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Premium Dog Foods Pushing Innovation

The market for premium dog foods has been heating up and sales have been sky rocketing. Many competitors have been entering the market with the hope of capturing a portion of the market sales and have been innovating to try to capture as much of this market as possible. The form of innovation has varied much from one brand of dog food to the next and it has been interesting to see how different dog food makers have varied their strategies for dog food in the marketplace. Beneful, who is one of the largest and best known makers of dog food has taken a marvel approach. They have innovated by using the Internet and new logistical processes that allow them to produce small batch specialty dog food blends that each dog owner customizes on their own. There are many benefits to creating and modifying your own dog food. Some dogs have food allergies that can cause severe problems for their health. Some of these allergies are present in most commercial dog foods. By using Beneful’s new premium dog food ordering service dog owners with sensitive dogs can get the harmful ingredients out of their food and improve their dogs health. Further, dogs come in all different sizes, both big and small, but dog foods are generally packaged for one size dogs- the medium. While you can always throw away portions of dog food or open multiple containers, Beneful‘s new premium dog food allows you to avoid this wasteful methodology and lets you get the appropriate sized food for your dog, even allowing you to manage their diet effectively. Customized dog food by Beneful is truly a premium product. Other dog food manufacturers are concentrating on improving the quality of their dog food blends or making food fresher without additives. These premium foods concentrate on freshness and organic ingredients or even unique blends of dog food that sound more appealing and contain the same menus as pet owners themselves eat.

Making Dog Food Easy With Beneful

You should always start your dog with a puppy food, especially if you have a dog who is younger than one year old. Dogs who are under one year old need special nutrition and they may not get that from the food varieties that are created for older dogs. Puppy food is more nutritionally dense, so it may also be used for dogs who come out of bad situations or who need to put on weight. Healhy Puppy is the Beneful brand. When you are transitioning your dog from puppy food to dog food, it is a good idea to use a food that is very flavorful. This will make the transition easier and will allow you to ensure that your dog is still eating despite the change in flavor. Incredibites is a food that is made to be very flavorful and is ideal for dogs who are making the switch.
Once you have made the switch to adult dog food, you may want to try Benefu’s Originals. This is a food that is made for dogs who are over one year old and who do not have any issues with their digestive system. The food is created for many different breeds of dogs and is available in different sized bags for convenience.
If your dog is not gaining weight the way he or she should be, it may be because there is too much activity in the dog’s lifestyle. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, dogs who are very active may need more nutrition than other dogs. This means that they will benefit from a food like Playful Life, which was created on Purina Store for dogs who move a lot or dogs who need to gain weight. Dogs, like people, can sometimes be overweight. This is often an easy fix and can be done by simply taking the dog for more walks or allowing him or her to get more exercise. If you are struggling with your dog’s exercise or weight, you may want to consider Healthy Weight. This is a diet dog food that does not lack flavor.