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Fabletics Is Coming To Your City


A recent article appeared on Racked about Fabletics new plans. Kate Hudson is the woman that is behind Fabletics. Fabletics is a retail subscription service site. The site’s popularity has led to the store branching out and opening new stores in cities across the country. In fact, the store has plans to open 75 to about 100 stores very soon. This is great news for people, especially women that love the brand. Now, fans are able to buy the clothing in person and online. Currently, those customers with an online subscription receive a wonderfully put together outfit each month.

Perhaps, you are one of the only people on the web that has not heard about Fabletics. Well, the company is certainly making a name for itself across the Internet and across the retail world. The site is specially designed for women that would like to get great deals on athletic wear at very affordable prices. The clothes on the site are very in vogue and trendy. They are also very high quality, all at very reasonable prices. Those looking for a great deal will love Fabletics.

Fabletics World
Yes, it is a Fabletics World. In order to get started in this new retail world you will have to join their online site. For example, you spot some really cute yoga pants that you’ve just got to have. Well, join the site and become a VIP. First, you take a quiz. The quiz only takes a few minutes. The quiz will introduce the site to your personal taste and preferences in clothing and accessories. Fabletics will send you an outfit each month, that is based on your personal taste and style preferences. Fabletics states that the outfits are worth about $100, but all VIP members get a super discount. Fabletics is a fun way to get the trendiest outfits at a bargain price.

The Defector Story That Will Have You In Tears

Suffering sexual abuse and all kinds of physical abuse this young teenage girl will live to tell her story. Yeomni Park has a story that will only have you in tears.Starting in North Korea with her mother and her sick father, Yeomni and her family will leave in the cover of the night on a long boat ride across a river. With food and shelter being an issue they had to stick together. Yeomni’s father had a form of cancer that would have been treated in other countries. By the time they got to the first stop of their destination, her father passed away from his cancer leaving the two fragile women to fend for themselves. Yeomni continues the story saying that the next leg of the excursion was the hardest. She and her mother had no shelter or food and had to rely on the help of other people. This was not the only problem. No one protected them from what was in store. Yeomni says on DailyMail her and her mother was raped repeatedly daily. They would eventually make their way out of China to South Korea by plane. The emotional state of this young girl was damaged as she wanted to kill herself daily. It took her to be stronger than ever to get over the past events, and what made it harder was the fact that natives of her country did not believe her story on Youtube. Claims that landmarks and descriptions of her country land were described wrong and certain events did not match up. Yeomni then admitted that she withheld some of the story so she would not shame her family. Now she is doing better and still fighting the critics about her story.




Yeonmi Park: From the Grip of Terror to the Sweet Embrace of Freedom

On November 13, 2015, Todd Krainin of Reason.TV interviewed a young North Korean woman named Yeonmi Park. Miss Park recounted her harrowing escape from the oppressive regime of the Kim family. Miss Park has written a book documenting her experience titled; In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.

In the Dailymail interview, Yeonmi talks about not having the concept of what freedom was. She mentions that her father died without knowing democracy existed in the world. During her life in North Korea, she claims to have defined happiness as having enough food to eat.

The story of her escape begins with tentative steps across the Yalu River in the cold March weather in 2007. Making it across the river with her mother put her in China. She was thirteen years old, confused and scared, and just beginning a scary and arduous trek across China to the Mongolian Border. The trip took years to complete, but finally, Yeonmi and her mother reached the safety of South Korea.

During one of the most moving parts of the interview, she talks about seeing Chinese movies and advertisements featuring obese children. Miss Parks thought she would like to go to a place where they had enough food to make children fat.

At the same part of the interview, she talks about seeing the dead bodies of people, including children, on the streets of North Korea. Famine was so widespread that many people starved to death.

In past interviews, Yeonmi talks about some of the frightening criminals encountered during her journey. At one point she was trafficked by Chinese gangsters who ran forced marriage and prostitution rackets.

Without question, this young woman has been through a lifetime of terrifying experiences in her short years. After finding her way to freedom, she has dedicated herself to learning and fighting for universal human rights. She does; however, admit to a desire to help change one country in particular.

To see the whole interview follow this link:



Was It All True : Yeonmi Park Story

Recently reported a chilling story of Yeonmi Park from her perspective. The story of the North Korean defector Yeonmi Park and her mother carries a large bag of controversy, which Yeonmi says is because she knows too much. The story begins in March 2007 with Yeonmi Park and her mother taking their first steps of a long journey out of North Korea. Crossing a frozen river with little food, they entered China. The route they took was strenuous but they had to keep pushing. The thirteen year old girl and her mother traveled through China which took years. They crossed thru the Gobi desert to the Mongolian border. From there they would take a plane into South Korea.Her father joined them on the trip but died early on with cancer. Yeonmi says that she is sad that he died without even knowing this type of democracy existed. She claims that during the long excursion her and her mother was unprotected by the law and subject to all kinds of terrible sexual abuse. The reason for the journey is way more chilling than the journey itself. Yeonmi Park claims that North Korea was low on food, in terrible conditions, and the lack of democracy was intolerable. Yeonmi’s claims about the conditions of her country and the events that happened during her were put in heavy question. People of her native land say that her description of events and landmarks did not match where she was supposedly at. Yeonmi says that certain facts about events were hidden to save her family from embarrassment. Read the whole story at


Jon Urbana’s Prowess In Video Shooting

Jon Urbana is a renowned professional entrepreneur in Denver, Colorado. Other than the business he is also talented and gifted video producer. He is currently heading business development for Ellipse USA, a privately owned company that provides IPL and laser system. He is also a co-founder of one of the first Colorado summer youth lacrosse programs. Urbana was a professional player in lacrosse for the Villanova Wildcats. He is a certified pilot and is registered with the FAA in their Airmen Certification Database.

