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Online Reputation Crises Are Things Takes Care Of

The internet has become the place to find out just about anything you want to know about any person, or any company. Because of how social media, forums, and other Q&A and review sites affect perception, it’s not enough for business owners and leaders to just create content to market and sell their products and services, they now have to undertake full digital reputation management. According to Forbes, this is because if negative information surfaces around the web and is not addressed, your search results could take a massive hit and you could lose a lot of customers. So it’s important to take steps to make sure your reputation is positively viewed.

One way to address reputation damage, or even prevent it is to be active on social media so you can interact with your customers and keep them updated with any concerns they may have. You also should consider running your website over multiple domains, keeping it updated, and even putting out press releases to get out good publicity for your company more often. Your company’s reviews are probably the biggest component of its success as new customers want to know what they are getting before they buy. While companies that have good customer service will usually have more positive than negative reviews, almost nobody ever gets untouched by a bad review by that one unhappy customer. When you run into a bad review that may not be completely true even, don’t lose your temper as that’s bound to make the situation worse, but instead go to to see how they can clean up your online reputation. can remove bad search results and will comb through negative content and works on your behalf to remove it. They can take down a lot of things from old and irrelevant reviews, to blogs, and bad information that should not be on Google’s front page. You can simply go to and see how they can clean up your online reputation. But you should contact them as soon as possible as they can only tackle so many projects at once.

Fabletics: Finding Success

The Rise of Fabletics
One of the most popular online retailers on the market right now is Fabletics. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this company offers a vast variety of athleisure clothing. With spokesmodel Kate Hudson modeling their line, its no surprise that this well known company has found great success. One of the expansions they’ve done in the past year included adding retail stores in the United States. Formerly known as being strictly an online company that offered great incentives, the stores open up a whole new world for its consumers. Customers can now visit the store to try on products before they place their online orders. They can feel the material, see the patterns- it’s a very positive addition to the native set of videos about the brand.

While sales in the store continue to be great, since adding retail locations, its been proven that their online sales have skyrocketed as well. With only six available stores, Fabletics has big plans to add several more this coming summer, including one at the Mall of America. This new expansion has proven successful, but this is only the beginning for this multi-million dollar company. By the end of the year, Fabletics is set to rake in a modest two hundred and fifty million. Talk about success!

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Fabletics Plans to Open 100 Stores in the Next Few Years

Fabletics: Getting Started
Originally the site was started to remain an online subscription/shopping experience. While you may shop at your own leisure, you can also sign up to receive one outfit each and every month at a fixed rate. This has shown to be quite popular since athleisure clothing became an ongoing lifestyle trend. From yoga pants, to athleisure dresses, this location of Fabletics at Mall of America will have you so excited to get started on a subscription. The collections are constantly growing and constantly changing,, and the surprise of a new outfit each month really gets the consumers excited to participate. The cost has it’s own incentives as well. The fixed cost is typically less than that of your competitor brands, plus upon signup, you can usually receive a fairly large discount. Fabletics is where you will find the best quality athleisure clothing in patterns and colors that are bold, fun and stylish. Check it out today!

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Securus Technologies Still Stands Out As The Industries Leading Correctional Facilities Communication Monitoring Professionals

Correctional facility communications has become a lucrative business with over 200+ million calls involved at hundreds of facilities. Securus works alongside the Public Utility Commission to ensure system operations, public safety, integrity, and monitoring. Thousands of inmates each year rely on the correctional facilities to provide quality communication for access to family, friends, and legal counsel. Traditional correctional facility calls can be very expensive and Securus is committed to creating technological advances that will create cost effective communication for inmates and their families. They continue to represent the best interests of inmates and the general public.

Securus works hard to maintain cost effective rates for correctional facility communication users. They have also teamed with Vimeo to offer quality video calling features for inmates and their families. This technology was initially used by the courts as a method of communication during court proceedings and quickly expanded to inmates as a means of communication. Securus Technologies comes in clear high definition HD with 1800 mp so you won’t miss a thing. You can attend events that you never though were possible as an inmate. The resolution is high enough to let you see every aspect of your friend or family members. In fact, Securus provides this service at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

Customers now have correctional facility communications that require integrity standards and the best prices for customers. Thus, Securus offers a competitive pricing plan to meet all budgets. They guarantee you will never get billed more than once for the same phone call. They are committed to a standard of excellency that is not provided by other correctional communications providers. Securus continues to be one of the top network providers in the industry. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas they continue to advocate inmate facility calls for the public.


