out of North Korea. Most of her family is in North Korea, and they have been kept under close surveillance by the government.


Skout: A New Dawn In Dating

With the incredibly fast growth of technology in recent years. More of our daily activities have become dependent of the realms of technology and more so the internet. With the development of smart phones, limitless possibilities have come to light with apps designed for nearly every purpose imaginable. Ranging from simple tasks like alarms to functions like score predictions, taxi services and most importantly dating.

They include Tinder, a flirting app that allows users to find potential dates in their vicinity. Badoo, boasting of over 200 million adult users. Other dating apps include Omegle, Meet Me, Hot or Not and Skout a dating app that allows users to sign up either as adults or teenagers. From there, users join chat rooms with their peers allowing for interactions. Users are notified of new users from within the same area code.

Skout‘s home page displays other online users, and a click on their profiles gives their info and one can then start a conversation. There exists an inbuilt currency system where users earn coins for using different features on the app. These coins can then be used to enhance user experience through sending gifts virtually and other features on the app.

Initially created as a way for users to expand their social scopes, Skout on skoutorganic also has additional benefits that make it more beneficial compared to other social network. In the case of the perpetual traveler, Skout comes in handy in that it enables travelers to relate with locals in their destinations. Originally made for users to take virtual trips and for use by travelers without any contacts in their destination of choice, many users have transformed these virtual escapades into real time vacations with a number of locals travelling with people they had met via the app’s travel feature.

The ban however, only applies to pictures in which the user is partly or fully nude. Skout was in the spotlight in 2012 following reports of 3 users who claimed to be raped after agreeing to meet people they met via the app.

While many people may argue that Valentine’s Day is the busiest time of the year for dating sites, they could not be further from the truth. February records the lowest profile views among both male and female users. Major dating apps have come up with ways and events to make up for the slump. Skout for example, declared Feb 4th as International Online Friend Day and carried out surveys to see how many of its users made friends from other parts of the world.

Christian Wikilund, Skout CEO emphasizes on the importance of an enjoyable and satisfactory user experience with cleanliness and logistics, speed, charm and device independence his key areas of concern. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and the App Store.


James Dondero the Expert on Credits and Equity Markets

Mr. Jim Dondero is a renowned man in the investment market. He attended The University of Virginia where studied Bachelor of Science majoring in accounting and finance. During his graduation, he bagged the highest honors a fete many have struggled to achieve. This was an immense achievement to him considering his young age the challenges faced by his peers at the time.

Towards the end of 1984, the bright man was employed to work as an analyst by Morgan Guaranty training program on Working in such a professional and demanding environment molded him into a skilled expert who could work with any client or company. This initial experience enabled him to apply for other competitive positions, which he got after rigorous interviews.

Additionally, he is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. This company specializes in asset and private business management. He is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the initiatives set by the firm are realized. Moreover, this entrepreneurial idea has made him a household name in Texas and the surrounding states.

Highland Capital Management Corporation is an affiliate of NexPoint Real Estate Advisors and begun operations in the year 1993. Today, the company manages over twenty one billion in assets. As president, the firm has been at the forefront in the development of new asset classes.

He has gained thirty years of experience since he completed school. With such knowledge on the market, many companies and individuals spends millions of shillings to enlist his exceptional services. Also, people have come to trust and value his advice on credits and loans because he has worked for companies that handle billions in a year. His reputation in the business therefore remains untainted and speaks for itself.

He has offered his quality services for decades and this earned him the coveted certified management accountant title. Any individual with this designation is considered an authority in the industry and companies often follow to the letter his proposals and warnings. In addition, he recently became a chartered financial analyst further adding to his achievements.

His work with American Express is most noticeable. Here, he was responsible for over one billion dollars fixed income funds. This was managed so well that the company moved up the corporate ladder to be ranked with its established superiors. He is a man who wants nothing but perfection and his profile indicates the same. His success with portfolio management has contributed to his classification as an enigma in the corporate world.

