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OSI Industries Improves It’s European Services By Buying Baho Food

Baho Food is a European food wholesale company that controls five subsidiary market companies in Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods and Q Smart Life. OSI Industries has now increased Baho Food’s reach into 18 countries by acquiring it and giving it access to additional operating capital. OSI Industries President David McDonald said that buying Baho Food would add to OSI’s current product portfolio and would also add a reputable company to their partners list. McDonald was also pleased to welcome Baho Food managing director John Balvers to the team and said that all managers under Balvers would also remain. OSI Industries has bought not only Baho Food, but also several other farms and processing companies that have made it a multi-billion dollar powerhouse in meat wholesale.

OSI Industries is currently ranked as the 10th largest meat processing and wholesale company behind other prestigious companies like Tyson Foods and Perdue. OSI Industries didn’t get to where they are without simple beginnings and a lot of hard work by one man and his family. That man was Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who built a market store selling meat from local livestock. That store stayed strong even during the hard economic times of the depression, and it became a family named company known as Otto & Sons. McDonald’s restaurants gave Otto & Sons the first chance to become a big privately-owned corporation by supplying meats to its domestic and foreign restaurant locations, and this prompted the Kolschowskys to explore big investment opportunities.

While Otto Kolschowsky laid the foundation for the company, it was Sheldon Lavin who became the person behind Otto & Sons international expansion. The company had already benefited from Lavin’s financial input as it opened it’s first large processing plants, and as it grew overseas Lavin started opening new plants in strategic locations. The company was renamed to OSI Industries which was an acronym for Otto & Sons now going international. They started by going into Germany and Brazil first, and by the 1990s they already had a strong presence in China. OSI Industries has primarily focused on the beef and pork products, but they’ve recently seen high demands in chicken come in regions around Spain and the Philippines. OSI Industries is a member of the North American Meat Institute and they’ve also been a partner of the Ronald McDonald House Charities organization that’s supported healthcare and scholarships for underprivileged children.

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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: The right satire for an interesting time

This spring marks the release of Sean Penn’s satirical novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” This book according to many critics is a trippy read, that is designed in many ways to confuse the reader at times. Penn says that the style is meant to reflect the cult works in the likes of Thomas Pynchon and others. The book follows Bob, an angry baby boomer, who loathes his ex-wife and wields a secret. He works for a mysterious employer who has him kill older people with a mallet. The rational is that these people stand in the way of globalism and progress. Though the book has no formal plot, and seems strange at times, there are surprising truths about society.

During the book, Bob witnesses and reacts to the presidential election in 2016, he witnesses the killing of police officers in Dallas, and praises people in the likes of Hugo Chavez. There is even a character similar to El Chapo, which could reflect Penn’s meeting with the gangstar. This interesting take on society in the eyes of Bob, seems to be an elaborate look at the state of American affairs. Even towards the end, he writes an angry letter to the “landlord” calling him a narcissist. This landlord is obviously Donald Trump, and shows Penn’s feelings on him.

At times it is hard to distinguish Penn, and Bob from one another, and this seems to be the intent. Penn has always been a vocal political speaker, and is also a baby boomer. Penn seems to have made Bob unquantifiable on purpose for this reason. In an interview with CBS Morning, Penn says “Some people are going to get this book, and some people are… not going to get this book.” This seems to be on purpose, as the New York Times says that Penn’s “real interest here is capturing what America has become – and taking a mallet to it.” America is in an interesting moment, and Penn did a good job of describing this.

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NGP VAN and Canvassing Help

Canvassing is a type of tried and tested campaign outreach concept. People who take part in canvassing go up to doorsteps. Their aim is always to encourage people to take part in things. They provide voters with the choice of giving their abilities or time. They ask voters for nothing more than to be present on the big days as well. Election day is paramount for the public. There have been all types of canvassing groups functioning throughout the United States.

There have been certain factors that have influenced strong canvassing practices in the political world. Social media networks are one. They’ve dramatically affected how individuals interact in society. People who work on campaigns in any way currently have no option but to adjust to social settings that are constantly in flux. Campaigns have to be able to respond to big boosts in partisanship in many areas.

Canvassing essentially is impossible to ignore within the United States’ political world. There have been quite a few groups, however, that have wondered just how strong canvassing actually is. They wonder if the technique actually is able to encourage voters to take specific desired actions. Political scientists have big and pressing questions regarding the whole topic. They’re not convinced that canvassing actually is the top option for getting people in the country to pay attention to political activities.

