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Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen

The health and fitness industry has a huge opportunity in the years ahead. Many people today want to improve their overall health and wellness. One of the best ways to do that is through eating healthier food.

Fast food has traditionally served customers who just want food fast and cheap. However, there are some companies that are investing in providing healthy food to customers in a variety of ways. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Nathaniel Ru is a business owner who has had a lot of success with Sweetgreen. This is a company that is growing rapidly. Not only does the company provide great food, but the customer service is among the best in the industry as well.

Starting Out

Nathaniel Ru has led a life with a lot of great experiences. He started off in college getting a business degree. He thought that he wanted to work for a major company. However, he also had a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and helping other people reach their dreams with their fitness.

He decided to combine both passions in his life. When he started Sweetgreen, there were many people who thought he was crazy. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase

The health food industry was still small at that point. He strongly believed in his idea, and he was able to get the capital needed to get started. Although it was tough to be profitable in the beginning, Nathaniel Ru did a great job of adding value to customers and growing the business.


With the success of his company, Nathaniel Ru is looking for additional places to build fast food locations. His customer base is around the country.

He wants to grow as quickly as possible, but he also wants to maintain the quality that is in his food. With some of the changes that he is making to the business, he is hoping to serve more customers than ever before.

Nathaniel Ru spends several hours a week giving back to the community. He strongly believes that business owners should help people who live in the local community as much as possible. This is another reason that so many customers love working with Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund and its Quest for Social Justice

Human, immigrants and civil rights activism has proved to be the most effective way of promoting justice in the society. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Several activism organizations have been and are being established to advocate for these rights through public policy initiatives, enforcement, membership services, education, and outreach. Other organizations are advancing justice through journalism, advocacy and research.

Human rights movements like the Political Research Associates emancipate the public on the likely human rights threats posed by authoritative and oppressive agencies.

Others like the American Association for Affirmative Action are advocating for people’s rights through human resource programs. Regardless of how they operate, it is the role of these groups to push for economic opportunities for oppressed people.

Activism groups should also work to advance the health, educational attainment, political influence and economic conditions of migrants. They should use litigation and advocacy to achieve justice for these individuals. Their focus need to be on voter protection, criminal justice and economic justice.

The Latino community forms a large percentage of the population of the US. Institutions such as the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund work to protect Latinos’ civil rights. They achieve this goal by fostering sound programs, laws and policies.

Advocacy groups like Appleseed offer free legal representation to individuals whose migrants, civil or human rights have been obstructed. These institutions use pro bono assistance to develop sound, effective and long-term solutions to diverse injustices.

These injustices can be in immigration, child welfare, health care and public education. Other institutions use legal action and scholarships to come up with practical solutions to these injustices. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Research and consulting companies like Fisher, Sheehan & Colton are providing technical support to advocacy groups. This technical support is key in enabling advocacy groups to fight social injustices effectively. Furthermore, funding can also help them expand their services nationwide and reach oppressed individuals in remote areas.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was set up using compensation money ($3.75 million) that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey got after their unlawful arrest.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund strives to help advocacy groups in fighting social injustices. The fund targets organizations that represent the interests of Arizona residents.

The two journalists, who also came up with Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, won a case in court regarding their unlawful arrest. During the night of their arrest, they were roughed up by the county sheriff, Joe Arpaio, for allegedly posting court proceedings that covered the Sherrif.


The revival of AmEx card by Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch was born on March 23rd in 1953. He was raised in Wayne Pennsylvanian. His family was middle class. His father John Burch a roman catholic was among the ten middle classes children of the Baltimore family. He owned a distributor of mining supplies and equipment.

Mr. Burch entrepreneur breakthrough came about in 1976 while he was still an undergraduate at Ithaca College. Burch and his brother invested $2000 to start up Eagle’s Eye apparel. They bought sweaters at $10 and then sold them for $15. With the increase in sales Burch decided to increase the output by producing a new brand of sweaters known an ‘preppy.’ They distributed the sweaters door to door on campus. This operation soon expanded to other campuses and eventually led to the opening of stores. Ten years later their sales increased to $140 million. More to read on

This lead to the opening of additional 50 stores. Later, the company was partially sold to Swire in 1989 for around $60 million. Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch creative capital, and he is also the founder of a luxury fashion brand.  Learn more about the diversity of his investment, visit the website, click on

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Mr. Burch has been using the American co. AXP card 0.21% cards since the year 1979, but this year, saw him switch all his spending to J.P. Morgan and CO.’s Sapphire Reserve Card. For the AmEx incoming chairman Mr. Stephen Squeri, regaining customers like Mr. Burch is a huge challenge. The company has put up $1 billion that mainly focuses on the pre-paid card.

