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Eli Gershkovitch and the Independence of Canadian Craft Beers.

Beer. The oldest and most popular beverage. Originally manufactured on a domestic or local scale, beers used to be as unique as the region it was brewed in. It took the industrial revolution to turn beer into a large scale industry, providing great economies of scale, but limited the varieties and made beer somewhat boring.

Fortunately, within the last 30 years, there has been a resurgence in the artisan craft of beer making. Launching a craft beer phenomenon through Belgium, Germany, England, the US and Canada and making beer fun again.


Canada? Yes, you read that right, Canada is becoming a leader in the craft beer world, taking 24 awards at the 2017 US Open Beer Challenge and putting Canada directly on the craft beer map. With the unique new flavors of brewers such as The Exchange Brewery from Ontario, Steamworks Brewery from British Columbia and Belgh Brasse from Quebec, and insistence upon individuality stamped within their brews, Canada will continue to provide a strong showing for many years to come.


Steamworks CEO Eli Gershkovich is a great example of the independence and individuality found among best of the Canadian craft brewers.


Eli Gershkovich, falling in love with craft beer during a trip to Belgium in 1987, and after finding a location in the Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver, began brewing small batches of his beer in 1995. Taking advantage of the available boiler system of his Gastown location, Steamworks became the only steam-powered brewery in Canada, giving Eli Gershkovich’s beer a unique taste that can only be found in steam-powered brews (


Focusing on the local market and responding to his customer’s tastes has allowed Eli Gershkovich to expand his brewpub, keeping the growing organic and in line with his goals until the opening of the Steamworks Brewery in 2013, which allowed him to expand his unique beers across Canada, into the US and Europe (LinkedIn).


Maintaining independence is what will keep the Canadian craft beer market strong and Eli Gershkovich of Steamworks sees no reason to give up independence in his company, rather he will continue the steady growth that has allowed him to gain such a presence in the craft beer market.

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Glen Wakeman Helps Talented Entrepreneurs To Find Real Success

Glen Wakeman is a businessman and entrepreneur who has expertise in the areas of capital markets, leadership development, strategy for the business, business transformation, and growing a business. He has lived all over the world while working for GE Capital for 20 years, and he has changed the course of many different businesses for the better during that time (Facebook). As the CEO and creator of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC., he helps entrepreneurs who are just trying to get off of the ground to focus on the right things they need to be a successful startup. Whether it is through his writing, in-person mentoring, or through example, Mr. Wakeman has helped executives and beginners to business, alike (


Glen Wakeman came up with the idea for LaunchPad Holdings when he realized he could help talented young entrepreneurs to achieve their business vision. He couldn’t understand why so many startups failed, even those with great ideas, and he wanted to offer people with great ideas the structure and software platform that would help them get their business off of the ground. The way that he brainstormed the idea for his company, as well as many of his other ideas, started off with him making himself talk about the idea of another person. He says that doing this forces him to put together the solid steps that are needed to actually get an idea done. It also shines the light on the weaknesses of an idea, and he has found that while some ideas seem great before they are executed, once you talk them out, you might find out they are not so great.


To help Glen Wakeman in this area and other areas of business that he looks to grow he employs the use of other entrepreneurs. He has commented that groups of entrepreneurs or associations are a great source of ideas, funding, and other connections. He finds some of these groups through the contacts he already has, and he discovers others on forums and other groups for entrepreneurs. While other entrepreneurs spend all of their time hoarding their secrets and not opening up, Glen Wakeman is building bridges, new connections, and helping others to grow their enterprises in today’s competitive world.



Dr. Mark Holterman’s Focus on The Provision of Healthcare Services to Children Around the World

Dr. Mark Holterman is the current chief executive officer at Mariam Global Health. Holterman’s professional career is highlighted with excellence in service delivery and a passion for providing healthcare services to the patients and clients he gets to interact with.


Over the years Holterman has been a medical practitioner, one thing that has earned him both the respect and admiration from his peers is the commitment he has put in his career. Unlike other 21st century professionals, Mark Holterman engages in more than one discipline in that; he is both a lecturer and a medical practitioner.