Software that focuses on campaign organization can be a big help. NGP VAN is behind a phenomenon that’s all about campaign software that’s powerful and dependable. These advantaged digital devices can encourage campaigning practices that are markedly more powerful. They can encourage campaigning concepts that can actually get everyday individuals to leave their residences and visit polls. NGP VAN’s software has gathered many followers.

People that wish to be in charge of strong canvassing missions need to be able to reach voter information that’s trusted and updated. This kind of information can provide canvassers with the freedom to be able to pinpoint who to target a lot better. It can also stop a considerable amount of time squandering. NGP VAN campaigning software is making life easier for so many people lately.

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Chris Burch Launches New Indonesian Resort Venture

Subsequent to having established and co-established numerous worldwide popular retail brands like Tory Burch and C. Wonder while still venturing in many others, Chris Burch decided to expand his business horizons by entering a new venture – hospitality.

Chris Burch forms a partnership with James McBride, a reputed hotelier. They purchased a beach hostel in the Island of Sumba, which is located in Indonesia in 2012. The two paid out $30 million in the refurbishment of the cited hostel in 2015, which they called Nihiwatu – a five-star resort. The resort was nominated as the best hotel around the globe in 2016 by Travel and Leisure.

During Burch’s interview in 2015 with Business Jet Traveler, he said that he bought the place for his children, and as something that he can reserve and hand back to the community. He added that there are plenty of things that can be done in a really beautiful environment, which cannot be done in other places such as have a butler in each room, go to places where nobody has ever been, or construct a spa beneath is a waterfalls.

He further commented that Nihiwatu exceeded his expectations, which is very uncommon since often times stuffs, events and possessions among other things do not come up to their expectations.

Burch divides his schedule between Nihiwatu, the Hamptons, and Miami  ( His Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia is composed of his private home – Raja Mendaka, and 27 private villas. Raja Mendaka is built with a private plunge pool, four additional villas, and the main house.

Chris Burch is regarded as a man loaded with talents. He became a billionaire in 2012 and in the ensuing 4 decades of his professional occupation as the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital, he has not slowed his pace. He is a successful businessman who applied his knowledge and abilities by investing in luxury brands, and various technologies. His professions commenced 1976 when he was at Ithaca College where he invested $2,000 and propagated apparel venture – Eagle’s Eye into a massive million dollar company worth $165 million.

In his overall success, Chris Burch believes that a business must have plenty of connections since these could lead to unforeseen opportunities like jobs and other lucrative ventures.  Refer to for more of his views.

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Chris Burch Investor and Leader

Some people dream of becoming a successful business owner. Operating a business allows people to spend their time and money in areas that they are passionate about. Chris Burch started his first company while he was in college. While attending Ithaca College, he founded Eagle Eye with his brother. Chris Burch grew up in a family where his dad was a successful business owner. His dad taught him valuable lessons about building and maintaining a successful company. Anyone who wants to learn basic business lessons from Chris Burch should reach out to him.

Nihiwatu Resort

Although Chris Burch is known for being a billionaire, he has recently been in the news for his role in promoting Nihiwatu Resort ( Nihiwatu Resort is one of the largest resorts in the world. Many people enjoy staying at the hotel for a variety of reasons. Not only does the resort offer spectacular views, but Indonesia is a country that is easy to relax in. Many successful executives from all over the world stay at the resort each year

Real Estate

Chris Burch started investing in real estate as soon as he had additional money to spend. He focused on buying homes that produced monthly income. He also wanted to develop a steady stream of income outside of his companies. After years of buying real estate, he finally grew a substantial real estate portfolio.

Business Advice

Chris Burch offers business advice to young business students on a regular basis. Many colleges invite him to speak at different locations around the country. Chris Burch always tells students to focus on their passion in life. Operating a business is hard work, and few people can work long hours if they are not passionate about the business idea.

Future Goals

Although Chris Burch is financially successful, he still sets new goals for himself every year. He wants to provide quality products and services to people throughout the world. He recently invested in various healthy snack companies. He also invested with Ellen Degeneras on a new business concept.

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Freedom Checks by Matt Badiali Exposed

Everyone wants to make money in the easiest ways possible. Even where work is not involved, spammy offers still exist online. In fact, these offers come in the most interesting ways that most people fail to identify the genuine offers from the ones filled with atrocities. Therefore, people tend to shy away from genuine investment deals that could bring them money. Freedom Checks is one of the many opportunities that people are turning down unknowingly. The venture is not a scam as some have portrayed it. In fact, it is a money-making opportunity for most skilled investors who have been in the industry for some time. Matt Badiali has provided sufficient information regarding this business venture. Here is a look at what he says about it. Read more at PRNewswire about Matt Badiali.