AmEx issues cards to businesses and consumers, this are cards that have either been paid for or those that should be paid on a monthly basis. Apart from running its own network it makes loans for people and companies. It’s expected that the company will do significant reviews for the company. This will be achieved by regaining the cachet of AmEx brands. This is especially for established customers who have been wooed by other companies providing better banking services.

Read about his shared views on business related matters, check this useful link.

The company is also investing in Costco cards for the big lenders. The companies lending push has seen increased earnings recently. The company relies more on lending and this remains to be the full effect. This will also increase their purchase level.

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American Express Co. Hanging by the Fingernails

Since 1979, Christopher Burch has remained to be a user of American Express Co, and recently, he swapped most of his spending to Sapphire Reserve card and for American Express Co., this is a huge loss. The incoming AmEx head Stephen Squeri inherits the card company’s stresses in developing momentum after 2014 Forbes-edition wealthiest American switched from using the company’s card.

Furthermore, it’s not only Mr. Burch’s exit, but AmEx is also groped with increasing opposition from financial institutions and smaller fintech firms whom their value overshadowed AmEx’s recently.

Moreover, investors are not sure, on where AmEx’s revenue progress will come from, or how it will resolve the disruption of traditional payment channels by the newer, contemporary, mobile approaches.

As competitive pressures mount, AmEx lost its market share to banks and other card networks like Visa Inc. this slip can also be attributed to the loss of several AmEx co-branded cards like JetBlue Airways Corp and Costco Wholesale Corp. since 2015.

Mr. Squeri will have to regain the power of the AmEx make, together for the established customers like Mr. Burch, wooed by financial institutions through better perks and services and millennials who have a different view from their parents on the use of card banking.

AmEx issues both consumers and business with credit cards. It also runs its card network on its card network and provides loans.

Mr. Burch’s Exit

Mr. Burch held significant businesses in the hospitality and technology industry and also had retail investments, all of which were profitable to AmEx. His move to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s Sapphire was attributed to AmEx concierge services unable to work in his favor.

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse business background spanning 40 years in several industries, including hospitality, technology, fashion and real estate. Mr. Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital which has led to the growth of various luxury brands and technology like Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Nihiwatu, Voss Water, Poppin, and Jawbone.

Read his views on business related matters, check on this.

According to, Mr. Burch started his career in 1976 while still at Ithaca College. He invested a sound $2,000 and launched Eagles Eye apparel with his brother, which grew to a hundred and sixty-five million dollars before selling it to Swire Group. He was the pioneer investors in the Internet Capital Group and heavily relied on his innate ability to discover a link between implementation and innovation as well as his inbuilt knowledge of understanding of customer behavior.  To learn more of his creative vision and output, visit this website on

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Whitney Wolfe Shows Off Skills in Dating App and Friendship Building App Technology

There are a wide range of social media apps for people to engage in. There is no shortage of communication when it comes to smart devices. People have access to apps like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, MeetMe, Matt, eHarmony and Linkedin.

Whitney Wolfe has noticed all of these innovations in social media, and she has thrown her hat in the ring with Bumble. This is a company that started as a dating app, but now Whitney Wolfe is getting into other areas by expanding the app to include Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF.

This is a very interesting take on social media because Whitney Wolfe was really adamant about changing the course of dating apps. She wanted to give women a voice, and her desire to do this lead to creating what she called a feminist dating app. This is what she has reference Bumble as when it comes to dating, but she did not want to alienate men from her company.

Whitney Wolfe is still carrying on the feminist movement with her developments in app technology, but she is becoming much more well-rounded when it comes to the type of app environment that she wants to display through Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe has a strong knack for social media technology, and her mind frame is set on creating the app that will usher in a totally new movement in social media. With Bumble she is doing this with a great amount of success.

For Whitney Wolfe the dating app community is filled with a lot of potential. Millions of matches have been made through Bumble, but Whitney Wolfe knew that there was more that she was leaving on the table if she did not expand her company.

Whitney Wolfe believed that she was missing out on a whole crowd of social media users that were interested in networking through app technology. She was strong in her commitment to changing the dating app world, but Wolfe also wanted to see some changes in the networking world for women as well. This is why she was determined to create Bumble Bizz in order to provide women with a better network for business opportunities.

Men and women have the ability to take advantage of the great app technology that Whitney Wolfe has created. She has made her mark with Bumble, and people are starting to notice how her technology is changing social media platforms.

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Personalized Merchandising with Sentient AI Technologies

Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it has come to be known, is part of a growing trend in computer technology which takes advantage of quantum computing and heuristic (brain-based) algorithms to bring computers who think like us to help us in a more personalized way.