Holterman is renowned within the healthcare sector due to the services he provides. One specific field Dr. Mark Holterman has excelled in is in performing medical surgeries and developing patient-centered therapies. As mentioned earlier, Holterman is a university lecturer who currently lectures at the University of Illinois.


For more than half a decade, Mark Holterman has made it his duty to impart knowledge to prospective medical practitioners who study at the University of Illinois located in Chicago. Other than medical students Mark Holterman also lectures surgical student. It is evident that Holterman leads a very engaging and busy professional life, but this has not stopped him from supporting various charity causes around the world.


Most of the charity foundations Dr. Mark Holterman supports are the ones that focus on the delivery of healthcare services to children across the world; this is the reason most people refer to him as the children’s hero. One perfect example of children centered charity institutions Holterman supports is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam.


Though out Dr. Mark Holterman’s career, he has been an active supporter of children based healthcare initiatives around the world. Holterman has been supporting IPSAC-VN. The primary objective of this charity institution is to provide quality medical services for children living with various medical conditions across Vietnam (WeeklyOpinion).


IPSAC-VN has been successfully carrying out its mandate through the partnerships and alliances it has created with like-minded individuals and institutions. Dr. Mark Holterman has been sensitizing industry professionals on the need to provide financial assistance to these children centered charity institutions.

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Perry Mandera Knows how to Succeed

As a citizen and businessman, Perry Mandera displays leadership qualities and a superior level of service in his life and business dealings. His history and record if performing in this way spans over quite a bit of time, and the details of these events come together to make him better than the average man (Chicago.Curbed). Unlike so many CEOs and other captains of Industries whose resumes and records of service have several different names on them, Perry Mandera casts a different shadow. This is most likely due to his level of commitment and personal discipline that doesn’t allow him to just walk away from people and the promises that he has made to them.


This first commitment to himself and others is when he graduates from high school and Chicago Illinois where after he joins the United States Marine Corps. While in service to the Marines his job is in the motor pool and transportation. With his service behind him, Perry Madera returns to civilian life successfully with an honorable discharge to make his legacy in the world. In the beginning, this legacy starts as many do with quality work for a few different employers just to learn the ropes of the business and get a taste for it. Not surprisingly, in Mandera’s case, this leads to his starting up his own business and running it successfully for half a decade.


Moving on to bigger and better things, he is elected to a most prestigious position indeed. This is that of Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago. For the record, he holds the honor of being the youngest person elected to that office, at the time. So it’s not surprising that he would be the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. What is surprising is the amount of business this little organization does. And, it amounts to about 200 million dollars in sales a year ( But, Perry Mandera just thinks of it as being a full-service transportation provider. The people of his community know him as a charitable man who not only succeeds in business but does what he can for veterans and those in need within the Chicago area.

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Stream Energy Employees are Given Assistance in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey devastated the greater Houston area in August of 2017. This dangerous storm managed to destroy billions of dollars in property and it caused thousands of people to become homeless. Many people lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. This also includes the employees and customers of Stream Energy.


Stream Energy is a private energy company that uses a multi-marketing format to sell its energy services and products. The company was started in Dallas back in 2005 and it has well over 300,000 customers. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey there were 127,000 customers who had late fees for their services. Stream Energy waived those late fees so that these customers could focus on recovering their lives.


This is the type of service that Stream Energy provides for their clients. It is also the same type of service that they make available for their employees (GlassDoor). The organization started a crowdfunding campaign to help these associates with the recovery effort. Stream Care which is the philanthropic branch of the company has even matched funding donations given by outside sources to help their employees.


The Employees that work at Stream Energy understands that their company does a lot for them when they are in need. This kind of company loyalty is great and it makes employees want to remain with this organization. The people at Stream understands that employees are family and taking care of them is a priority.


The company also worked hard to ensure that people displaced by the storm had the resources they need to survive. They made a $25,000 contribution to the American Red Cross which this organization used to provide various resources and assistance to people in need. Philanthropy is an important part of Stream Energy’s business responsibility. They want to ensure that people get the assistance they need to get through life.