More on Freedom Checks

Badiali recently released a video titled Freedom Checks. In it, he explains that this is not a government program like Medicaid or even social security and its likes. Freedom Checks are potential investment ventures from specific companies, a gem, like Matt Badiali terms it. This means that the money issued to investors is generated from those companies. The companies are called MLPs.

The MLPs companies must be companies that deal with the transportation of oil and gas. Other qualifications that these companies must have include;

They must generate an income of 90% from every production, processing and storage as well as transportation.

They can operate tax free however; they must be legally registered and must comply with various regulations that encompass legal relevant legal bindings.

They must agree to part with some substantial amount of money paid to the investors and stakeholders. This amount must be paid out annually. Therefore, without these specified qualifications, the companies cannot make it to the caliber of freedom checks providers.



Additional Information

Well, to be sure of the viability of this investment, most investment managers have taken their time to research. After the research, they concluded that freedom checks have been here since 1987. Apparently, that is when they were legalized into the investment industry. Therefore, the people who have been benefitting from them have been hoarding vital information. But Matt Badiali is willing to share because he would like to be part of a revolutionary idea that will transform people’s lives.

The Overview

Matt Badiali discovered Freedom Checks when he was employed by a prominent financial expert who needed his assistance in project management. Visit to know more.


Roberto Santiago Taking the Real Estate Landscape of Brazil to Another Level With Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a name to reckon with in Brazil when it comes to the real estate sector. As an entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago started his career in the field of packaging and manufacturing but soon switched to real estate. As a visionary and smart entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago understood that the booming economy of the country would boost the spending capacity of the people and the prices of the real estate. It is what convinced him to make some massive investments in the field of real estate. It paid him well, and in the plot, he purchased in the city of Joao Pessoa, which is where he grew up, Roberto Santiago builds the biggest mall in the city by the name of Manaira Shopping Mall.


The mall he constructed is not only the biggest in the city of Joao Pessoa but also the largest one in the state of Paraiba. The Manaira Shopping Mall has been developed a lot of planning and is inspired by the shopping malls one sees in the western countries. The Manaira Shopping Mall is massive and has just about everything a mall should have, and much more. A wide variety of local cuisines are available at its food court, and numerous shops are selling different categories of items, starting from fashion to groceries, and even automobiles, in the mall. It is a one stop junction for all thing entertainment and is a popular place for hangout among the residents of the city.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is majestic to look at and is magnificent in its rights. It almost seems endless, and people need a couple of days to go through it all. If you are a movie buff and love to watch the latest movies, you would like what the Manaira Shopping Mall has to offer. It has eight screens, and two of these movie theatres have 3D technology with Dolby Surround System, ensuring that you enjoy the real-life like movie watching experience. The best part is that you can order food from your seat and get the food delivered to your seat. There is a massive selection of food and various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that you can order at affordable prices. The Manaira Shopping Mall ensures that the customers are well taken care of and that the guests enjoy their time at the mall, whether it is food court or the movie theatre.


The security at the Manaira Shopping Mall is also very tight, and people can be sure that they have nothing to worry about when at the mall. The food court of the mall is the place where hundreds and thousands of people come every day to enjoy the sumptuous and reasonably priced food.




Amanda Taylor Joins Sussex Healthcare

As people are growing old, they need specialized care so that they can live longer. Most people, however, are very busy with their lives, and this only means that they cannot get the time required by the senior people in the society. There are investors who have realized that this group of people needs extra attention, and this is why they have started healthcare facilities that take care of the elderly. The competition in this department is quite high. Very many companies are coming up, and this means that all company owners have to work hard so that they can offer the high quality services the patients need.

Sussex Healthcare is among the companies that are changing the lives of seniors in the community. This institution was introduced into the market by a renowned medical professional, Shafik Sachedina several years ago. Sachedina knew that these people were neglected, and he wanted to give them the good life they had been dreaming about. Sussex Healthcare has professionals who are highly skilled when it comes to taking care of the elderly people and those who have any form of mental challenges. Sussex Healthcare always takes its time to understand its patients, and this is why it has won the hearts of so many people in the United Kingdom.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Helps Patients Feel at Home

At the moment, the United Kingdom based healthcare company has more than twenty homes that have all the equipment the seniors need. Sussex Healthcare has great leadership that ensures that the customers are happy. These leaders are responsible for the success the company has been getting over the years. Led by Sachedina, these people take their time when dealing with the seniors so that they do not have to feel lonely.

