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Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru successfully attained a BS in Finance in 2007 from Georgetown University in the School of Business. After graduating he joined his friends to begin Sweetgreen a famous salad food chain.

The restaurant gets its ingredients around the local town because they trust it is the best. Furthermore, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet also began an event by the name Sweetlife, this event is all about music festivals and of course food, the community is able to come together to be at this event. Various top music artists are also included not forgetting the best chefs too. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues and  Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

The three friends met at the university and more specifically at their entrepreneurship class. They had something in common which is having parents who are great business people and this made their dream easy to achieve.

After graduating, the launching of their fast food chain was held. The trio has specific principles that they obey and they also ensure that their employees follow them, they are; thinking sustainably, keeping it real, making an impact, adding the sweet and ‘win, win win’.

Sweetgreen is an incredible food chain and very helpful, so may pass bye to get their salads and more importantly students stop by after they are done with their lectures. The trio has their salad delivered fresh, organic and healthy.

Sweetgreen is now inclusive of the best food chain in the food industry. Big names such as Danny Meyer, Steve CAS, and Daniel Boulud support the developing business. Their great recipe is extraordinary. The food chain is now in over 40 places.

Nathaniel Ru clarifies that the firm is working on good products that will go around the community as well as other organizations whether local or traditional. The business operation of Sweetgreen is carried out via a website or a mobile app.

Nathaniel Ru and his colleagues ensure that their customers are always served first. They have a situation whereby every year 5 times they close their offices so that together with their employees they can work in the restaurant. The company has presently started a branch in Los Angeles to create more success.

Sweetgreen ensured their staff members have better bonding among them these will make them work swiftly and also Nathaniel Ru provides better environs for them to work hence these motivates them in delivering better services. Lastly, Sweetgreen also ensures that they pay their workers enough salary to take care of the family fully.

Chris Burch – Entrepreneur and Investor

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has been focusing on a new industry of hospitality. He purchased a beach hotel in 2012 along with his business partner, James McBride. The glamorous resort is located on the isolated Indonesian island of Sumba. Together they have spent approximately $30 million on renovations and reconstruction to reach a five-star rated resort they call Nihiwatu. They are proud to say that Nihiwatu was voted the best hotel to visit in the world by Travel + Leisure in 2016. He initially purchased Nihiwatu for his children so they could help preserve the delicate property in hopes of giving back to the community. More shared insights from him on this article on

It has always been important to to Burch to help preserve the nature and beauty of the newly renovated resort. The property has become more than he has ever expected to be, which has caught him off guard because most things eventually become less. The Wall Street Journal adds that Burch splits his time between his properties in Miami, the Hamptons and his beautiful resort in Indonesia. Nihiwatu boasts 27 private villas in the most pristine and preserved part of the world. To read more about his beautiful resort, click on

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Mr. Burch has been an entrepreneur for almost 40 years and continues to bring values and visions to new market place opportunities and avenues. Throughout his career, he has had the pleasure of participating in more than 50 companies and their success. He has a keen sense of understanding in relation to consumer behavior with national and direct sourcing experiences. He has built a long reputation of connecting impact with innovation.  Read more about his creative output and vision, hop over to

Burch Creative Capital is built around the overall support and development of many different lifestyle and consumer products. They typically range from retail products, apparel products and home decor. His company also includes organic food products and industries relating to technology. Some of the names include but are not limited to Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics and many more. Chris Burch has dedicated his life and career to creating businesses that benefit the community along with enhancing their overall life. As an invesort and entrepreneur, he continues to take part in many business structures and the building process of the initial steps. Between his businesses and endeavors, his success is fully driven through very positive investment strategies that he will continue to make throughout his career. For timeline activity update, hit on this.

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Freedom Debt Relief – Aiding You to Get Your Kids Back to School Despite Being in Debt

The end of summer is hectic to many parents especially those with school going kids. That’s the time to think about preparing your kids to get back to school, shopping, choosing extracurricular activities, and much more. Honestly, this can be a stressful time. Things could be even worse suppose you are in debts. But not anymore with the following tips you can have that sorted out in good speed.

Have your budget ready

It’s imperative to write down your goal and be sure to build your budget around that goal. The goals might be based on supply or clothing or anything. Whatever they are, always write them down and stick them somewhere. Shopping early can also ensure you save some money. It’s advisable also to wait if your child doesn’t need their supplies immediately as you can still wait until clearance sales start. That takes place near the onset of the school year.

Stock up on Supply

With both your kid’s supply list, your budget and your shopping at hand, it’s now easy to knock off a few back to school purchases. Depending on the age and grade, certain supplies are perfect for classroom use.

About Freedom Debt Relief

End of summer is here, and the kids want to get back to school yet you are broke due to debts, the back doesn’t stop with you anymore, it stops with the Freedom Debt Relief Company. The company will ease your burden and help you make your next step in life.