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Jorge Moll Studies the Brain and Emotions

Jorge Moll has many diverse talents. He is a researcher, neuroscientist, and businessman. He is CEO of one of the most well know hospital groups in Brazil. It is called The Institute of Research and Education. His work with technology has made the healthcare system in Brazil more streamlined and efficient.


He pushed to have Sutter’s Health Google glass used in the hospital system. This tool helps the doctors to communicate with their patients more easily and saves time too. His work in technology has made their healthcare system more productive and patient-friendly. His studies on altruism and emotions have been published in well-known magazines.


Jorge Moll lectures about the healthcare system in Brazil as part of his work. A recent study he conducted was about why sports fans are so passionate about their teams. Belonging to a group is a basic instinct of human nature. His study was published in Nature’s Scientific Reports.


This study revealed the altruistic nature of soccer fans through an MRI study. Dr. Jorge says that a unique aspect of human nature is the attachment individuals have to groups. He believes the neural study was very important to understand this concept. It was conducted by the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (


The study used 27 Brazilian soccer fans. Each group had to decide about donations and during this process, the MRI study captured how human brains functioned while making these decisions (LinkedIn). The overall purpose of the study was to investigate the neural mechanisms in the brain that caused altruistic behavior.


Learning about these neural mechanisms lead to developing brain techniques that can address antisocial behaviors, aggressive behavior, and psychiatric symptoms. Jorge Moll says that many more years of using neurofeedback in studies will be needed to give studies credible results.


These studies Jorge Moll concluded could lead to training men and women to learn to have empathy, compassion, and altruistic feelings for others.



Organo Gold’s Impactful Mission For A Healthier World Through Organic Products

Organo Gold marketing company was founded by the CEO business and marketing executive Bernardo Chua and Co-Founder Shane Morand, in the year 2008. Ganoderma coffee and tea organic products are sold at Organo Gold, and you can find them online. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold. Organo Gold sells many different beverages and gives to their philanthropy which is non-profit organization OG Cares Foundation which gives guidance to young men and women to find their place in this world today. The company’s mission is to present global operations, and improve the lives of growing children through the OG Cares Foundation. Organo Gold supports a healthy life style, using the Ganoderma as it’s main ingredient in Gourmet Black Coffee and several other products such as OG Smile Toothpaste and G3 Premium Beauty Soap. These products are organically designed to help you live a better life.


OG Cares shares many success stories to show how much they care on their website. They also hold many public events to help support and raise awareness about OG Cares and giving donations. Organo Gold has reached out to many parts of the world in over fifty countries, and given it’s charitable efforts to the youth, so that they can become skilled adults in the future. You may call OG Cares or e-mail them directly with your further questions or inquiries. Organo Gold holds many online sales for customers to purchase their products and receive shipment and delivery to their own homes or businesses. Organo Gold also has independent distributors that will sell products from person-to-person. Organo Gold is also available at


Todd Lubar Explains How Smart Homes Are Changing Lives

George Bucher was a man that wrote an article for the World Fair in 1939 about people using short waves to get things done in their home. According to Todd Lubar, he was well ahead of his time, as many homes today are smart homes. Of course, smart homes do not use shortwave technology, but Bucher got the general idea right so many decades ago.


Of course, the modern smart home goes even further than what Bucher could have imagined. We can lock and open doors with our voice. We can turn lights on and off, and we can control the thermostat. There are motion sensors that detect whether we are in a room or not. There is even artificial intelligence that can talk back to us and help us do things like order a pizza or play a new song from the music speaker. Everyone today has technology that even the biggest tech companies could not produce decades ago. You can talk with someone in real time on the other side of the globe using Skype or FaceTime.


The advent of smart homes means something for handicapped people as well. It will help them greatly improve their lives. After all, they can now control so many things by simply using their voice, reveals They no longer have to move around so much or be able to reach the light switch. They can control things from a smartphone app as well. People who do not have handicaps take so many things for granted. The truth is that some people are not as fortunate as us. Things that come easy to us, like opening the window, changing the temperature on the thermostat, or turning off the lights can be extremely difficult for some people. However, through smart homes, they can have their lives changed.


