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Fashion And Technology Relying On Each Other

Our world of technology keeps growing and growing to the point it seems it will never stop. We started out making calculators that were the sizes of rooms and now we have moved on towards our cell phones that have the same thing embedded in them on top of their other numerous functions. These kinds of leaps in technology have also been partnered with fashion. Take for instance the iPod, something that was spurred all the way back by the boom box and the idea of personal music. It soon became unfashionable to walk around with a large speaker everywhere (as well as inconvenient) so technology companies started to upgrade the idea into a personal music player that evolved into the iPod and MP3.   Check this latest cool innovative product in the market today, hop over to

There are other spaces where technology and fashion have been able to meld together in the world. For example, we have been able to find numerous ways to capture movement and be able to turn it into viable energy. Many fashion companies have been taking this technology and trying to implement it into their products, like watches with a rechargeable battery and shoes that can charge your phone. Along with these new ideas, there have also been advancements in the clothing technology itself, allowing it to deal with weather differently and also helping to adjust your body temperature.   A must-read article about shared views on new ideas put into technology, hit on

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The reason that these two fields are so closely tied together is that they need each other to grow in a direction that the public will find enticing. It is a mutualistic relationship because as technology grows some people may not catch on to it right away due to its downsides. Take the earlier example with the boom box, the device would not have gained so much traction if it were not a social fashion item at the time.   Interesting news available on

The same can even be seen today with the new Google glasses. Some non-glasses wearers do not like the idea of wearing glasses due to the fashion stigmas surrounding them, but when models started wearing them on the runway these ideas started to change. Through these acts, the fashion market was able to gain more products to market and the technology sector gained better customer loyalty. These relationships between technology and fashion will continue to grow and create amazing things together in these ways.  More to read on

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Why the OSI Group of Industries Does Focuses so Much on China

All global companies are somewhat local in the countries that they operate. A company with branches in China, Europe, and United States cannot run a one size fit all operation in all the nations. There will be government regulations talent pool and cultural nuances that affect how a company is run. In the food sector, the client taste bud is also a factor to consider.

The president of OSI Industries, David McDonald feels that the firm has positioned itself well in the market. The company he says operates a global operation with localized management teams. That means, different nations that sell OSI Group products will have similar goals but their mode of achieving these aims will be different. The presence of local management increases efficiency by offering local solutions to the various nationals.

OSI Group of Industries is headquartered in Aurora. The firm provides value added protein products like beef patties and sausages. OSI group have recently diversified operations and are selling products like sandwiches and Pizzas to the leading retail brands and food services. The group has its operations in 50 branches located in over 17 countries across the globe.

OSI team has been in China for the last twenty years. During this period, the economy of China has considerably improved. Currently, the group has eight industries in the nation. The group plans to launch other two facilities in the year. The facilities will be used to produce the largest poultry products ever.

The group CEO says that they are laying more emphasis on China. The reason being that every day China is growing to become the biggest consumer market in the world. With the high population, the demand is bound to be higher. But that is not all, the people of China tend to be more affluent. As such, they are willing to try different products till they get the quality that they want. For more info about us: click here.

The main reason why OSI industries have been so successful is the approach that they give to various issues. The firm ensures that it engages the customers in advance in developing any product. By doing so, they create a product that helps solve a problem.


A Winery Legacy in Profile: Julia Jackson

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson, middle child of the late Jess Jackson, now bears a great responsibility at the young age of 28 as a proprietor of the family wine business, Jackson Family Wines. Ms. Jackson attended Scripps College, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree, and from there went on to get her masters degree in business from Stanford University.While she of course spends a lot of time tending to the family business, from Napa Valley to LA, she is often seen at premier events and galas in company with A-list celebrities.

Julia Jackson

This is due not only to the Jackson family business being chosen to provide the wine at such events, but Ms. Jackson’s personality and sensitivity in particular. Speaking of which, in 2014 she founded the nonprofit “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment,” an organization dedicated to the celebration of women and their accomplishments. See contributes to it annually, and through it, grants are distributed to organizations with similar ideas and goals. It’s particularly a celebration of women who succeed in business and maintain, as she puts it, their authenticity.Jackson Family Wine is noted for their flagship wine, Vérité, a staple of the wine industry in the US for decades and released more recently in the UK to critical acclaim.


Chris Burch’s Island Hotel is Considered the World’s Best

The title of “World’s Best Hotel” is not an easy one to earn. While there are many exceptional hotels in beautiful locations around the world, one hotel stands out as the perfect travel destination. Fashion and real estate investor Chris Burch’s Nihi Sumba Island hotel has been voted the best in the world by Travel + Leisure for two years in a row. Located on a remote Indonesian island, it is no wonder why the five-star resort is a favorite for travelers. Related article on

Chris Burch is an accomplished investor and entrepreneur. He is known for his fashion endeavors, including his wife’s popular high-end label Tory Burch. He is also a successful real estate investor, investing in the Faena Hotel and Universe in Buenos Aires in 2004. He would then go on to found J.B. Christopher, a company that supplies construction materials to real estate developers. Chris Burch is also the founder and CEO of the creative capital firm, Burch Creative Capital.