Mr. Dondero is also a philanthropist and has support a number of causes over the years. While giving public lectures in schools and universities, he often reiterates the importance of quality education and the role it plays in shaping the future of youths. He has sponsored several educational programs where he offers free advice to those in attendance so they too can take charge of their lives and businesses.


Successful Female Entrepreneur Doe Deere Speaks Out

Thanks to Doe Deere’s flamboyant Lime Crime, Self-Made magazine named Ms. Deere one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs of our time. Lime Crime, with its unique unicorn designs and bold color line of make-up, has proved Doe Deere is more than just another pretty painted face. Doe Deere, the entrepreneur and artist behind the Lime Crime make-up label, speaks out on female entrepreneurship at Galore Magazine online, and she reveals her secret to success during the interview with Stephanie Janetos.

When asked by Stephanie Janetos if her upbringing influenced Ms. Deere’s success, she replied that she was always an imaginative child, and her interest in art led her to experiment with color for clothing and make-up. When at a slumber party, Ms. Deere and her friends decided they were witchy and dressed up in ragged long skirts and tops. The young Ms. Deere wasn’t satisfied with the dress-up results, and she pulled out her make-up bag and did up their faces. She wanted a dark look, and painted their faces up with a jagged look in pinks and browns. She recalls that the make-up made the experience memorial and not the spirits that failed to appear to young women’s conjuring.

Ms. Deere recalls her best make-up moment as when she started experimenting with rhinestones and glitter applied to her face. She applied the rhinestones to her forehead, and she used different color glitters to accent the base make-up. Ms. Deere credits studying theatrical make-up for the idea behind her experimentation.

As to the name of her make-up line, “Lime Crime”, she states it just popped into her head when she was creating a store on Ebay, and the name was available when she went to register the domain. She loves the social media feedback from the internet, and the advantages and challenges from immediate feedback.

If you love color and defy convention, Ms. Deere says you are true unicorn.

Ms. Deere names Dita von Teese as her inspiration as well her followers on social media, and she isn’t afraid of criticism. She gets far more excited when her supporters speak out than her critics, and her fans far out-number her naysayers.

Ms. Deere says she was surprised to find her face on the cover of Self-Made Magazine, and the feeling was surreal to be named alongside women like Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. She loves what she does, and she is thrilled at being recognized. She hopes to be a role model for young women who want to start up their own businesses.

Read the entire interview between Galore Magazine’s Stephanie Janetos and Doe Deer at Galore Magazine online.


Skout Is The Place To Start Dating Online

Nowadays, if someone can’t find a date because they don’t seem to have enough people in the town available for dating, then many of them will go online and look for a date that way. It seems funny that a person would stray from the norm and go online for a date, but dating online is now the normal way of dating. Over 50% of people are dating online these days, and that means that the majority of people prefer online dating.

If a person has reservations about online dating, then they may want to stick to the normal way that they used to date, and they won’t have to explore anything new. Dating online means being open-minded enough to try something new, even if it means stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Some people are more comfortable talking amongst other people, especially when they are right in front of them. There are some people who prefer to date online as they don’t feel comfortable enough to talk to people that are in front of them.

Everyone should date in a way that makes them feel comfortable, and they shouldn’t feel pressured to date online or in person, but they should date however they want to. Those that are adventurous enough to want to date online will find that there is a big world out there that they may not have explored before, especially since there are billions of people online these days.

Some people will sit at their computer and go to different online dating sites in the hopes of finding someone that they can love or at least talk to in order to find a date. Although using a computer is still a good way to date online, the online dating world has revolutionized to where dating applications are a lot more fun than sitting at one’s computer. Using a dating applications means not having to be constricted to a seat in front of a small screen and having to type a million words back and forth. Those who choose to use a dating application, such as Skout’s dating application will able to use their phone to communicate with others.