Of course, there is still a lot to be done. Think about someone who has cerebral palsy. It may be hard for them to talk, in which case voice commands would not be an option.


Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures. He had years of experience in real estate.

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Agora Financial Investment Advice You can Trust

There is too much advice on investment from people in the media, many from whom who are not even from this sector. One can see television celebrities asking people to buy stock of a specific company, and then many financial advisors push people to buy certain funds that they are not sure will offer long-term benefits. If you have faced such an issue, you might be worried about your future. Since it is your money, you should not follow anyone blindly. But, it also doesn’t mean that you become a financial guru.

You just need to decide whose advice you should be taking. Agora Financial is one of the leading financial companies that work without any biases as they do not earn any commission off the investment you make. The company publishes only the facts and figures about the financial world and let people decide on their own. The company wants to educate the average investor and not to take advantage of their uncertainties and fears. They have helped their readers make money by providing them with relevant information complete with raw data and facts.

Agora Financial is part of the company Agora, Inc that was established in the year 1979. Started in 2004, Agora Financial has it’s headquarter located in Baltimore. The company conducts research and offers essential investment reports with supporting data to its customers. Most of the investment opportunities provided by them are far advanced and much before the mainstream investment companies come to know about it.Agora Financial continually publishes articles, videos and webinars discussing the different investment tips. It also holds conferences where highly experienced and knowledgeable investors and economists speak about various options and make bold predictions that most often come out to be true. All of the information presented by the company is unbiased making it a reliable source of information for investors.


George Soros: The Differentiator in Philanthropic Contributions

Philanthropy is becoming an interested subject of billionaires, and more and more people are becoming generous year after year. But George Soros is different from other billionaires and contributors as he is one of the leading contributors across the world for the last three decades. The hedge fund manager has deep regards to suppressed sections of the community. This is the reason he founded Open Society Foundations almost three decades back and contributed large amounts to the upliftment of people and communities. Per the latest records, he transferred a minimum of $18 billion to Open Society Foundations – a leading philanthropic organization as of today.

The Open Society Foundations confirmed that the amount was transferred over the course of last few years, but only recently announcements have been made. The transfer has made OSF the second-largest philanthropic group in the country after the foundation set up by Bill Gates. The Open Society Foundations is known for many initiatives including campaigning for the rights of LGBT people and Roma community, funding treatment centers of Ebola during 2014 outbreak, campaigning against hate crimes during the 2016 Presidential election, democratization in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa, and more. The latest transfer is expected to boost the works and campaigns of Open Society Foundations further.

Due to his liberal ideologies and large contributions, the latest contribution news has made a stir in the United States. He was always a target of conservative theorists as Soros is known for liberal values who campaigned and funded against the Donald Trump and George W. Bush during 2016 and 2004 Presidential Election campaigns. Soros was always against the divisive policies and encouraged the integration of various societies at the highest level. When this news broke out, the conservatives came up with their usual stories plotting him as a philanthropic bogeyman. It is observed that conservatives target liberal philanthropists and billionaires to hide the differences between the partisans of the party.

Since a vast majority of the people consider liberal philanthropists are more genuine and transparent compared to conservative billionaires such as Koch brothers, the conspiracy theories are expected to be short-lived. However, it is strange to see some sects of individuals try to undermine the efforts of people like Soros to win their political space. Many people do not understand that these theories are actually working against the values of democracy. Further, abusing the philanthropists is also highly detrimental as it can discourage people from keeping themselves away from contributing to a cause.

Soros was born in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, in 1930 and survived the holocaust during the Second World War. After the war, he and the family moved to London, and he enrolled at London School of Economics and earned graduation. Later, he shifted to the United States and landed on the Wall Street as a stockbroker. Soros quickly learned various investment tools and the market. In 1970, he decided to establish his own hedge fund firm – Soros Fund Management. Since then, he did not turn back and reaped success in every area he invested. After achieving financial success, he also started focusing on philanthropy – a grand journey continues even today.