Business Projects About, Urbana Continues to Thrive

Jon Urbana has his hand in multiple business projects. He is a growing entrepreneur with a deep passion for his work. He started a lacrosse camp in Denver Colorado to help kids learn the basics of the sport. Once a Division I player himself, he not only knows the game well, but he has a passion for the sport. The name of the camp is Next Level Lacrosse and is quickly becoming one of the most popular youth lacrosse camps in the Denver area.

Not only is Jon Urbana focused on the growth of himself or his companies, but he is also greatly focused on giving back to his community. He invests much time and energy into local charities. Jon Urbana launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Earth Force Inc. which focuses on fixing the issues of climate change. He was inspired to do this by the kids from his lacrosse camp who wish to have a better environment. His first crowdfunding campaign was for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, which is a shelter for cats.

Urbana publishes several videos to keep people in touch what he is working on and also to promote the projects themselves. Jon Urbana’s videos promoting his crowdfunding campaigns can be watched here and here. The videos detail the purpose of his projects and what he wishes to do with the funds raised. There are also videos describing Jon Urbana’s ventures outside of charitable work and lacrosse. In this video, a little background is given about Urbana’s other projects such as photography and music.

With so many projects and business ventures that Jon Urbana embarks on, it can be tough to keep track of where he is going next. In order to stay connected with Jon Urbana, you can follow him on Twitter, like him on Facebook and keep up with his pictures on Instagram. For more in depth material on Jon Urbana, visit his peronsal profile on About and Medium.