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3 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Event Planner

Hiring an event planner does not have to be difficult. It can seem that way when you take into consideration all the elements that go into pulling off a successful event. There are a number of excellent event planning companies in NYC and it you follow these simple steps you will no doubt find the perfect one for your next event.

1. Objectives
Why are you having this event? What do you want to accomplish? Most people come up with a budget first and give little thought as to what they want from the event. Do you want people to mingle and interact? Or maybe you want them to contribute to a charity. Your ultimate outcome will determine your budget and also whittle down the number of event planners you choose from.

2.Budget Estimation
Based on the outcome you want from the event, you can then begin to estimate a budget. Keep in mind that this will no doubt change as the planning progresses. By getting a feel for what the event will cost you can further narrow your pool of event planners to choose from. Some will just be too expensive.

3. Source Qualified Planners
Using word of mouth and review websites like Yelp! are a good way to build a list of qualified event planners, but don’t stop there. Take some time and ask other professionals in your area for recommendations.

Other professionals in the event planning industry can steer you to a good event planner. Talk to professional organizations in the area who may have used event planners in the past. Another good source of information is local hotels and event halls. They have seen it all and can give you some invaluable advice.

Twenty Three Layers is one of the most popular event planners in NYC and for good reason. They can help you with everything from venue selection, lighting, floral design, photography and entertainment. With their experience and relationships with some of the most exclusive establishments and vendors in the world, they can turn your next event into something to remember for a lifetime.

Visit Twenty Three Layers: 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014

The Sacrifices That Topple Regimes

The fight for democracy and human rights isn’t an easy one. Dictators and autocrats keep a firm grip on the power they hold over their countries. Those who stand up to them risk prison, assaults, and even death for resistance. Those who are to assemble against their oppressive governments need someone to stand behind them in their pursuit of justice. Thor Halvorssen has made himself the backbone of the global fight for human rights across the world. His key organization, the Human Rights Foundation, is exactly the voice needed to draw attention to these atrocities and unite the world against oppression.

Born and raised in Venezuela his family has a long history of fighting oppressive governments. Halvorssen’s father was incarcerated for his efforts to expose the corruption of the Venezuelan government was his mother, a descendant of revolutions like Simon Bolivar, was shot by supporters of the government. Even within his extend family there are many examples of freedom fighters such as his cousin who is currently held as a political prisoner by the Venezuelan government.

Educated abroad at the University of Pennsylvania he quickly became aware of the human rights violations across the world. According to Crunchbase, this led Halvorssen to create the Human Rights Foundation he currently heads at the moment. As president of HRF he has placed his life in danger in order to help those living far from his home country a chance to enjoy a life free from the oppressions that are all too common in the developing world.

Thor Halvorssen has faced incarceration, threats on his life, and more in his efforts to change the world. Despite these dangers Thor Halvorssen brushes the dust off his shoulders and continues to strive for a better world. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook


Diversant LLC. A Leader In IT Staffing

Diversant is a leading staffing company in the IT industry. It goes beyond staffing and helps connect companies with the most qualified IT professional and experts across the country. Diversant is one of the fastest growing minority-owned handling matters of IT staffing in the U.S.

Diversant is spearheaded by John Goullet who is the chairman and principal of the company. The organization focuses most on providing IT experts to the midmarket businesses and their partners and associates.

The company has been developing IT professionals over 20 years now; Diversant has specialized IT recruiters who train the IT personnel and equip them with the necessary information and knowledge. The specialized recruiters perfectly understand the technology and the targeted market and industries where the company makes placements.

The good reputation established by the company and its clients indicates that the organization has attractive opportunities for engaging premier companies across the nation.

Diversant LLC was founded by Gene C. Wandy who is a visionary entrepreneur. The company has seen dramatic growth all the time even when there is a market downturn and also developed a reputation for excellence.

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur who has gained significant experience in IT Sector. He has founded various numbers of organizations and also has worked in different organizations where he helped take a business to a whole new level. John founded Info Technologies which is an IT staffing firm that specialized in the provision of IT solutions to various organizations. Prior to establishing Info Technologies, John began his pursuing his professional career as an IT consultant, later on in 1994 he moved to IT staffing.

Tech Technologies experienced rapid growth, and within the next five years after establishment, the company earned position eight on Inc. Magazine which indicated a list of 500 fastest growing privately-owned companies in the US. Gene and John in 2010 merged their two companies to form Diversant LLC. John being a Diversant principal he is able to continue pursuing his passion and career of creating new ways to help companies with IT solutions and meet the ever growing IT challenges.

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The Power of Naomi Campbell in the Entertainment Industry

There are a on of people that are fans of Naomi Campbell. She has managed to become this iconic model that Beyonce references in song. She is known in many different circles as one of the most iconic models of all time. There are a lot of reasons for people to embrace what she is doing. They still see her on television. I have seen her on Empire, and I was impressed but not surprised to see how she was breaking new ground in television all over again.

The first time I remember seeing Naomi Campbell on television I was watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She had a small but very memorable role as a hot date for the character Jeffery on this show. I was so impressed by the way that she moved. She didn’t have a lot of lines, but I knew right there that she was someone that the world should be paying attention to. I saw early on that she had a talent for more than modeling.

