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The Successful Entrepreneur Chris Burch and his Journey to Resources

The owner of Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch is a firm business philosopher who often looks into coming up with new things and ideas to create new markets. In his work, he adds up imagination, creativity, support, incubation of new potential ideas and executing the plans that are fresh in the industry so that he can remain a giant in the industry.

He has contributed to the triumph of more than 59 companies since he has the core values and principles of running a business. He knows how customers behave and Chris is involved in wooing the clients into being patriotic. Innovation is his high point, and it makes him be a leader who is always ahead of the rivals.  Learn more about his impressive investments, hit this.

When he was young, he worked with his father in their construction company. They made a lot of money together, and Christopher Burch became interested in business. As a result, he started his firm, BCC that we had seen. He has a clear vision and wants to leave a good legacy in the fashion industry, hotels, real estates, hotels, and resorts.

It has not been easy for him as it seems. He has had struggles and kept trying many industries to see which was going to fit him. He has achieved a lot in his career of over 40 years with significant resorts and hotels. He has an excellent skill in branding, marketing, and investment and his recent investments are in the following companies, Poppin, Cocoon9, and ED. More about his business and entrepreneurial skills in this article on

The journey of his business mind began when he was still in school. He used to sell sweaters and dreamt of establishing an empire one day. A company they started with his brother sold shirts in college. Chris Burch owns Nihi Sumba Island Resort that contains 27 villas with natural beauty. It is located in Indonesia with different sceneries that are attractive to the eyes. It is perfect for the tourists who love the outdoors.

Christopher Burch also has properties in other places like island resorts in South East Asia, and he has luxury homes in Southampton, Nantucket, and Palm Beach. Related article on   In international businesses, he has teamed up with Alan Faena who is an hotelier, and they have come up with the Faena Hotel and Universe which is in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He is also involved in charity like for example he has been rehabilitating Nihi Sumba and giving humanitarian aid to the people there so that they can live decently and become modernized.  For an additional article about Nihi Sumba, check on

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The Visionary Plans Inside Omar Boraie’s Mind

Omar has been one of the few people to point out the potential that New Brunswick has over the years. Lately, he has invested at the heart of the Aspire. The city is expected to be the home of a residential storey building. The realization of this dream, which has been a dear plan to Omar, is quite fulfilling to him.


Leadership and Work


Omar, the ‘Boraie Development LLC’ leader, has fearlessly admitted that at the beginning his vision was scorned at by many folk. His desire to reconstruct New Brunswick, in the manner he witnessed in Europe has been a dear dream for him. As a scholar he says he travelled through Europe and got to see the terrible state of the place at the time. In the city, he narrates how it was impossible to walk at night along the streets without risking life and limb.


The Metamorphosis


Due to the visionary plan Omar Boraie had of changing the face of the city he lives in, he acquired old buildings and began to remodel and recoup these. Many questioned the rationale, but in retrospect are happy to eat humble pie. Omar first put up Tower One. Tower One was mainly office space, remodeled and completed by the 19990s. Tower Two came next, in 2003, and was close to the first tower.




He later put up a modern building that was meant to house condos. This became the tallest building citywide. The one hundred and twenty one condos therein are quite architecturally splendid. Offices and, garage space, barbecues and dog walking pavement are also included in the structure.


Gradual Change


When folks began to see the changes that Omar had brought to their town, they also started believing in him and his vision. Omar is very grateful to the many people he says supported his ‘wild ideas’. It is through their support that he managed to realize the vision he had for the city. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


Boraie Development


According to NJBiz, Boraie has a wide range of services that it offers in line with its real estate mandate. As a realtor, the company is dedicated to property management, sales and the development of real estate. While the company focuses on customer satisfaction through its many services, it is also keen on offering state of the art architectural designed buildings and residential property. Boraie works with reliable financial institutions, architects and contractors to ensure on time delivery as well as guaranteed customer satisfaction all the time.


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The Career Of Chris Burch Guides Entrepreneurs And Will Continue Well Into The Future

Chris Burch has ventured into many different businesses during his career. His success as an entrepreneur is due to his unique ability to make money, his passion, and his forceful drive. The establishment of Burch Creative Capital was a milestone in his life, and he remains the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is highly admired, on the list of billionaires through Forbes, and the man entrepreneurs follow. He has struggled for success, and his career has endured for forty years as an entrepreneur, hotelier, and philanthropist. Additional reading on

Chris Burch has strategized his career by constantly moving, creating new ventures, and dedicating himself to every project. His career often involves investments, and this has made him an expert in numerous fields, and resulted in over 50 successful companies.  Click on for a glimpse of his impressive investment portfolio.

