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Photographer’s Way: How To Relax


The photographer’s eye is a coveted passive ability that few inherit and even fewer perfect. The photographer’s eye is the natural mental lens a person has within their mind that allows them to frame an idea and capture it within a single moment. It’s a powerful tool for filmmakers, artists and of course, the photographer. Every photographer has their tools of the trade that help them capture what they see. Some of the more popular choices from camera companies are:



Canon cameras are affordable and flexible in design with a wide range of options.



Nikon is another brand that has a very accessible price range.



A household name, Sony cameras are very powerful machines.


After you shoot all those wonderful photos you’ll probably be tired. Hop in your La-Z-Boy, kick off your shoes and relax. Another great recliner seat is the Zero Gravity. After taking those photos, an artists has to rest!


Paul Mampilly’s Financial Newsletter Exceeds 60,000 Subscribers

Paul Mampilly used to be a very successful hedge fund manager on Wall Street. He counted among his clients some of the biggest names in the industry including Kinetics International, ING, and Deutsche Bank. He was also the winner of the prestigious investment competition put on by the Templeton Foundation. In 2009, he managed to turn $50 million into $88 million through brilliant investing, creating a 76% gain. Even more remarkable, he won this contest during the worst of the financial crisis and he didn’t have to short any stocks to manage this feat.

Paul Mampilly now publishes his own financial newsletter, Profits Unlimited, through Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyon Hill Publishing recently announced that this highly successful newsletter has achieved 60,000 subscribers which makes it one of the largest newsletters in the industry.

Profits Unlimited is published by Paul Mampilly each month. Each issue features a stock that he thinks is going to be highly successful. He also manages a sister website where he tracks a few of these stocks showing how they have been doing. Mampilly (@ipaulmampilly) doesn’t manage the investments for any of his subscribers, rather they purchase the stocks he suggests through their own brokerage accounts. One subscriber said that he had been highly successful following Mampilly’s stock picks, making a substantial profit on 11 out of his 13 open positions.

Paul Mampilly earned his MBA in Finance from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. He is also a graduate of the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering with a degree in Financial Engineering.

Outside of his career, Mampilly is a dedicated philanthropist who works to help his local community. Among his charitable activities are acting as a volunteer teacher for Working In Support Of Education, and well as helping an 11 year old boy enrolled in Big Brother Big Sisters.

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EOS Is Climbing the Ladder of Industry Success

Seven short years ago, EOS was just a great idea that hadn’t yet been executed. However, once the founders of EOS convinced Walgreens to carry their lip balms, the sales proved that consumers liked the product. This led to placement in Walmart and Target, and now celebrities like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus use EOS lip balms, which makes the products more popular with the public. A number of beauty publications, including Cosmo and Allure, have also featured EOS several times, and have praised the ingredients and smooth texture of the long-lasting and flavorful lip balms.

EOS lip balm is currently the second best-selling brand in the U.S., behind Burt’s Bees. EOS has even surpassed Blistex and Chapstick, well-known lip balm companies that have been around for years.

Sanjiv Mehra, an EOS cofounder, stated that the company has been pretty quiet about its inner workings, and admits that now is the time to give customers more information. He states that the natural and organic ingredients in EOS lip balms are appealing to customers, and that the company strives to make customers just a little happier throughout the day with pleasantly scented lip balms that condition and smooth the lips.

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Beneful Healthy Dog Treats That Would Even Tempt a Human

There many are kinds of Beneful Dog Treats. There’s one kind that is made to clean the dog’s teeth and freshen his breath. Beneful makes Healthy Smile Dental Twists that are made from peanut butter and parsley. The dog treats are baked and better than being fried. The treats are made very various ingredients that would entice a human, such as apples, peanut butter, carrots, bacon, and cheese. Many of these best dog treats come in different shapes that include stars and hearts. These dog treats are for the adult dog only.

If you have a puppy you want to give a treat, it’s best to consult the veterinarian for suggestions. One customer said that she decided to discontinue giving her puppy dog treats because the calorie content was too high. Although it does not specifically say whether or not the dog treats are for senior dogs, I found some reviews in which the customers had dogs over the age of seven and some even in their teens that love the Beneful dog treats. There’s no specific caloric rating for the dog treats, however, the Beneful Break N Bites has only nine calories in each square.

On Amazon, customers seem to prefer Beneful Hugs more than the other type of Beneful Dog treats, giving it five stars. On Chewy, Customers tend to prefer the Healthy Smile Dog Treat and gave that a solid five star rating. It’s really a matter of getting different kinds of Beneful dog treats and see which ones your dog tends to like and agree with his digestive system. In both the Amazon and the Chewy websites, none of the Beneful dog treats rates less than a four star. Coupons can be found online, in the newspaper, at the vets, and even at the check out.


Arizona HVAC Company Plans A Merger

Air conditioning is a nice amenity in the modern day. It can keep anyone nice and cool on a scorching hot day. There is a trusted company that is expanding around the United States like wildfire. They are Goettl Air Conditioning and have over 70 years of experience serving the loyal customer base. Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air are merging with this super company to provide more services and reach more customers.

Goettle Air Conditioning will gain 20 more employees, which are excited about the merge. They will be able to serve on the commercial sector, not just residential homes. They are also including plumbing to their arsenal. Stephen Gamst, owner of Las Vegas Air said he has worked with the CEO of Goettl for many years and trusts the company. He thinks the merger will be a great thing for the community and for the employees.

Here is a little on the CEO of Goettl. His name is Kenneth Goodrich and not only cares about his company, but helping others in need. He wants to improve his community in way of education and helping those less fortunate. He created the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Endowment which helps student and veterans alike attend HVAC classes by providing them with scholarships.

It can be hard to find an HVAC company that is very knowledgeable, but also provides exceptional customer service. Goettle Air Conditioning does just that. They have been awarded best air condition and heating company in Arizona. With their extensive experience working in extremely harsh weather conditions, choosing this company is a no-brainer.

They opened their doors in 1939 in Phoenix, Arizona. Goettl brothers Bill, Adam, and John started the business when they moved from Mansfield, Ohio to Arizona. The Great Depression was going on at the time and they moved to seek new opportunities.