Personalized Merchandising is Cheaper for Both Buyers and Sellers

AI technology can use personalized merchandising to actually shop for and buy the best products with the highest five star ratings from other users in a way that reduces costs by at least 40%. In addition to this, AI technology can be used by sellers to achieve the same success with wholesale prices from the merchandise they choose to retail to sell online. This brings a whole new way of considering technology as a way to reduce corruption and political gain in business. AI can be used to only show reputable sites and wholesale options, which reduces the power of illegitimate enterprise.

Personalized AI Can Reduce Time Spent Shopping and Returning Purchases

One of the reasons why old-school shoppers prefer to buy in-store is that they can at least try on their purchases and know right away that they have what they want, rather than what they “think might possibly fit them.” With the resourcing that artificial intelligence provides, you can buy online, change in your home, get real feedback from friends and family, and simply box up and ship back anything you don’t want. It’s old-school shopping in the modern age, for both men and women.

As a Seller, You Can Use AI to Re-target Your Online Shoppers

While there is advertising re-targeting software available for high prices online today, AI technology brings personalized merchandising to a whole new level, reminding your would-be customers that they can still pick up their saved carts and that they can continue shopping with you! This is especially important because up to 80% of a online business’ retail sales comes from customers returning to their abandoned carts. So, therefore, it’s pretty important to use AI technology to get your business back on the map!

The more “sentient” artificial intelligence becomes, the more customized it can be and the more you will be able to profit from it, as both a buyer and a seller. This is not to even mention the ethical profit from AI technology, where personalized merchandising can reduce even inadvertent purchasing of cruelty-trade products. Read more about Sentient at


The Transfer Of $18 Billion To Philanthropy By George Soros Is A Significant Act Of Nobility

The champion of democracy and human rights, George Soros, has pulled a first in the field of philanthropy. The billionaire and hedge fund manager, has given up a massive chunk of his wealth to the Open Society Foundations. The Financial Times reported that the new transfer of wealth brought his cumulative spending on philanthropy at a massive $32 billion. Mr. Soros steers OSF in the capacity of chairman together with his sons Alexander and Jonathan who are members of the global board of the organization.

George Soros became famous in the year 1992 when his single wager of $10 billion against the British currency. Lucky enough this earned him gross profits more than $1 billion in just 24 hours, and over time it got him $2 billion. This gamble won him the title of “the man who broke the Bank of England” Besides that, it also accorded him a lot of fame in Wall Street. It is from that time that George became a media personality both for his business and his philanthropic ways.

Before his breakthrough in the corporate world, George was already aware that he was destined for greatness. As a teenager, he had to leave his hometown in Hungary. He was fleeing the then Nazi Occupation. George settled in England where he, later on, joined the London School of Economics. Upon graduation, he joined an investment bank where he worked before relocating to the United States in a bid to better him. Soros worked with renowned investment companies the likes of F.M Mayer and Wertheim & Company. This was before he became a business personality in Wall Street. While working in the Investment companies, he learned a lot that later on proved to be useful for pushing forward the Soros Management Fund.

As a wealthy person, George Soros has always worked hard to make sure that he positively impacts the society around him and in the world. He is known for sponsoring programs whose main aim is to promote unity and development among communities globally. A good example is how the Open Societies Foundation played a prominent role in advocating for peace in Macedonia after its secession from Yugoslavia. It is such initiatives that have become a more significant part of what the Open Societies Foundation is involved in. Read more about George at The New York Times.

Despite the fact that George has received harsh critics over his involvement in politics, he has not flinched but forged ahead with his intention of doing good for the world. He aims to see to it that the world becomes a better place for all. He has always propagated for leadership that is transparent, just and accountable to its people.


George believes that among many reasons, people need to pay keen attention to world politics because the US would also feel the pinch if any other country in the world is faced with a desperate economic situation. It is on that note that he decided to stop his active participation in the activities of his firm so that he could focus on charities and mentorship. Read more about at


Kate Hudson on Why She Started Fabletics

Different fashion business owners have their reasons for getting involved with the fashion industry. Movie star and style icon Kate Hudson has her reason for starting Fabletics. Her story is an inspiring story for people who may have been interested in fashion, but have found themselves intimidated by how complicated it seems to them. Kate Hudson recalls that she would talk about fashion and then realize that she is so passionate about it. This was one sign that she would do well in the fashion industry. Another sign was in one of the observations she has made about the industry including the costs.