This has created a man who is decisive, discerning, and understanding. His luxurious resort in South East Asia is named Nihi Sumba, and reflects his achievements.  Check this on   This success was not instantaneous, but a long journey that originated at Ithaca College.

Chris Burch has additionally built homes encased in luxury in many locations. The Universe in Buenos Aires, and the Faena Hotel are excellent examples of the ingenuity, and quality of his work. When he became interested in miniature homes, Cocoon9 was born. The homes are small, of the highest quality, require a building period of four months, and are easily transported, and installed. Since Chris Burch does not do anything in half measures, the houses were built for durability, energy efficiency, and to be affordable.

The path carved by Chris Burch is a beacon followed by entrepreneurs to their own success stories. He is respected for his accomplishments, giving back to his community, and his generous heart. His humanitarianism has helped the support of the people of Sumba, and provided aid desperately needed. A lot of his time is spent as a volunteer working all around the world with charities. He has provided aid for the NYU Langone in New York, The Child Welfare League of China, funded activities for medical training, and served numerous charity organizations. Despite his many successes, Chris Burch continues to venture into new, and exciting projects, tend to the growth of his visions, and surge forward. Read additional article here.

The career of Chris Burch covers many industries. He has been instrumental in the hospitality field, is a firm believer in the benefits of technology, has entered the world of apparel, is an expert regarding consumer products, and is remarkable concerning financial services. He believes branding has power, has a sharp sense in marketing, and has established a name destined to live on well into the future.  Read more of his insights and viewpoint in this article on

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Bring Hope To Those in Arizona as well as in other areas

Village Voice Media started out as one editor and one publisher. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were responsible for the informafion gathered and what needed to be done to help imigrants and migrants in the United States.

The newspaper in Phoenix was slated as being the alternative weekly paper. They were the only paper that was not afraid to step on toes in order to be heard. When many other papers decided to not publish certain stories, this paper did.

Village Voice Media has been in the news for a number of reasons however the one reason that they are most known for is the 2007 arrest of the founding partners.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had been arrested for leaking grand jury facts and for violating the secrecy laws surrounding grand jury’s. The arresting sheriff, Joe Arpaio roused the men from their beds in the middle of the night and tossing them in police cars and booking them.

The charges that were being brought against Jim and Michael were eventually dropped by the county attorney and the pair sought out financial gains from their wrongful arrest. It was this money that was used to help out immigrants and migrants in the United States.

The money that Jim and Michael received from the settlement was 3.75 million dollars. They established the Frontera Fund to help out those who are Hispanic in Phoenix to get the help they need to be in the United States legally. They also allowed for others to be helped by advocating for civil rights and for enforcing free speech.

A specific organization that the Frontera Fund works closely with is Border Angels. This non-profit organization is based in San Diego and was founded by Enrique Morones in the late 80’s. The main focus of this group is to help migrants get the rights they deserve and to focus on immigration reform. They also are helping to cut down the number of deaths that the border sees each year by helping those find a safer way of entering the country. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

The goal of Border Angels is to engage the community to have the education it needs as well as the awareness through programs which involve taking guided tours into the desert to set water out for the migrants crossing the border to have access to clean drinking water while crossing the border.

They also help others to learn about the border policy surrounding the United States and Mexican border regarding policies and experiences of migrants and immigrants.

In San Diego, the outreach programs through Border Angels helps those in the area to have access to day labor and to receive free legal assistance through programs held in their offices each Tuesday of the month.

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Grow Your Collection And Donate For Hurricane Relief

Letting Your Collection Grow

Letting your collection of precious metals grow is a great deal of fun.

It’s partly the reason that bullion metals haven’t lost their value on the markets. Today, your purchase can used to aide in hurricane relief.

Precious metals are traded daily and retain value that extends well beyond their ability to “wow people.” The fact is, precious metals have the power to make people go bonkers.

There are products so beautiful that only our most valuable metals are used. So understand the difference between normal metals and those we categorize as “precious.” The latter is often an outcome of rarity, beauty and usefulness.

When metals have all three attributes, they, like the ever popular gold metal, will be labeled as collectables and then adored by humanity.

Bullions, Coins and Precious Bars

Interestingly, metals aren’t enough to lure in the most cautious of collectors.