I was correct. She has been on reality televisions shows since then, but she has always kept entertainment near and dear to her heart. People have come seen her on countless magazine covers, and they have to admit that she is one of the best supermodels when it comes to longevity. She appears to be one person that wanted a career that would last. Even when there were so many other models that faded into the background, Naomi Campbell was a master of moving from one task to the next. Naomi Campbell has shown that she could use her uniqueness to build career. People love her, and they love what she stands for.

Campbell represents the supermodel that is appealing because she is not cut from the same cloth as everyone else. She ranks up their with German model Heidi Klum and Ethiopian model Imani. Naomi Campbell is from the United Kingdom. Anytime that models outside of America come to the United States they are viewed as exotic goddesses. That is what Campbell is.


Jason Halpern, Restoring America One Property at A Time

Jason Halpern age 45, took over JMH Development in 2010 as a third generation step in for a company that has provided quality service for 50 plus years. JMH Development is a full-service real-estate development company devoted to large contract residential and commercial properties within the United States. As a full-service real-estate company, they design, build, and market each and every property they develop, eventually selling. Innovation and luxury are key factors in their development style as well as the preservation of and restoration of historical properties, creating deep ties within the community.


Originally contained to New York, Halpern has expanded his company’s reach in properties beyond and now has holdings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach. In assets, JMH Development now has $500 million in projects within the confines of the state of New York. Other investments include the miraculous transformation and restoration of the Motel Ankara, a hotel once fashionable in 1954 that had since fallen into disrepair. Unlike most relaters, when the market fell through and he could not peruse his plans to transform the sight into boutique condominiums, he waited out the recession and changed tactics. While the market in Miami was fairly desaturated, JMH Development went to work with Mitchell Hochberg’s Madden Real Estate Ventures to outfit the property into a luxury, yet historical hotel.


After completion, on September 22, 2016 the newly renamed Aloft South Beach Hotel sold for $105 million to the Boston real estate investment company Rockpoint Group. The following day Hilton claimed the hotel under it’s Doubletree and thusly renamed it The Gates Hotel.


Other challenging properties Halpern can be credited for include 184 Kent Avenue, of Brooklyn, New York. The waterfront warehouse is a 100 year old nationally significant building and historical sight. Purchased in 2008, the renovation took place over two years and was completed in 2010. The historic warehouse is now the home to 338 luxury apartments and was filled within the first year of being open after renovation took place. Within the residential area, Halpern commissioned a double height wall art piece from the Brooklyn Arts Council, so as to include the culture of Brooklyn into his building. After a year of rotations, the space was finally home to artist AJ Bocchino. As well as residential space, 184 Kent has also been developed into 17,000 square feet of commercial space. Once completed, Jason Halpern was awarded the Building Brooklyn Award for Adaptive Reuse.



Keith Mann: Doing All He Can For Others

Keith Mann is just the type of person we need in today’s world with all that is going on and all of the rancor that is happening. Keith Mann is the type of man that is going to look for solutions as opposed to problems. He is the type of man that is going to be positive in the face of negative energy. Right now, he is doing all he can to fix the issues going on in the world all while doing all that he can with Dynamics Search Partners. He believes he can rest easy when he knows that things are in a better place and people are in a good position.


One of the things he is working on at the moment is The Uncommon School Districts, as he knows the value and the importance of an education on a child. He knows that jobs are hard to come by and he also knows how education can keep kids out of trouble. There are a lot of kids that want to go to school, but it is just not in the budget of their families. That is why he took time out of his schedule to hold a fundraiser that raised over 22 thousand dollars which will really help with education and making sure they have everything they need to get the education they deserve. He also has a scholarship for the future leaders out there. This will get them set in the right direction and simply let them focus on their studies.


One must also not forget the fact that he recently treated the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch twice. He knows the fire the police have come under lately and how much bad press has been out there about them. However, he is not buying it for one second. Mann loves the police and he is grateful they are keeping him and his family safe. Because of this, he treated them to lunch two separate times. It was his way of saying thank you and letting them know someone is out there that appreciates them and does not take them for granted.


Securus Technologies Is The Best Place To Make A Video Call

I know that Securus has been the best place for us to call my cousins when I talk to them, and they are both in jail where I have to be able to reach them on short notice. It is very important for me to know that I can catch up with my cousins, and it is more important to know that they can feel like I have their best interests at heart. They want to know that they have not been forgotten, and they have to believe that they have a chance at a better life.

Someone who wants to get out of jail and feel netter about life has to have a way of getting there. They need to know that things will get better, and they have to see me to know that. Seeing me is the most important part. I can learn so much about them when I am looking at them, and I also want to know that I have been able to impart some wisdom on them. Non verbal communication is very important, and I know that my life will change every time I give my cousins something that they can use to live better.

I feel so much better that I am helping my cousins, and I want them to get out of jail soon so we can stop this cycle. I want them to see my face when we talk, and I am glad that Securus took the time to show us how to keep in touch. They made everything a lot safer, and they made sure that they have provided a system anyone can use. We are just normal people, but we are people who want to stay in touch through a system that makes us feel like we are in the room together.