It will negotiate a settlement upon first making sure you have the right information you need to make the right choice about settling your debt problem. You can trust the Freedom Debt Relief Company to pick you up at this time since they are the pioneering members of the American Fair Credit Council. Also, it has been rated A+ by the BBB.

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Chris Burch; the Jack of All Trades

Chris Burch has skills and experience that everything he lays his hands on becomes a success. He started eyeing hospitality as a new field to engage in after becoming a household name through businesses like C.Wonder and Tory Burch. He partnered with a successful hotelier James McBride, and they purchased a beach hostel located on the Indonesia Island called Sumba in 2012. Together they worked on upgrading it until reopening in 205 as a five-star hotel called Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu came out to be voted the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure in the year 206 having operated for only one year.   Check to read more.

In a statement he was giving to Business Jet Cavalier during an interview, he stated that he bought the hotel for his children and as a way of giving back to the community.  Read more insights from him in this article on

Wall Street Journal depicts that Chris Burch splits his time between Miami, the Hamptons, and Indonesia where Nihiwatu is located. The hotel Nihiwatu is said to have 27 private villas with some of them becoming Raja Mandeka which is his private home. The hotel currently employs the largest number of residents in Island and also engages in charity through contributing to Sumba Foundation which helps the locals. With such accomplishments, Burch and his friend McBride are seeking to continue their development in Costa Rica and Nicaragua aimed at helping the millennial travelers. He advises investors to take ample time when starting their projects and businesses. He advises them to brainstorm sessions, work and create together with their teams and lastly take notes when producing. This emphasizes on investors budgeting time to creativity and productivity to get the balance you want.

Mr. Chris Burch was born on March 28th, 1953 who currently resides in New York. He is a successful entrepreneur with more than 14 investments in about 13 companies. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is a man devoted to the power of branding and employs this sense of style to a wide range of fields including, hospitality, sales and marketing, financial services and even technology and consumer products. His career kicked off in 1976 while still an undergraduate at Ithaca College. Refer to for related article.  Together with his brother, they started Eagle’s Eye which they grew to a company worth $165 million before selling it to Swire Group. He later came to invest in multiple companies and founding C. Wonder which were launched in 2011. His involvement in multiple business and companies have led to him becoming a household name and a great entrepreneurial influence to most investors in the world.  For update on his recent timeline activities, hit on this.

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Why you Should Visit Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch and James McBride are visionary entrepreneurs. When McBride and Burch bought a beach hotel in Indonesia in 2012, nobody could believe that in four years the facility would be named the best hotel by Travel + Leisure. The duo spent $30 million to transform the beach hotel into a five-star resort referred to as Nihiwatu. On scrutiny of Nihiwatu, one quickly identifies the reasons why the hotel appeared number one on Travel + Leisure’s 2016 list.  Click this article on for a related article.

The resort has 27 private villas each with a plunge pool. The villas have a view of the beautiful shores of Sumba Island. Guests are charged $750 per night to stay in a one bedroom villa. Moneyed guests have an opportunity to rent Raja Mendaka, Burch’s villa at $14000 per night. Raja Mendaka is the height of luxury with a main house and fours villas each with a plunge pool. Nihiwatu also has two tree houses. The villas and tree houses are decorated with intricate Sumbanese antiques, local wood, and Ikat prints. To say the structures at Nihiwatu are beautiful is an understatement.

McBride and Burch understand that tourists need more than beautiful rooms. They need to relax. And what can relax travelers more than spa treatments and wellness centers? The services are tailored to meet the needs of any traveler. Instructors are available for public and private lessons.

Adventurous travelers have an opportunity to surf on the beach surrounding the island. A tourist who admires surfing but has little knowledge about the sport has a chance to be trained by qualified instructors. Surfers are unrestricted, and they can visit a neighboring bay called Coconut Groove that has calm waters suitable for novice surfers. Excursions are available for guests who fancy outdoor activities. Trips involve visits to waterfalls found on the island and a visit to a blue lagoon where tourists can dive and swim. The resort has a beautiful sunset. And for lovers of breath-taking sunsets, the hotel facilitates sunset beach horseback-riding trips. All of the mentioned services are available at pocket-friendly rates.

Burch is the founder and current CEO of Burch Creative Capital; the company manages venture investments and brand development.  Check his business portfolio on Burch became interested in business when he was on campus, and currently, Burch has interests in over 13 companies. He also co-founded the famous Tory Burch LLC.   For an update on his timeline activities, hit on this.

