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Balancing Rights Against Freedom Through Woke Twitter

Social and political awareness has found a voice. That voice is manifesting itself in the form of a movement that is taking aggressive action against those that they feel are committing cries of racism. Watching social media posts for what is believed to be insensitive, against the dignity of people because of race, religion or gender is how Woke Twitter is taking a stand against crimes of dignity.

Out of Cape Town South Africa three such perpetrators have been identified. The issue for some is how this new movement is causing irreparable harm to people like the three identified in the real world. People are losing their jobs, their form of self support and their viable way to feed their families.

While any are beginning to take notice of this new movement, it does leave some questions unanswered. Legal analysts, like Brenda Wardle worry about the implications that this movement will have on basic human dignity and rights. She has spent many years aiding the less fortunate in protecting their rights in the workforce, and the community as a whole.

She states that while Woke Twitter is a new idea and does bring to light many racist and derogatory remarks that should not be tolerated in any situation, she also feels that these individuals, in defending those who have been victims are further dehumanizing them. She sites some statements that likens these victims to monkeys in a jungle.

Another aspect of grave concern is the repercussions on the children of those accused. One such child was receiving threatening phone calls because of posts her mother had made. Ms. Wardle, and other activists do not feel that this is the right thing to do. Te best way to deal with the issue of racism is not to terrorize young children.

The key is that while people do have the right to state their own opinion, it should not take precedence to others rights and opinions. The Woke Twitter community feel that more whites in South Africa need to take a stand and speak out on the injustices that are happening all around them.

The online community involved in this situation seems to only offer the advice of staying aware of what is happening. This does not address the racist remarks, nor who gets to make the determination if they are racist at all. Will harmony someday ensue? It will take time to know for sure.

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Susan McGalla is behind the new Steelers closet

The Steelers are making the best out of fashion; the team has launched a website and a clothing line to connect their fans and the team in a more interacting way. Steelers look forward to winning the first home game this season. The team has made tremendous steps in ensuring they score high points with their fans unique fashion style. The strategic move has been facilitated by the new Steeler’s director of strategic planning Susan McGalla. Steelers are upping their game starting with their fan’s dressing code. The whole team looks amazing and stunning with the new outfits introduced. I bet this is doing great improvements to the team’s performance. The team has a chance of showing the world its other side unlike the common football aspect that people see. The Steelers now have the opportunity of showing its fashion sense and style. Susan has made it happen; she has brought the family side of the team. Fashion has drawn the family together. Susan has a significant role to play in the organization; her skills are of much importance in the team’s success. She has vast experience in the field of fashion and strategic planning, this will benefit the team in various ways. Her career history is marked by dedication, results, and hard work. She has a lot of expertise in business management, fashion branding, and retail positioning. Susan has worked in various companies and organization displaying her outstanding skills. Susan McGalla has worked with the American eagle outfitters where she employed creativity to build the women’s and accessory businesses. Susan’s tireless work ethic and confidence attracted various job offers but, she decided to be a private consultant for financial investment and retail industries. Today Susan McGalla is working for the Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and growth. Her primary goal is to foster and develop their iconic brand. Susan has ensured that there is a revolution in the world of sports; every fan looks trendy with the new outfits. Both ladies and men want to blend in the outfits for the Steelers. Every aspect of fashion has been brought out in this amazing clothes.


Thor Halvorssen Speaks Out For Human Rights & Against Nicki Minaj’s Performance in Angola

Halvorssen, a Venezuelan-Norwegian, is a human rights advocate and film producer who started the foundation in 2005. He calls himself a “classical liberal” with no interest in politics. His goal is to simply dethrone the dictators he grew up hating because of his heritage. He began advocating human rights in London during 1989, against the South African apartheid. Nowadays, he often expresses his thoughts and opinions regarding different issues to print and television news outlets including Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, NPR, TIME Magazine, The Daily Telegraph and GQ, as well as Al-Jazeera, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC, HBO and many more.

Recently, American rapper Nicki Minaj traveled to Angola to perform at a Christmas concert that was organized by the state-owned telecom company, Unitel. Many, including Halvorssen and George Ayittey, who heads the Free Africa Foundation, were critical of her performance in a country that is being unjustly ruled by tyrant José Eduardo dos Santos. The leader allegedly has been amassing a fortune illegally since 1979 while ruling a country whose citizens are living in deep poverty. Halvorssen and Ayittey took the time to point out the hypocrisy in Minaj’s decision to travel and perform in Angola. Though often outspoken about injustices regarding race in the United States, Nicki Minaj She was paid $2 million (in US dollars) of Angolan taxpayer money to perform in a place where one-third of the population lives on less than two US dollars a day.

