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William Skelley Is Honored As One Of The Nation’s Next Real Estate Leaders

Real estate has long been seen as a good investment. An investment in real estate can help anyone create an impressively diversified portfolio of important investments that is likely to retain value even in the face of a potential downturn of some kind. One company that has helped people in the United States and around the world continue to invest in real estate is iFunding. Innovative funding ideas are the wave of the present and likely to continue to flourish in the future as well. This company has reached out to real estate investors to help them discover potential investment opportunities.

Help From iFunding

Investing in real estate can be a daunting prospect. While many people find it quite helpful to buy a house in order to have a primary residence, many people also find it confusing when thinking about going further into this field and investing in other forms of real estate such as buildings and commercial rentals. This is where those at iFunding can help. They have been able to help provide all kinds of assistance for those who are looking to invest in real estate as a commercial venture as well as investing in primrary home of their home.

William Skelley’s Many Talents

Someone who has done much to help provide leadership for the company and for the world of real estate as well is William Skelley. Found here on Facebook, William Skelley is the Founder as well as the Chief Executive office of iFudning. His efforts in this field were recently honored by those who understand the field of real estate. Skelley was honored for his contributions to the field of real estate in a recent dinner. The dinner was aimed at showcasing those who have helped make an important contribution to the real estate in New York City and the region as a whole.

iFunding Offers Much Help

iFunding allows people to invest in real estate with as little as five thousand dollars. This can be a great way for someone to use their savings to earn a good rate of return from an investment that is known to weather downturns well. Many people have been pleased to learn just how easy it is to work with this company and get started using real estate to help create a portfolio of investments. This can be an ideal way to expand any real estate portfolio into many new fiscal areas.  Follow Skelley’s blog at the iFunding website, for more information on the company and where they are going towards the future.

Investors Are Turning To Gold To Protect Their Wealth In 2016 According To U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl

Paper money and stocks are not as solid as gold, silver and platinum, according to U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl. Mr. Diehl was recently interviewed by, and he said gold prices are going to increase faster than anyone expected in 2016 for several reasons. Philip Diehl and the precious metal veterans at U.S. Money Reserve are telling investors that now is the time to invest in gold and silver coins.

The world’s economy is following in the footsteps of China, and China’s economy is stuck in the mud of several missteps by the Chinese government. Some investors are not connecting the dots between China and the United States, but Diehl said they should start because China has a strangle hold on the worldÕs economy.

In a recap of the interview, said Philip Diehl isnÕt kidding when he said large investors are turning to gold and silver in 2016. Hedge fund investors are dumping stocks and reinvesting in the precious metal market. Investors are nervous not only about China, but they are also nervous about the health of the European Union.

There has been talk that the EU could collapse, and if that happens, gold prices will jump dramatically, according to Diehl. In fact, gold in London recently jumped 1.3 percent on news that the Netherlands rejected a trade deal with the Ukraine. The refugee migration is another issue that is tearing the EU apart, according to a recent article.

History shows that gold does well when economies stop growing, and there is proof that economies all over the world have stopped growing. A Crunch Base article supported the claim that even the Federal Reserve is being cautious now. Instead of pushing forward and raising interest rates, the Feds might decide not touch the rate, but if they do it will only help the price of gold.

Philip Diehl knows what he is talking about when it comes to how the government makes decisions. He served as the Director of the United States Mint under the Clinton administration, and he has been the director of the U.S. Treasury.

Investing in gold has always been the thing to do in China. Chinese investors are investing in gold now more than ever before, and that means gold and silver prices will continue to increase. U.S. investors are buying gold and silver coins from the U.S. Money reserve because they know that in bad economic times gold and silver always shines brighter.


Ad Claims George Soros Is “Bankrolling” Kasich Campaign

George Soros has become the all-encompassing boogeyman in many right-wing circles. And it seems that they are trotting out the spectre of Soros The Puppet Master once again.

In a recent political ad running in Wisconsin on, it is claimed that Soros, along with other millionaires, are secretly bankrolling John Kasich’s presidential campaign. The ad, created by the pro-Ted Cruz super PAC, Trusted Leadership, tries to connect Kasich to the liberal billionaire.

The ad claims that Kasich has received “hundreds of thousands of dollars from George Soros on marketwatch.” However, Politifact has looked into the claims to see if they are true.

According to the website two former employees of George Soros have given money to the Kasich super PAC, New Day For America, but there is nothing clandestine going on.

Scott Bessent, former chief investment officer or Soros Fund Management, has given $200,000 to New Day For America. He has also given $2,700 directly to the Kasich campaign. He has also given to the super PAC that supported Jeb Bush and has given directly to the Republican National Committee (RNC).

The second former Soros employee, Stanley Druckenmiller, gave $450,000 to New Day For America last year on He, too, has consistently given money to GOP super PACS and to the RNC. Druckenmiller managed assets for Soros from 1988-2000.

In response to this ad, New Dat For America has sent letters directly to TV stations who are airing this ad a demanding that it be removed, claiming that it contained, “false, misleading and deceptive claims.”

To date, four television stations in the state of Wisconsin have pulled the ad from their airwaves.

After their investigation, Politifact has ruled the claims in the anti-Kasich ad to be false.

George Soros has been a key figure in American politics for years. He has consistently given to Democratic candidates and supported progressive causes. He has contributed $7 million to the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA Action, this election cycle.

Soros is chairman of the Open Society Foundations, who’s main focus is creating tolerant societies and transparent governments across the world.