Chris Burch has six children whom he loves dearly. He was quoted saying that the Nihiwatu resort was a purchase for his children.  Check this interview article of him and read more insights from him on

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A Recap of The Business Report Feature of Chris Burch

It was the mathematician trader Nassim Taleb who said that one of the noblest things one can do today is to start a business. Instead of joining NGOs and other virtue signaling efforts, it would best be to use the energy, power, and capital one has to start firms that affect and improve the lives of others. This idea seems to be the focus of businessman Chris Burch in his new ventures.

Chris Burch’s Eye for Business

There is nothing probably more special than starting a business that helps improve the industry. When it comes to Chris Burch’s, it is the hotel industry that demands the attention of all his energy. Right now Burch just purchased a beach hostel in the Indonesian paradise island located in Sumba last 2012. Chris and his partners established the hotel to provide the best luxury but budget-friendly costs for all the tourists in the region. Their new venture proves to be wonderful because of the $30 million spent for its capital, and there’s a lot of pressure for the project since renovating the hostel requirers more than just money as capital.  Check on for additional article.

It is a source of pride for Chris and his partners that the hotel right now has finally established itself as a 5-star resort – which is named Nihiwatu – starting this 2015. In fact, because of Chris leadership, the resort has received praise and award as the best hotel from Travel + Leisure magazine in 2016.

The Profile

Chris Burch remains to be one of the global leaders in the hotel industry. He was born last March 28, 1953. Right now he is the declared Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which is a firm that handles a lot of luxury fashion items and other kinds of businesses.  Visit the website, click on

With Chris Burch’s aesthetics, many of his endeavors come from being an active investor with a touch for the creative. The industries he supports always showcase a branding strategy that applies a real and keen sense of marketing that addresses global standards for the luxury and the financial sector.

Read insights from him here.

Many investments are under the name of Chris Burch. Some of them include Grability, Chubbies Shorts, and Nihiwatu. The Nihiwatu investment he had has earned an award for being the best from Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Indeed, Chris Burch has proven himself the leader of the brand that can expand its reach towards the global landscape.

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Chris Burch Helps Bring Nihiwatu to Life

Chris Burch has made his mark with unique retail brands as either their founder or co-founder. These brands have an international reputation and a couple of examples are C. Wonder and Tory Burch. He’s also invested in some other retail names successfully and is now using his business experience to strike out in a new direction.

The hospitality industry is his current endeavor and his entrepreneurial skills are helping make this a success also. He has partnered with hotelier James McBride and together they developed a five-star resort on an Indonesian island called Sumba.

The location was formerly a hostel and they committed $30 million to bring forth world-class luxury accommodations for those seeking island getaways. The resort is called Nihiwatu and it opened in 2015 and was voted as the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure in 2016.  Check

Burch was inspired by the next generation and hopes to leave something amazingly beautiful to his children and he also hopes to help the local community with a greater financial opportunity. The island has extraordinary colors in water, sky, and vegetation which lend a spectacular air to the surroundings.

The resort contains some unique places such as a spa underneath a waterfall and despite the island’s remoteness, it offers employment opportunities for the island’s residents. Nihiwatu has become the island’s largest employer and it also infuses cash into the Sumba Foundation. The foundation helps fund projects that improve life on the island amongst those in the local community. A portion of the resort’s profits helps with these noble ambitions that make life better.

The resort contains 27 private villas and they each have their own plunge pool. There is a large indoor-outdoor entertaining area as well as two tree houses at the resort which are pretty incredible in their own right. The novelty of sleeping in a luxurious tree house is something quite rare indeed. The furnishings include traditional Sumbanese antiques with a distinctive island flair which makes the local culture that much more interesting.  Related article on

The wellness center is where yoga practitioners can go for daily sessions and private classes are offered as well. Every level of experience can be accommodated by talented instructors.

The beach is where surfers rule and it is considered a paradise with large waves to entice them to shoot the curl. A trip to nearby waterfalls can provide spectacular photo opportunities and a trip to a nearby lagoon is also available. The tropical island resort of Nihiwatu is truly high luxury with a gorgeous slice of nature surrounding it. Click on this for an additional article.

Chris Burch is a talented serial entrepreneur who’s been involved in fashion, technology, and real estate among other niches.   Hop over to for an overview of his divere investments.  His first endeavor in starting a business was Eagles Eye Apparel which was accomplished with his brother and was successful until they sold it for a substantial profit.

Burch Creative Capital is his organization and they are all about putting money to work in creative ways. Some of their notable successes include ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, and Poppin.  More to read on

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Vincent Parascandola Success as a Finance Professional

AXA Advisors is a trustworthy firm that is perceived for the outstanding money benefits that it gives. The organization has primarily had practical experience in worldwide protection and helping its clients in dealing with their ventures. It right now has workplaces in areas, for example, Middle East, Western Europe, Africa, and North America. The business has been performing great in the market for as long as eight years, and its development rate has been around 14 percent for each annum. It is additionally viewed as the main endeavor in the business. AXA Advisors has been giving money arrangements that encourage the accomplishment of organizations and people. It likewise guarantees that its customers turn out to be fiscally secure.