Not only is a smartphone a great way to use the Skout network, but it may be a lot faster than using a computer. A person can use their talk-to-text feature, and they can easily relay a message to someone through the Skout network. Another thing that a person can do while using the Skout application is to use the “shake to chat” feature. The shake to chat feature is renowned as one of the most fun and popular features on the Skout network, especially since it helps a person to interact physically with their phone when using the feature.


Highland’s Management President: James Dondero

Highland Capital Management,L.P, is an investment adviser. They have approximately 21 billion assets that is under management. Highland Capital Management is one of the largest global alternative credit managers. They specialize in credits strategies. The credit strategies they specialize in are : long-only funds and separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations, distressed and special situations private equity, and credit hedge funds. Highlands headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. And they have offices in New York, Singapore, and Seoul.They have a philosophy that is based upon the principles of being experienced, disciplined ,and bold. Highland was founded in 1993. They have the largest United States CLO manager. They are a leader when it comes to loan and CLO markets. And they are the most experienced when it comes to alternative credit managers.They have been tested by numerous credit cycles. They are disciplined because they pursue greatness. They have managers that make sure to find what is good, and they quickly identify and avoid the losers. Highland helps to mitigate risk by using checks and balances. They are also good at putting funds together and transferring the funds to investment. What makes Highland Capital Management bold ,is that they are independent in a world that is very dependent on others.They teach their employees to have a “owner operator mindset”. They are really good advocate for their investors.

The main employees of Highland Capital Management is Jim Dondero. He is the boss of Highland.In fact he is a Co-Founder and President of Highland. Right now he resides in Dallas ,Texas where the headquarters of Highland is.He watches over all of the investment strategies that go on and over all of the operations that happen. He also makes sure that the retail and institution products at Highland are of top quality. He has three decades of experience and he was one of the original pioneers of CLO. CLO stands for collateralized loan obligations. James Dondero has won numerous awards throughout his time of working in his field.He grew a business from start up . It gained a profit of 2 billion dollars in 5 years . James was a graduate of the University of Virginia and he studied accounting and finance while he was in college. He is a Certified Management Accountant. His works will astound you .He serves on the Board of Directors for not only MGM Studios , but also for American Bank. He is also the chairman for Next Bank ,Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical Corporation.


Explore The Exciting World Of Economics With Christian Broda

The field of economics is extremely useful. Professions all over the world use economists to help them do various kinds of complicated and complex tasks as well as make important kinds of business and governmental decisions. Many companies turn to the field of economics in order to understand consumer behavior and figure out how best to allocate resources of all kinds. They will also turn to the work of economists in order to figure out how best to understand the behavior of their consumers and how to help them figure out how best to expand any existing buiness venture as well as how to start new potential business ventures in other fields.

In order to be able to enter the field of economics and join the field of professionals working in this field, most participants will need to earn a degree in this field as an undergraduate. During this time, students spend many man hours learning about all fields of economics as well as about economic theories. Most programs in economics also require participants to study other fields that are related to economics as well such as finance and many fields of math. The result for many people who are getting a degree in this field is that they are given a well rounded undergraduate degree that allows them understand how the world of economics functions.

After graduation from a degee in economics, people are often able to pick out the kind of job they want in this field. Many economics majors choose to specialize in a specific area of economics. Many people also choose to get an additional degree in this field. One economist who has done impressive work in this field is Mr. Christian Broda. Christian Broda is highkly respected economist on chicagobooth who has held many important positions in this field. He has also done academic work in this field at the University of Chicago and also worked as an advisor for those looking for insights into the American stock market as well as how well the dollar has faired against other currencies across the world.

Those who want to enter this developing field will also find that it makes sense to consider earning an additional advanced degree as well as do independent work here. Many economists find that doing original research in the field of economics can be a great use of their education and allow them to make a real contribution to world of economics. They also find tha specializing in a particular field of economics such as the economics of the developing world or the contemporary use of the Euro can be a great way to help their clients and provide them with the kind of help they need to make important decisions about amany areas of economics.