Jon Urbana loves using Twitter and actively supports philanthropic projects and mobilizes funds to support local organizations and their cause. His love for animals has made his raise funds to support animal rescue and adoption. Living in a beautiful and healthy environment is always close to his heart. Urbana has passion and runs an Earth Force mission that empowers youth on the importance of an independent future for clean energy.

He has a website where interested people can visit and make donations for the cause. Urbana has helped players refine and sharpen their skills according to their tastes, field position, interest, and style. He has received many awards and recognition for his contribution to these games, for example, Tewaaranton Award mentioned in All-American honors and was defensive player of the year in Colonial Athletic Association.

Apart from business and sports, Jon Urbana is interested with videos and has recorded quite a few of them. They are interesting videos worth watching, and most of them are about the beauty of the environment, for example, The Stunning Mountains of Alaska.

It is all about the lovely rock of Alaska. In his description, he talks about how he loves them and says there are no beautiful mountains like those. There is also another video showing a cross-country skiing in Alaska.

The footage was shot by Jon Urbana and displays the serene atmosphere of skiing where lovers of this game can sharpen their skills. The snow capped mountain with the skiing athlete demonstrating their skills shows a lovely environment.

There is also a beautiful video of a moose that is feeding on shrubs. It describes his love for wildlife and his contribution towards wildlife.


A New Competitor for Telecommunications?

A recent article by details potential competitor to pre-existing large telecommunications companies. The company called FreedomPop, based in Los Angles, California, has raised an additional fifty million dollars towards expanding their network and their company. They provide talk, text, and wireless internet internationally. FreedomPop specializes in free or low cost calling and texts. They carry the major brands of smartphones and are much more suited to a “light” user. A “light” user is considered to be someone who uses less than a gig of data, or spends much of their time connected to wifi.
The company is attracting headlines and major news outlets like Fox News, Forbes, and more. There are several reasons why this company is so attractive to consumers. They don’t have contracts, carry all the major smartphone brands, have good signal coverage, allow unlimited calling and texting between their brand of phones, allow hotspot roaming, and give users free international calling to around sixty countries. The company prioritizes wifi texting and calling, allowing them to utilize the internet to perform these tasks. The appeal is most certainly there when compared to large telecommunication companies like AT@T and Verizon, where usually a user is contractually obligated and pay a decent fee monthly. College students, the everyday worker, essentially anyone who is connected to wifi for a good portion of the day may want to consider checking them out. FreedomPop is continuing to expand and make waves in the industry. As of right now they aren’t owned by their competitors yet, and continue to look for funding.


Racists Ramifications Ring Out Around the World

We know that racism, sexism and discrimination are still around. Despite the world of the 21st century being a connected, technological wonderland, these archaic issues are prominent today. So, when these wildly debated issues come up in our highly connected world, it’s easy for the entire globe takes notice.

The social networking site Twitter has grown to become a common place for news, debates, and information around the clock. Recently, the “#Woke” campaign has caught the attention of millions. The idea behind the movement encourages becoming aware of everyday controversies (or being “woke” to them), such as racism, sexism, gender issues and more. The movement has garnered a strong following, and early this January in South Africa, that following had a new topic to discuss.

Right at the start of the new year, KwaZula-Natal real estate Penny Sparrow angered millions with a highly controversial post on Facebook. While it’s tradition for many people around the world to celebrate New Year’s Day bay the sea, Sparrow complained specifically about about the crowds on her local beach. She notes a “discomforting” amount of litter and “black on black skins,” remarking further on the beach goers’ apparent “no education whatsoever.” In just a few days, the comment drew international attention, and she has since posted an apology on her Facebook account as well.

But the comments made by Sparrow aren’t just offensive; they carry potentially legal fallout. Brenda Wardle is a legal analyst and the Chief of Operations for the Wardle College of Law. She notes that “… free speech or even freedom of expression, unlike human dignity, is limited by specific clauses in the constitution.” The South African Democratic Alliance has since cut ties with Sparrow, and filed criminal charges against her.

Wardle’s understanding of human rights and their protection under law has made her an advocate for social justice. “Simply put,” she points out, “she unlawfully, intentionally and seriously impaired the dignity of black people by using racially offensive language.” She has taken to multiple social media platforms to address growing concerns of racism and other social injustices.

In addition to the legal ramifications, several people close to Sparrow have been targeted by angered activists. Charmaine Crowie (Sparrow’s daughter) and Jawitz Property (Sparrow’s former employer) have both made statements saying that they don’t share Sparrow’s views. However, for the people of South Africa, it’ll take more than words to heal this wound.