Boraie Development is a company that has been in the business of real estate for years. Boraie is a family based organization commonly noted for coming up with long-term plans for urban areas which are less-than-perfect for example Newark and New Brunswick. The company deals with Property Management, marketing of real estate and development of real estate. Their group of experts has closely worked with Institutions of finance, skilled architects and contractors with strict adherence to deadlines. Shaq Towers is a project that was done by both Shaquille O’Neal who is was an NBA player and Boraie Development. This is a new project to be undertaken in Newark.


There was a ceremony which was held, and those who attended it called the project ”Shaq Towers”. The function brought together some prominent individuals, like O’Neal, Ras Baraka Newark’s Mayor, Phil Murphy, Sam Boraie and Developers Wasseem.


It was a high-rise market-rate project in housing that was the first of its kind in Newark. In over five decades there will be twenty-one stories, a hundred and sixty-nine units of rentals amounting to twenty thousand and one eighty-four thousand square feet in totality. Sam Boraie said it was an extraordinary time in the city. This was to act as a unique case on why private, and public associations should cooperate amongst themselves to gain ground in urban focuses. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Shaquille O’Neal was profoundly challenged by his mother’s remarks concerning the state of the city. How it was back then and now. Shaquille’s mother said that in the past the city looked beautiful and someone needed to step up and carry out serious investments to restore the beauty of the town that was lost a long time ago. The way her mother looked at him made O’Neal realized that she was referring to him, he was the one to step up. This happened when they were visiting their relatives. Check out



Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie Development reported that the next project would involve thirty-five story projects which are mixed-used. This project itself will center around the city’s heart on the highway of McCarter, in part encompassed by Newark Ironside and the Complex of Gateway Center. The structure will contain three fifty units and a worthy investment of one hundred and fifty million dollars, O’Neal elaborated.


Wasseem, Boraie’s vice president said that the organization has recently begun the joint venture and wants it to continue being active in the future. Boraie Development Company is looking forward to spearheading all the planning approvals to make the project a success and the time was just perfect for this work. The mayor also played a crucial role in ensuring that everything is brought together for this particular project.



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