The Handiest Way to Clean

In modern times, it is difficult to come across a household where one parent or one person doesn’t have to work to help the house make the necessary living income. Because of this, the ever looming need to clean the house can really look exasperating after an 8 to 12 hour day in an office or a labor based job. This means that household cleaners and maid services are at a rise, and their competition with each other is making business entrepreneurs like Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua come up with iPhone apps that will allow people to hire a maid at the tap of a button.

Handy is the brain child of Hanrahan and Dua. This app is a marketplace where people come to both find their maid, and pay their maid. However, it works both ways. Not only can people come here to find someone to assist in their home, but they can also come here to apply as a maid. Working in much the same way as the Uber driving app, Handybook aims to take out all the middle businesses that may cause price increases and just get you straight to a qualified maid or a fair paying customer. Having Handy on youtube manage the payment system means that no customer will be overcharged, and no cleaner will be underpaid because the price is already agreed upon and dispersed.

For maids, this promises an easier way to keep hold of their finances. Of course, with cash paying customer maids can afford paying taxes by receiving payments under the table, but this doesn’t help them if they want to apply for a home or car loan. Handybook helps maids calculate their income and pay attention to necessary taxes, while reporting an accurate income balance that maids can present to banks and loaners. This greatly legitimizes their position, and helps them move forward in the business world.

Sometimes, people just don’t have the time to plan ahead or decide when a maid can and cannot get to the house.  When someone feels like that, now they just open the app, select the types of rooms they need to have cleaned, and receive prices from maids who can stop by relatively quickly. Not only are these maids readily available, but they have to pass a very difficult test. Although Handybook gets thousands of applicants, they only approve about 3% because their high standards require a lot from their maids.


Beneful’s Role in Pet Health

My five year old Siberian husky, Zeb, is a part of my family. We share the bond of family love. I have realized that a pet is more like a child than a more mature family member. Pets are almost totally dependent on their family (notice that I didn’t say “owner”) and give their unconditional love in return for the support that they receive. Learning the basics of pet care took me less time than it took to learn to set the time on my DVD player, and my reward is a healthy and happy pet.

Health care is just as important for a pet, no matter what kind, as it is for a child. Vaccinations prevent serious diseases such as rabies, which can not only kill a furry companion but endanger the rest of the family as well. Annual checkups will catch most health problems while they are still treatable and provide an opportunity for informative conversation with the vet.

Exercise is very important for all critters for the same reason it is important for humans. It is critical to heart health, the immune system and emotional health, among other considerations. Cats generally entertain themselves, I have seen them terrorize tennis balls for hours on end, but they also enjoy time with their two legged friends. Dogs greatly enjoy play and need at least thirty minutes of fairly vigorous exercise daily, although Zeb seems to need much more than this to burn his stored energy.

I cannot decide who gets more out of our quality time together, Zeb or myself. I think it may be a draw. Whether it is our daily run through the neighborhood, a ride to town or just a walk to the mailbox, I definitely feel our bond grow during the time we spend together. This bond is important to the happiness and development of any domestic animal. Not only are well adjusted companion animals friendlier, but it has been proven that they live longer and happier lives.

Perhaps the most important thing that I do for Zeb involves nutrition. Pets generally have the same nutritional needs as people. A balanced diet includes the correct ratio of carbohydrates to protein, as well as fiber, and a good pet food provides these nutrients from mostly natural sources. Purina’s Beneful brand includes foods and treats with natural ingredients that supply vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids which are often missing from other foods. Beneful also offers a wide variety of foods sure to please even the pickiest critters. Special offerings include foods for highly active dogs, like Zeb, and low fat foods for more sedentary pets. The innovative line of treats are baked goods with special shapes and textures designed to clean the teeth and freshen breath.