According to Rocket Reach, the considerable achievement of the firm in the business sectors has been encouraged by various mergers and acquisitions that it has made. AXA was established in 1895, and from that point forward, it has purchased endeavors, for example, Guardian Royal Exchange, Equitable, Winterthur Group, and in addition Sun Life and Provincial Holdings. It is likewise dedicated to financing different magnanimous endeavors. It began AXA Research Fund in 2008, and the association has offered its help to different ventures that decide and fathom issues that are unsafe to the earth and human life.

Vincent Parascandola is a proficient expert in the back world. He has been serving the part for more than two decades and has held different driving positions. Vincent Parascandola right now works at AXA Advisors’ fund unit as its senior official VP. He has majored in administrations, for example, upgrading the aptitudes of back callings, administration advancement, and enlistment methodologies. Parascandola is a graduate of the New York-based Pace University. He landed his initially position at Prudential and was later offered an opportunity to fill in as one of MONY Life Insurance’s specialists. The firm valued him for his astounding work, and he was elevated to go about as an official.

Parascandola was later designated to be the leader of the Advantage Group. The firm is a division of the AXA Equitable and has been centered around fund experts. Vincent served the organization for a brief span before moving to AXA Advisors. His profession achievements have empowered him to be respected by being offered honors, for example, the Master Agency Awards


Preparing for Life Line Screening Tests

Life Line Screening is a well-known healthcare company that is saving the lives of many patients in the world. The firm was established several years ago, and its greatest mission is to make everyone aware of their health problems before they get too serious. The institution also encourages the clients to seek medical attention with physicians so that they do not get serious complications later in life.

Life Line Screening has established itself as the best and top community-based provider of preventive health services in the United States. The private healthcare company has won the hearts of many people in the country because it only uses advanced ultrasound equipment to make its diagnosis. The equipment is similar to those in some of the best hospitals in the world. The professionals serving in the private company are highly trained and experienced. When a client visits the facility, these professionals will do their best to make sure that they give the best results. The professionals follow the highest medical standards too.

The company was introduced into the healthcare industry in the year 1993. Since then, it has successfully managed to screen more than eight million individuals. The company is only dedicated to giving the client the best medical attention. Unlike most private institutions, the screenings offered at Life Line Screening are affordable. This means that the middle-class investor can comfortably afford the services.

When going for any medical procedure, it is crucial for a patient to prepare themselves so that everything can run smoothly. The company only conducts ultrasound screening that are painless and non-invasive. This means that customers do not have to get worried when going to the facility. The blood screenings from the company will also need a very simple figure stick and several drops of blood.

The screenings in this health company will require minimal preparations. Some of them do not require any preparation at all. Individuals who are taking the blood sugar test, however, might be required to take fast for some hours so that they are given adequate results. Evert test is different from the other, meaning that the patient will have to talk to the physician before coming for the test.

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Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is one of the leading business people in Switzerland. Currently, he is the co founder of an innovative company called Swiss Startup Factory. His company has been known to provide valuable assistance to a number of new companies looking for guidance. In the first few years of his company’s existence, Swiss Startup Factory has emerged as one of the leading companies. Along with being an entrepreneur, Baur had a long and successful career as an investor where he would regularly invest in new companies. When he first started his career, he worked in the banking field where he helped entrepreneurs get the funding necessary to start and expand their companies.


Baur began his career in the banking sector where he worked for a number of banking firms. During this time in his career, Baur helped a number of new companies get started up. He frequently met with entrepreneurs and went over their financial needs. Since numerous business owners needed funds to start up their companies, Mike would accommodate them by assessing their potential profitability and granting them loans. As a result of his assistance, Mike would help many businesses get started up and expand. This experience also prompted Mike to get more involved with startup companies himself. After working in the banking sector for twenty years, he moved on to invest in startup companies.


The next thing that Mike participated in was investing in startup companies. For ten years, Mike would use his own funds to receive returns from new companies. This turned out to be a very profitable and lucrative venture for Mike. It also gave him more in depth knowledge of how new companies work and what they need in order to be successful. Investing in startups allowed Mike to prosper as well as enhance his knowledge of business. After investing in startups for a decade, he decided to move on to start up a company of his own.


A few years ago, Mike Baur started up his own company and named it Swiss Startup Factory. The company was established to help entrepreneurs better manage their business and make it as successful as possible. It helps businesses by providing coaching and mentoring on number of things such as finance, marketing, product development and management. In its first few years, it has emerged as a very unique and innovative company that has helped numerous businesses reach their full potential.