Five Ways to Silence the Haters

Trust and reliability are just a few characteristics that make up an entrepreneur’s reputation. This in turn brings you customers because they trust you and know you’ll deliver. No issues for your business would be great, but let’s get real: You will have issues. With fame comes enemies. People you’ve never heard of suddenly come out of the woodwork to destroy your good name. Left to their own devices, your customers will start to believe the lies. Here’s some things you can do to uphold your reputation.

Don’t get on their level.

Don’t let emotions guide you
Doing it makes you look unprofessional
It doesn’t solve anything
Ignore them, let your character speak for you

Let customers know it’s business as usual.

Customers fear this leads to loss in productivity or a closed business
Let them know you’re here to stay

Offer extra value to tune out haters.

You have customers because of your offered value
The more value offered, the less customers focus on naysayers
Customers prefer good content to gossip

Ask for help.

Talk to others to gain insight
Various perspectives are helpful
Don’t hold onto your anger, talk it out with someone you trust
This site,, can also help you clean up negative articles online

Keep your eye on the ‘why’.

You had a reason for starting your business
Never lose sight of that reason!

An attack on your reputation can seem daunting at first, but just make a plan and stick with it. Ignore those who wish to bring you down. And remember, to clear your good name, visit Hope you found these tips helpful, and keep being great!

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White Shark Media – Get A Free Evaluation Today

White Shark Media is a top digital marketing agency that has managed nearly $36 million in ad spend. Sending out more than 300,000 emails and more than 35,000 reports, they truly know what they are doing in the world of paid advertising. Driving targeted traffic to a site is their forte.

They now offer FREE AdWords evaluations that can help anybody determine what they need for their marketing. A trained specialist on their team will actually show you how to get targeted traffic through the power of Adwords. This opportunity is almost never available for most customers since there are so many out there that would never offer this chance.

Every evaluation is done by a certified specialist. You can see the evaluation on the screen to learn what is going on and what you will be receiving and learning. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

This knowledge which they share can either be used to create your own campaign all on your own or even by hiring the White Shark Media Review team. They can handle all the work to ensure that you don’t have to. They love helping out their customers to give them a top notch experience.

White Shark Media is beyond reliable and definitely stands as one of the best companies in the world for numerous reasons. The company has remained to be immensely professional for numerous reasons.

You will find that they have grown over the years since they first opened up back in 2011. The truth is that they know what they are capable of, but they did go through countless troubles with their clientele.

In fact, they have lost clients because of the fact that they did make mistakes with how they do business. It can be scary sometimes because they weren’t able to handle the business aspect on so many levels, including the fact that they received numerous complaints. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

They have eventually found they can be ultimately one of the best in the world for numerous reasons if they know how to handle the stressful aspect of business.

White Shark Media was very much able to learn from their mistakes and get back on the right path. They learned that clients simply just want to be respected and treated with genuine dignity.

They are a reliable brand that knows what they are capable of. Working with them guarantees that they can help get your brand in the right direction and getting traffic.


Sanjay Shah’s Story

Sanjay Shah’s story begins in Kenya where he and his family lived until his parents decided to move to the United Kingdom. Being only a few years old when the Shah family moved from Kenya to London, Sanjay Shah has grown up to be a Brit culturally. He comes from a well to do family and lived in a prestigious London neighborhood.

Expectations were high for the young Shah when he finished school. His family wanted him to study medicine and become a doctor. Sanjay Shah went on the route his family planned, but several years into his medical studies he quite and decided to pursue accounting instead. Shah was intrigued and fascinated by the prospect of making lots of money and the way the financial system functioned.

Sanjay Shah would indeed make a lot of money. He went on to study at Cambridge University and majored in accounting and finance. There he would also meet classmates who later on would help him with a charity he would eventually establish called Autism Rocks. It raises money for autism research done at Cambridge University in England.

Mr. Shah quickly found employment at a large brokerage firm and worked as an accountant for many years for several brokerage firms. He found the work tedious and was itching for an entrepreneurial venture. The final straw came when the financial crisis of 2008 stuck. Sanjay Shah was fired from his position as an accountant and was unemployed.

Out of work but not disheartened, Sanjay Shah went on the found his own investment firm called Solo Capital from a small studio on the outskirts of London. It started out as a small firm with only a few employees. Mr. Shah micromanaged the operations Solo Capital at first.

Eventually the firm grew big enough and successful enough to became an established boutique investment firm. Solo Capital now has its own professional office space in downtown London and owns it. It is no longer run out of a studio apartment. Unlike the micromanaging days in the beginning Sanjay Shah lets Solo Capital managers take full reins of investments now. Mr. Shah now considers himself partially retired. His focus now is spending time with his family and raising awareness about autism through his charity.


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