With his extensive history in investments and real estate, Chris Burch decided to invest in a hostel on the isolated Indonesian island of Sumba in 2012. Partnering with hotelier James McBride, Burch spent $30 million renovating the hostel and opening it as the Nihi Sumba Island hotel in 2015. Since its opening, the hotel has received endless acclaim. Located 400km from Bali, the resort is an ideal spot for sport fishing, surfing and hiking. It has 27 private villas that are built on terraces and feature their own private verandas. Read more of his innovative contribution in the market, check on

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Along with the villas, the Nihi Sumba Island hotel includes Chris Burch’s private home, Raja Mendaka. Burch’s Raja Mendaka features a main house, four villas and four private plunge pools. When not enjoying his piece of paradise on the island, Burch splits his time between homes in the Hamptons and Miami. For an update on his timeline activities, hit

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Chris Burch: The Serial Entrepreneur Who’s into Serial Success

The Island of Nihi Sumba keeps getting voted the best resort in the world by renowned magazines such as Travel & Leisure and for good reason. The resort that has been built on Nihi Sumba or Nihi for short, is part of the island chains belonging to Indonesia, one of the most beautiful areas in the world. The resort is built by fashion mogul Chris Burch and hotelier James McBride. Chris is well known for founding several well-known brands such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch. Once while visiting this area of Indonesia, he found out about a beach hostel that was up for sale. The two of them bought it immediately and spent around $30 million renovating it.  Check

The result is the amazing resort that is there now. The resort is rated as a five-star hotel and it has 27 cottages that can house several people at a time. Burch has said that the reason behind the purchase and renovation is to make it a nice place that can be given back to the community. It is his way of preserving this gem of a real estate property. Additional article on  This way instead of getting destroyed by irresponsible tourism, the place will be looked after and cared for, so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He runs his company with a vision comprising imagination, creativity, support, incubation that lead to disruptive brands that have a positive impact on peoples lives.  head over to for an in-depth look at the company.

After being in the investment business for over 40 years he has been part of the success of over 50 companies. In fact, he started an apparel business called Eagle Eye, with his brother soon after graduating college, which grew to be worth nearly $165 million. His success lies in the fact that he has an amazing intuition at figuring out trends and backing products that are bound to make an impact. The companies brand portfolio includes Coccoon9, Nihiwatu, and ED by Ellen DeGeneres.  More to read here.

Not satisfied with these accomplishments the company is diversifying even more. This time Christopher is getting into the life style business such as fashion, organic foods, hospitality, retail, and apparel. An avid traveler, he divides his time between, New York, Miami, and Indonesia.

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Madison Street Capital supports Sterling Packaging’s Expansion

Madison Street Capital a globally recognized investment banking enterprise. The company was recently hired by Sterling Packaging to act as an exclusive financial advisor in organizing its growth equity investment. Sterling Packaging is based in Selkirk, and it has established a branch in Monroeville, Alabama. The company has specialized in manufacturing folding cartons, and it supplies products across the United States and Canada. The provider of the equity facility was Druid Capital Partners. The deal was led by Jay Rodgers, who is the senior M.D of Madison Street Capital. Learn more:


According to Rodgers, the Sterling Packaging team that was led by Jim and Debbie Hickson, who are its founders, did a remarkable job of developing a scale enterprise with a superior product offering. The clients of the company will gain from the expansion solution that has been fulfilled with the financial help of Druid Capital Partners. Madison Street Capital’s employees were grateful for being made part of the transaction that united the two parties.


Druid Capital’s managing partner, Martin Holt, said that his team was pleased to work with the Hicksons. Debbie and Jim are hardworking business people who have imparted an outstanding value system in their firm and children. This can be seen in Colin and Kelly who hold top leadership positions. Holt said that he looks forward to having an excellent relationship with the company and also appreciated Madison Street Capital’s role in the deal. Learn more:


Sterling Packaging was established in 1989 and has specialized in the production of folded paperboard cartons. The firm serves industries such as cosmetic, hardware, food and beverage, as well as pharmaceuticals. Its customers vary from small business to the Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Canada. Most of the product that the firm manufactures are for the beverage industry, and they include craft beer packaging and bottle carriers. Learn more:


Druid Capital Partners is a renowned boutique investment manager that was founded in 2015. It currently invests in private firms that are located in the Southeast. The businesses that it invests in include manufacturing, distribution, and industrial services. Druid Capital has been trusted by many companies as a provider of the reliable equity capital.


Madison Street Capital is well recognized for its excellence in offering financial opinions, business valuation, corporate financial consultancy, as well as merger and acquisitions. The Madison Street Capital reputation stands out since its services enable corporations to succeed in the global markets. It also enables businesses to access emerging markets since they are profitable. Learn more:



The Entrepreneurial Mind of Todd Lubar

In the 21st century, many problems demand solutions and the existence of technology offers one of the best elucidations. In the US, growth is expected to increase over the next ten years, and this will affect the larger cities at large for instance Miami. In the past five years, the city of Miami has received billions of dollars to expand its port and the airport. The growth means that there will be an influx of trade and travel as more people come to visit the city. Through the technology of smart homes, the city of Miami will handle the flow of the people in Miami.

Security may pose a major challenge, however, a Smart Home Technology can help to control the issue of safety in a city increasing with people. A city that grows with people is likely to increase in crime. Smart home technology will involve features like fingerprint locks and facial recognition functions. Another feature that smart home technology introduces is the idea of robotic parking that can help to reduce the crowding problems. The technology of sleep optimization can help people that reside in the crowded or noisy areas to sleep peacefully. Entrepreneurs can adopt the smart home technologies in their various businesses.

Todd Lubar is not only the president of TDL Global Ventures, but also Legendary Investments. He is an entrepreneur and a businessman who has worked in the real estate by assisting the people to achieve their dreams of owning homes. Todd is passionate and his experience over the years has helped people to own homes. Serving the community is also a huge passion for Todd Lubar in addition to investing in capital ventures.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar has vast experience. Todd has held senior positions at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Financial Legacy groups. He was also a shareholder at Maryland Legacy Financial office where close to 100 million dollars were generated. Todd held the position of a Senior Vice President at Charter Funding. He studied at the Syracuse University and graduated in 1995 with a B.A in Speech Communication. Visit Patch for more details.

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