This year, the healthcare company announced that it was going to introduced a new face in its top leadership. According to Sussex Healthcare management, the organization will be operating under a new chief executive officer. Amanda Taylor will be taking the prestigious position. Taylor is a highly successful businesswoman who is known by the young and old because of his achievements. Taylor is already very excited about the position offered by Sussex Healthcare, and she is looking forward to making the great changes the company needs. Taylor has been receiving the training she needs so that she can perform all her duties well. The management of the company has announced that it will work closely with Taylor so that the company dreams can be realized.

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Chris Burch Lists Ways To Get Investors Onboard With Your Business Startup

Entrepreneur and investor Chris Burch helps business ideas and new brands takeoff at his company Burch Creative Capital, and he also posts blogs for other entrepreneurs on how to get investments into their proposed companies. He posted an article on explaining how to get venture capitalists or angel investors attracted to a startup. He mentioned that venture capital investors will likely infuse more capital into a business they like, but angel investors can be a little easier to sell your idea to.

The first thing Chris Burch says you should keep in mind is not throwing too many big words or technicalities at investors when selling an idea to them. You do need to make sure they know your business idea could be of great benefit to their business interests, but you want it to be simple enough that they know it will be worth their time to consider. If they throw a question at you that you don’t understand, don’t pretend you know an answer or promise to do something that you know you can’t do. Be honest and let them know if you don’t have an answer at the moment that you’ll find out what it is and get back to them. And if after you’ve done all the pitching they still don’t want it, just move on to another investor.

Burch started his entrepreneurial career in fashion with his first company being a sweater sales business that expanded into other lines and became known as Eagle Eye Apparel. The second fashion company he owned partial controlling shares in was Tory Burch, a brand named for his then wife who oversaw most of the designing and store openings. He also helped seed C. Wonder after he started his Burch Creative Capital company.

Chris Burch has also been affiliated with private equity firms such as the Internet Capital Group and Guggenheim Partners. He also was a joint investor with Alan Faena for the construction of the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he bought several million-dollar homes in Long Island and Nantucket that he later sold for large profits. He currently owns the world’s top vacation place on Sumba Island known as Nihiwatu Resort. In 2013 Burch joined the list in Forbes of US billionaires (



Dr. Saad Saad- The Doctor with a Big Heart

Dr. Saad Saad practices his medical career at New Jersey, Eaton town, a well renewed paediatric surgeon. His dedication has seen him triumph in the medical field bringing out his innovations and expertise. He uses unique skills that have enabled him to perform surgery on a large number of children and also attract the attention of humanitarian groups, other doctors. The Royal Family of Saudi recognizes his medical efforts

Dr. Saad approached the Palestine Children Relief Fund (PCRF) in 2002 with the aim of helping children from Palestine. PCRF was formed in 1991, and it’s a non-profit, non-political organization that addresses the medical needs and problems of Middle East Arab children. The organization requested Dr. Saad to perform surgeries on different children brought by the organization to the United States. One case he handed was of 15 years old from West Bank Palestine who suffered gunshot that was too complicated and needed the expertise of Dr. Saad who indeed confirmed the dire condition of the child. Learn more:


The boy had various gunshot holes in his belly that made it hard for him to east since they were burning his skin. The complicated surgery took seven-hours that included reaping of his internal injuries and patching up of the holes. The operation conducted in 2003, was incredibly successful. Dr. Saad has performed two other surgeries to Palestine children, one child with exposed intestine hanging on the outside while the other a victim of Gaza Strip bomb that hit and paralyzed his legs.


Dr. Saad has accompanied PCRF to Palestine eight times for medical missions that include performing surgeries to children locally. The organization states that Dr.Saad’s skills are unique. The Dr. Mission quest in life is to help the underprivileged children and the poor to get better medical help locally. According to Dr. Saad, his mission vision and reason for frequent trips to Palestine is to teach and pass down useful skills to the young paediatric surgeons in Palestine. He has vast knowledge and skills that will improve the local hospitals and offer safe and successful surgeries to the people. In 2015, Dr. Saad observed and guided a group of surgeons perform the majority of operations that were successful.


Dr. Saad Saad is well affiliated with the different hospital in New Jersey that includes Monmouth Medical Center, Medical Center of Jersey Shore University and the Lind Branch Campus where he is among the top surgeons. He went to Cairo University School where he received his degree in medicine and has vast of experience of 40 years mostly dealing with complex paediatric surgeries. In 2010, he received two awards for his humanitarian services toward Palestine people and a Gold Medal present by Palestine president for his dedication and medical work in the Country.