One thing that Kate Hudson has said is that it can be very hard for people to find high quality affordable fashion, especially in the active wear division. Among the things she has talked about is $250 yoga pants. Even if this is something she might have said in jest, it is not a rare thing to find a piece of clothing that costs more than $200. Also, Kate Hudson understands the frustration of not being able to buy the type of clothes one desires and having to settle for something that she does not even like just to keep herself covered. This is where she started coming up with ideas for her own fashion line.


Another thing that has influenced her decision on fashion is in noticing the types of clothes that are being offered in the active wear section. She has noticed that the section is limited even more so than other categories of clothing. Therefore, she has decided that this is where she is going to focus. With Fabletics, she has brought about a ton of diversity in the types of clothes that she is offering. She has looked to the concept of athleisure in order to help her with the decision on the types of clothes she is going to offer customers.


The success of Fabletics is the result of careful planning and expert marketing. Kate Hudson herself has not let the establishment of the brand be the end of her efforts. She has understood that the work in the fashion industry is only beginning. While she has seen success in her company, she has also looked at other aspects of the industry in order to see what she can do to expand her effectiveness. Among the things she has done was make clothes for plus sized women and spread awareness of breast cancer.


Osteo Relief Institute Offer Treatments For Osteoarthritis

Although arthritis is very common, it is as understood as many may think. Arthritis refers to joint pain. It can be very severe. There is actually more than 100 types of arthritis, and it affects more than 50 million people in the U.S. According to statistics, more women suffer from arthritis than men, and it is also the leading cause of disability.

Osteoarthritis, or degenerative bone disease, is the most common type. It degenerates cartilage and soft tissue. The disease can be debilitating. Osteoarthritis happens when cartilage diminishes and the bone rubs against bone causing great pain. “Over the years, the pain can be chronic,” said Dr. Matthew Cirullo. “There is no cure, but there are a number of medications that can alleviate the pain.


There are a number of factors that can increase the risk of osteoarthritis such as obesity, family history and age. There are a number of things that can slow the condition such as exercise and losing weight. Light stretching before bed can help loosen up the joints. Also, light aerobics that doesn’t put a lot of pressure on joints can help. Learn more about Osteo Relief Institute at Better Business Bureau.

The Osteorelife Institute has a number of treatments to alleviate the pain of arthritis. Osteoarthritis can affect the knees, lower joints, spine, arms and legs. It can cause locking knees and even swelling and grinding in the knees. Scientists are working diligently to create FDA approved methods.

The Osteorelief Institute offers cutting edge techniques that is charted to measure the progress. Some techniques include:

  • Advanced bio-medical techniques
  • Low dose motion x-ray
  • Joint lubrication injections
  • Spine and knee strenghthening
  • Other non-surgical options

All treatments are specific to the client’s needs. Individuals wanting to enroll are free to find more information at the company’s website. Watch this video on


End Citizen United Endorses Krysten Sinema

End Citizen United is a PAC that is focusing on introducing important reforms in the United States. The organization was founded just recently, and it was already making considerable changes in the campaign finance system.

Since it was established, End Citizen United has taken its time to understand American politics, and it has been successful in most of its operations. Last year, the institution played an essential role in the presidential election. Although their presidential candidate did not win the election, the PAC is still determined to make sure that it drives its point home. According to the top leadership of the political action committee, the fans of the organization have been giving a lot of money so that they can ensure that their candidates win in the election campaigns. The institution supports democratic candidates in the elections because of the policies they support.

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A few months after it was introduced into the market to introduce change, the organization shocked many because of the popularity it had acquired. When the founders announced that they would be raising money to support several candidates, people from the six states of America came out and gave more than two million dollars so that they could ensure that the candidates won in the challenging elections. The main aim of the institution is to end the black money that has been given to political campaigns so that they can acquire prominent positions in the country. According to End Citizens United, the black money should never find its way in the American politics. The institution faced a major setback in November last year when the presidential candidate they were supporting lost to Donald Trump. However, this has not affected the institution; they are still looking forward to making changes by electing the right people to the Senate. The Senate will be electing its representatives next year. Political parties are campaigning for their candidates of choice in the challenging races.

Krysten Sinema, one of the most popular congresswomen in the country has announced that she will be in the race. Fortunately, End Citizen United has accepted to endorse Krysten Sinema for the Arizona senatorial race. According to the political action committee, Krysten Sinema is the best candidate for the highly contested race because of various reasons. First of all, when working as a congresswoman, the successful Krysten Sinema proved to the country that she is very honest. Her transparency and accountability when handling all her responsibility have played a fundamental role in her endorsement. Tiffany Muller says that Krysten Sinema is the most suitable person for the senate because she knows the needs of the people. Furthermore, she belongs to the Democratic party, and she has all the qualities of a leader.

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