While it is hard to place blame on celebrities like Minaj for their participation in events like this, their effect on the public image and perception abroad of dictators like this has to be acknowledged. Halvorssen has done this and continues to speak out against the horrible injustices committed by leaders like dos Santos. For him, it is all about using 21st century means (not only print and TV, but Twitter and YouTube as well) to gain equality and more advocacy for human rights without focusing on himself or politics.



An attorney also recognized as a lawyer is a person admitted to practice law in at least one jurisdiction. An attorney is also authorized to perform both criminals, and civil legal function on behalf of their clients, the legal functions bestowed upon an attorney include providing legal counsel, drafting legal documents to name but a few. For one to qualify to become an attorney, one must have graduated from a law school as well as having to pass the bar exam so as to be eligible to practice law in at least one of the jurisdictions. The main difference between a lawyer and an attorney is that attorneys have not only completed their undergraduate law course but also they have passed the bar exam and are practicing law in their particular jurisdictions. There are many qualified attorneys in the United States and more so in New York. One of New York’s renowned attorney is lawyer Ross Abelow.


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George Soros Comparison Only Cast a Long Shadow

George Soros recently spoke in Sri Lanka at an economic forum and warned that the world was at risk of a similar crisis to that of 2008s. Soros is famously known for forcing the pound out of the mechanism in 1992. His remarks came after China suspended its benchmark CSI 300 stock index after just fifteen minutes of trading. The first time that day the market leapt 5% triggering a 15 minute circuit breaker. When fixed the market dropped another 2% forcing them to close the trade for the day. This was the second time in a week. According to an article in business, Insider, the halting of the market was done under the new regulations that were designed to prevent panic selling.

The Guardian, Business, Economics George Soros is quoted saying that China had serious adjustment problem. His comparison of the current scenario indeed would be taken seriously based on his expertise and previous experience. Many financial experts, however, seems not to agree with his view. Mark Ostwald in the same article is quoted to have said that Soros parallel comparison of the two crisis would “only serve to cast a long shadow” over the markets. The crisis is not parallel to 2008. This is because there is no reckless lending, wayward blindness to credit sector risk, irresponsible supervision and bad regulations of the market.

CNBC Economy ( ) also mention U.S. stocks index futures had sharp lower opens. The focus is however mostly in China. Analyst have shown concern over Chinese market regulators who seems to have no grasp of the market. The circuit breakers seem not to be of much help to them. There have been new rules though by the Chin securities regulator, the number of shares that can be sold by major shareholders.

George Soros had warned of a similar catastrophe back in 2011, but it never came to pass. His worries cannot be ignored. Likewise, investors must be cautious moving ahead.

No two crisis are the same. An article in NASDAQ website (news), investors, should be hopeful. The present crisis has been observed for a long period and this period of turmoil is of no shock. What causes huge reactions in the market sometimes is the shock. 1998 was a perfect scenario when there was a huge reaction causing a market to a crisis. All this could also be as a result of the strengthening dollar or weakness in China and other emerging markets.

2016 could be more close to 1998 than it is to 2008. However bad the current scenario is, one can almost be sure that it will not be like the previous scenario. The current crisis has been detected and is being observed carefully and for that reason, past mistakes are not likely to be repeated.


A Great And Amazing Way To Meet Your Soulmate – Skout.

If you are in bed and you probably feel that it is too big for you, it would be better if you had some by your side as you sleep every night. Maybe you are now enjoying black coffee in your favorite downtown restaurant; you feel that the coffee is too hot for you to take. It would be better if you had someone to drink coffee with, you would talk as you slowly sip the coffee and will only realize you were to drink your coffee after it has gone cold. Skout is an online dating app that will make your wishes and dreams come true.

Skout app can be downloaded from Android play store or Windows play store on your smartphone. You probably are thinking, why should I download this app to my phone. First of all, this app offers a fun way to meet your soul mate online. Anyone you meet in this app is lonely and wants someone to spend time with. Someone whom they understand each other and share many interests together. Also, if you the shy type of person, this app is like a miracle to you. It helps you avoid the part where you verbally have to approach your crush with your heart nearly coming out of your mouth. The app also brings a whole new experience your smartphone use. You can shake your phone to start chatting. You can also meet and interact with people from other countries and share ideas. Furthermore, the app has a “Feature me” feature that put you as the center of attention so that everybody can see you. What you find in Skout you can never find it anywhere else.