What makes collectors grow a passion for metals can often be with coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

But coins are not all that we preserve precious metals in. Precious metals can be bought as simple weight metal ore that has no shape to it. Or, it can be purchased as a bar and in various sizes.

Bars of gold and coins of precious metals have tremendous value.

Beyond the actual weighted value of a precious metal, coins and bars retain value from mint. The historical value comes from coins and those whose minted years had a short sequence or whose make were produced in low numbers the day they were released.

It’s these factors that increase value.

Contacting The U.S. Money Reserve

There’s something we haven’t covered yet.

This is every trader’s need to focus on safety.

Collecting precious metals and in the form of coins or bars can be done profitably but only if you do it safely. Buying and selling precious metals safely calls for a relationship with a qualified supplier.

Realize that you’ll receive your bullion through postal mail in most cases

So the reputable brands in the market have guarantees and buy-backs which you can rely on. Take a chance at truly building a great bullion collection. Do it safely, with the vision of profit and with the U.S. Money Reserve.

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Robert Ivy – A Leader And Innovator In The Field Of Architecture

Robert Ivy is an American Architect and CEO. He attended Tulane University where he obtained a Masters of Architecture degree. Along with this, Robert also attended Sewanee: the University of the South where graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

In the beginning of his career, Robert was a critic for several national publications along with a Principal for Dean/Dale. In 1996, he joined a publication known as Architectural Record. Robert became the Editor in Cheif of this publication and helped it grow immensely popular. He had eventually become the Vice President and Editorial Director of Mcgraw-Hill Construction Media. In 2011, Robert joined the American Institute of Architect and became the Vice President and Cheif Executive Officer. During his time here, Robert has had the ability to transform the institute into an influential and successful organization.

In 2001, Robert Ivy published a biography about the late architect known as Fay Jones. He titled the biography as “Fay Jones: Architect.” In the biography, Robert details the work of Fay Jones who was an apprentice of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This publication had brought great success to Robert Ivy due to its critical reception. The Art Library Society had named the biography as the highest standards of scholarship design and production.

Robert Ivy’s success in the field of architecture has earned him a number of awards. Due to his leadership, Architectural Records had been honored several times. These honors include the premier magazine journalism award along with an award for general excellence from the American Society of Magazine Editors. Besides these two achievements, Architectural Records has also earned awards from several other publications. Robert has individually received the Crain Award in 2009. This is the highest recognition of an individual form the American Business Media group.

One of the biggest achievements during Robert Ivy’s career is receiving recognition from the Alpha Rho Chi, the national fraternity of architecture. In 2010, Robert was named master architect. The recognition received was due to his ability of strongly communicating the value of design. He is one of the very few selected to receive this achievement and the only one to receive it during this century. These achievements display the professionalism and hard work portrayed by Robert Ivy.

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Chris Burch: A Man Of Innovation

Christopher Burch has had a successful career spanning over 40 years.

He is the current CEO of the company Burch Creative Capital and has had a hand in over 50 companies in various industries, including technology, apparel, financial services, hospitality, and more. He is a master entrepreneur with high-level investment skills that he brings to every project he has worked on. He has done business with Ellen DeGeneres and co-founded Tory Burch, a luxury fashion label. Chris has both built luxury homes across the United States and high-profile hotels across the globe. He also has launched Cocoon9, a company responsible for building miniature homes.

One of his most successful endeavors is the luxury resort, Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu is located on Sumba Island in Indonesia and contains 27 villas which are constructed out of teak wood and natural stone. This elegant resort is surrounded by the beach and jungle. Some of the activities include relaxing in the lounge, taking a boat ride, going on a safari ride, or taking a hike toward a waterfall. During construction, one of Chris Burch’s goals was to leave the natural surroundings as undisturbed as possible. He started the Nihiwatu project with James McBride, another hotelier.

Chris Burch was born in March of 1953.

He was an undergraduate student at Ithaca College from 1972 to 1976. According to, his career started while he was still in school when he started Eagle’s Eye apparel with his brother. The pair sold the company after it grew to $165 million. He also invested in

Internet Capital Group very early on. He has invested in real estate ventures worldwide and is known for his ability to recognize success.  For his latest cool offering to the market, hit this.

Christopher is also known as a generous philanthropist.

He works with The Sumba Foundation and has supported numerous charitable organizations primarily in the United States and in Asia.  Check for an update on his recent timeline activities.

Chris is also a financial supporter of medical training programs in New York.  For more reading about him, hop over to

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