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David McDonald’s Input at OSI Group

No matter how long a journey may be, it always begins with one step. As for David McDonald, he can attest to that. From assuming the position of production manager when he started working at OSI Group, he was able to work his way up the ranks to the position of president. The position of president is always bestowed unto individuals who have shown utmost dedication and excellent leadership skills.

Background Data

David McDonald was a student at the Iowa State University. While at the university, he was undertaking an undergraduate degree in animal science. Later, he was able to graduate with honors. As always, every grandaunt always seeks out to find an occupation that goes hand in hand with the course that they were pursuing. Since OSI Group deals in meat products, David McDonald tried his luck. Fortunately, he was hired as the productions manager. After many years of working at OSI group, he always got a promotion due to his hard work and dedication. As ambitious as he was, he never relented, and he always worked harder day in day out. At long last, Mr. McDonald’s dream of holding an executive position became a reality; he now serves as the chief operations officer and the president of OSI Group.

Additional Information

OSI Group carried out internal recruiting. Since Mr. McDonald is among the longest-serving employees at OSI Group, his capabilities were evident. By being handed over the mantle of serving as the president, this showed that Mr. McDonald was deserving of the position and it suited him best.


Far from being a great leader, Mr. McDonald is also a strategist. Since OSI Group has been expanding on a daily basis, Mr. McDonald has been able to take part in the entry of OSI Group in China. Additionally, establishing a branch in another country is one thing, which is why David McDonald saw it fit to bring forth the idea of acquiring various companies globally to sustain the global presence and growth of OSI Group. Among the companies that have been purchased under the tenure of David McDonald are such as Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a well-established company based in Europe. With that as the case, such an acquisition is bound to breed a stronger presence of OSI Group in Europe.

Mike Baguley’s Career Progression At Barclays

In recent years Barclays has been shaking up its executive leadership in order to address a number of problems that have cropped up over the years. They also seek to focus on areas where less regulation has been put in place around the world since the financial crisis and do less trading activities. They have hired a headhunting company called Spencer Stuart who is looking for new top executives in a variety of high-level positions at this bank. Right now Jes Staley is chief executive officer of Barclays and he is expected to continue in this role for the foreseeable future.

Mike Bagguley is an executive at Barclays. He has a bachelor of science degree in mathematics that he earned at the University of Warwick in 1988. After earning his degree he entered the financial industry. He has worked as a financial company executive around the world including stops in New York, Johannesburg, Tokyo, and London. He first started working for Barclays in 2001 when he joined their fixed income trading desk.

In 2014, Mike Bagguley took over Barclay’s macro groups project. This division was created as part of the strategic overhaul Barclay’s has been engaged in. This group manages commodities, rates, foreign exchanges, and credit. The goal was for Mike Bagguley to streamline operation in a segment of their business that had faced both structural decline and cyclical decline at the same time.

His success managing the macro products group led to Mike Bagguley earning a well-deserved promotion the very next year. In 2015 it was announced that he was being named as Barclays’ new chief operating officer. He has been managing the overall operations of Barclays since that time. Once he was named to this position he set about overhauling this bank’s strategies so that they could quickly remake it into the company they envisioned it to be. He reports directly to CEO Jes Staley.

More about Mike Baggulely be learned on his Crunchbase profile.

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Stream Energy Shows Their Philanthropic Side

In the world of MLMs, there are very few companies that can stand up to the philanthropic prowess of Stream Energy. With the advancement of their amazing products and company, it is easy to see how they could get involved in charities. Hurricane Harvey is a great example of a time when Stream Energy stepped up to the plate. With the massive amount of rainfall in such a short period of time, there was a lot to be done. Being based in Dallas, Stream Energy knew that they needed to help their customers who were in need.

Hurricane Harvey isn’t the only place that Stream Energy has been helping out in. This company has now formed Stream Cares. This is a philanthropic endeavor aimed at helping those in need. Philanthropy is now becoming a very essential part of their brand. From affordable energy to virtual doctors, Stream Energy has created products that have really kept the customer in mind. This goes hand in hand with their charity work that has taken place recently. Creating new philanthropic areas of a company is a relatively new thing in the corporate world. Stream Cares sets a great example for other companies who have been thinking of creating an entity based on philanthropy.

It will be exciting to see where Stream Cares is headed in the near future. If the past indicates a future, there will be many great philanthropic efforts to come from Stream Cares. Homelessness is a big issue that’s train cars has been working on. With the alarming rate of new homeless individuals in Dallas each year, Stream Cares is working on solutions to this problem. This is just one of the many different issues that Stream Cares is committed to working on. Stream Cares continues to set a great example for other companies in the industry.

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Aloha Construction: Brief Overview and Commercial Information

The Construction company by the name of “Aloha Construction” had its origins as a solution of roofing and siding. This was for owners of home who longed for a touch that is both family and personnel. They have many services like new windows, work of soffit and fascia, replacement of shingles, and replacement of leaks. This company has kept to values they have of responsibility, integrity, and honesty.

They delight themselves in that even if they grow large, families will at all times receive customer service that’s alert. Also, work that’s high quality from Aloha Construction. They are one of the head contractors of siding and roofing in the Midwest. The company assists homeowners from locations of Southern Wisconsin and Illinois from the state’s two offices. Their first headquarters were located in Lake Zurich. Since then they’ve extended to another in location of Bloomington. Because of growth, Aloha Construction was pleased to get their achievement of finishing 20,000 roofing jobs that’s in their history!

It can be seen on common channels like TLC, History Channel, ESPN, as well as the Discovery Channel. The first one is centered on a partner company called “Aloha Reconstruction”. The owner of the company is Dave Farbanky who also is the CEO and founder of Aloha Construction. It began in 2008 and just hit their ten years of doing businesses. They are thrilled to honor that achievement.

The first commercial of Aloha Construction discusses that many restoration contractors only fifty percent of the job. That is a vital subject that’s not thought about by a lot of homeowners. Because of that the effect is two teams of customer service, two budgets, two distinct timelines, as well as two companies. This is something the owners goes deeper into in the commercial. The company will get covered water damage, mold removed, and smoke and fire restoration. Then they will go beyond and finish the remodel to the required specifications. They have the process done efficiently by utilizing one team alone for the job. Then they make getting the attractive home back very easily.

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