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Expand Your World With FreedomPop

FreedomPop isn’t just for Los Angeles anymore! With a new global hotspot and SIM, its service is now available in the following countries; US, Czech Republic, UK, Bulgaria, France, Romania, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Luxemburg, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, and Norway. Though, by the end of the year, it will also be available to at least 40 more countries, which would include parts of latin America and Asia, as well.

FreedomPop is offering a special price of $49.99 for the hotspot, and $10 for the SIM. Though, eventually, the hotspot’s price will be raised to $99.99. The concept behind this technology is that as FreedomPop expands, the new countries will be remotely updated into the SIM. With the price of the hotspot, 200 MB of data are included.

FreedomPop has done well on its own, earning $50 million independently from sales. The company also accepted financing, so that its total funds to keep this company expanding amounts to $109 million dollars. Steven Sesar, FreedomPop’s co-founder and COO explained that the financing allows Freedompop to become one of the top 10’s global service providers. According to Sesar, the global network “ an exciting way to give consumers free Internet access across the world and eliminate roaming costs no matter where they are.”

So don’t miss your chance to become one of FreedomPop’s new customers! Look out world, here it comes!

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Overview and Testimonials: Working at White Shark Media

With its headquarters located in the city of Miami, FL White Shark Media is a highly reputable leading Digital Marketing Agency that has helped thousands and growing companies across the U.S. grow their very own businesses by using their recommended online marketing tactics and suite of proprietary marketing tools to help their business grow, deliver, and succeed. Read more:

On, which is a highly reputable website where people across the globe rate various companies and their working conditions, White Shark Media has a 5 out of 5 star rating, consisting of thirty different reviews. They are also considered 100 out of 100 percent to be a company that one would recommend to a friend to work for.
If you look through the thirty different reviews left by people who currently work for White Shark Media on, you will see review titles such as “Awesome”, “Great!”, and “White Shark Media values their Clients and Employees.”

A current employee of the company wrote a review of the overall workplace and atmosphere on January 14, 2016, “I have been working at White Shark Media for over a year as a customer service representative. And I must say they are attentive to their clients, has a great business culture/value system that applies from management right down to the newest member of the team. Above all, White Shark Media shows great interest in the work that is produced for its clients, and ensures all employees are treated fairly and shows great interest in their continued growth.”

White Shark Media is also proud to be a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, as advertised on their official website. They also include the following three positive aspects concerning their company which include the following: The Premier Partner program only includes hand-picked agencies, White Shark Media as a whole meets all of Google’s most stringent eligibility and training requirements as a company, and many benefits are given/shown from using their proven AdWords expertise, like thousands of other SMBs.

White Shark Media also offers a Free AdWords Performance Evaluation on their official website home page (Http:// which is a risk-free assessment that is done by a specialist that will help point out both strengths and weaknesses, and hear what they could do differently as a company, as well as what it would cost if interested in doing do/proceeding.

There are also monthly packages of Specialized AdWords Management Solutions available pricing from $299 in price to $749 per month and offer different aspects.



Fashion for the Curvy

Just because a woman is bigger does not mean that she can’t look good. There are many ways to be stylish even though one is a little larger than the models seen wearing the clothes. A lot of clothing stores are offering plus sized versions of the fashion that is available. It can be frustrating for a woman to find some really nice looking clothes, but none of them are in her size. Fortunately, many clothing lines are putting the larger women into consideration when it comes to providing fashion and style. That way, women can feel great and stylish as well.
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JustFab is one of the clothing companies that are offering fashion for plus sized women. According to The Curvy Fashionista, JustFab has released a clothing line called JustFab plus for women of a larger size to explore and find styles that fit them perfectly. They can not only dress for their size, but also for their body type. Among the items that are included in the collection are essential basics as well as casual clothing. This gives people room to put together their own wardrobe that they can be happy about. There are dresses, skirts, and other pieces of clothing that are great for taking vacations or other special occasions.

More and more people are discovering that fashion and style can actually contribute to better feelings about themselves. People who find some great looking outfits that fit them often experience a boost in their confidence and how they see themselves. JustFab now provides the best outfits for all sizes. People can now find all of the clothes and styles that they want from JustFab. They can also look for and find stylish active wear at Fabletics. Women who happen to be larger do not have to be left out of great fashion and style.

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How to Continue With Business During and After an Attack

With high profile businesses and people, it is almost inevitable that there is going to be some kind of controversy about them. This often causes a need for online reputation management. Among the methods of reputation management include providing new optimized content that shows the client in a more positive light as well as removing some bad results if possible. Either way, the objective is to bring improvements to the client’s reputation so that he could continue with his business. At the same time, there are certain things the client can do in order to avoid getting dragged into the crisis.

Among the things that he can do include assuring his customers and clients that business will continue on as usual. He can also improve upon his business in order to keep his customers as well as attract new customers and clients. Often times, the best thing to do when someone says something bad is to continue on with the commitment towards helping clients and serving customers. If a business fires back at a person, it runs the risk of looking bad. The high quality service and support towards clients is the ideal way to fire back. If people see that the business is offering good service and is treating them well, then they are less likely to believe the person who is spreading the rumors.

Another method to look into is hiring an online reputation management company such as The best types of digital reputation management companies get involved with a combination of providing new content for search engines so that the old bad content can be bumped off the page, and removing some damaging content about the client from the Internet if possible. With the right combination of these methods, the campaign will prove to be very effective. For this reason, is a good company to look at.