Features of a good dating site.
It is rare to find a nice dating app that will meet your expectations these days. Most app makers just make apps without basis or just for financial purposes. Here are some of the features of a good dating app.

i. Prioritizes your privacy.
In this age your online security is paramount. You would not want an app that will give out your private details to people without your authority. A good dating app always protects your private information until you feel like sharing it with some.

ii. Freedom.
A good dating app will always give you the freedom to manage your account. You can use any name that you like and put any profile that you want as long as it does not infringe the rights of other users. This will also help you keep your privacy levels the way you want. You will only fill out your profile with the information you are comfortable with. You can also leave the app whenever you feel like.

iii. Fun to use.
A good dating app will always have fun features like emoji because it makes the dating experience more fun. If the app is boring, you may never even use it.


Some Basic Information to Consider before Getting Divorced

When a person is considering a divorce or legal separation, they usually have a lot of questions. This is especially the case if they never had to personally deal with this situation or if they have not known someone who has dealt with this situation. One common question that a person may ask has to do with if they need to hire an attorney in New York or the place where they live. It is always a good idea to hire a lawyer to consult with when a person is going through major changes in their life. A lawyer is going to be able to help protect the person’s rights and the rights of their children when they divorce. A lawyer is also going to be able to help someone when it comes to child custody, dividing property and assets, family support, and visitation rights. One qualified lawyer to consider hiring in the New York City area is Ross Abelow. He has years of experience in a marital and family law. He graduated from the Brooklyn Law school.

Another question that a lot of people wonder about involves the legal grounds for obtaining a divorce. Basically, the legal grounds for obtaining a divorce are divided into two categories. There are no-fault and fault divorces. A no-fault divorce is one where both parties do not place blame on each other for the breakdown of the marriage. Normally, incompatibility or irreconcilable differences are the basis for a no-fault divorce. When it comes to fault-based divorces, there are of wide range of grounds that would include desertion, the use of addictive drugs and drunkenness, insanity, mental cruelty, adultery, physical cruelty and insanity. It is important to speak with a lawyer when determining the grounds for divorce.

Before a person would take any steps to legalize a divorce or submit any paperwork having to do with the division of assets, they need to speak to a qualified attorney to help. Ross Abelow can help individuals who are considering legal separation and divorce. He also specializes in entertainment law and commercial litigation. When a person is deciding on who they will hire as an attorney, it is usually a good idea to get a referral from friends, family members or professionals. There are websites that can be consulted to help an individual to see a list of state and local Bar Association referral programs that will direct them to more information and helpful resources.

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Business Projects About, Urbana Continues to Thrive

Jon Urbana has his hand in multiple business projects. He is a growing entrepreneur with a deep passion for his work. He started a lacrosse camp in Denver Colorado to help kids learn the basics of the sport. Once a Division I player himself, he not only knows the game well, but he has a passion for the sport. The name of the camp is Next Level Lacrosse and is quickly becoming one of the most popular youth lacrosse camps in the Denver area.

Not only is Jon Urbana focused on the growth of himself or his companies, but he is also greatly focused on giving back to his community. He invests much time and energy into local charities. Jon Urbana launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Earth Force Inc. which focuses on fixing the issues of climate change. He was inspired to do this by the kids from his lacrosse camp who wish to have a better environment. His first crowdfunding campaign was for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, which is a shelter for cats.

Urbana publishes several videos to keep people in touch what he is working on and also to promote the projects themselves. Jon Urbana’s videos promoting his crowdfunding campaigns can be watched here and here. The videos detail the purpose of his projects and what he wishes to do with the funds raised. There are also videos describing Jon Urbana’s ventures outside of charitable work and lacrosse. In this video, a little background is given about Urbana’s other projects such as photography and music.

With so many projects and business ventures that Jon Urbana embarks on, it can be tough to keep track of where he is going next. In order to stay connected with Jon Urbana, you can follow him on Twitter, like him on Facebook and keep up with his pictures on Instagram. For more in depth material on Jon Urbana, visit his peronsal profile on About and Medium.