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The Larkin and Lacey Story

 Scandal and Controversy

These stories have unfortunately become very commonplace. No matter where you look in the news, you are seeing stories of scandal and intrigue, usually from the very ones who are supposed to be doing things in the name of justice.

The phrase, “Who watches the Watchmen” comes to mind when you hear of these internal scandals.

Well there is more fuel for the fire, outrage as the story spreads on Larcin and Lacey, owners of “The Village Voice” media publication, who were illegally detained by “the toughest sheriff in Maricopa County.” In order to understand the whole story here, we first have to start at the beginning.

Joe Arpaio

Self-proclaimed to be “The toughest sheriff in Maricopa County,” Joe Arpaio was one of the longest running sheriffs in Arizona. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Arpaio built a reputation for himself by being tough on crime. However, it seemed that most of the criminals Arpaio was detaining also happened to be Hispanic. In fact, throughout most of his career, Arpaio was accused of specifically targeting the Hispanic community.

This happened so often that eventually he got investigated, and a judge indeed confirmed and convicted Arpaio for racial profiling. He was officially convicted of criminal contempt after a series of narrow escapes from justice for blatant targeting of immigrant communities.

While many were excited to see Arpaio finally pay for his crimes, the sheriff was pardoned by Trump, which have many shaking their heads, but that is not even the most absurd part of this story.

Larkin and Lacey

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, owners of a local news publication were well known for putting the misdeeds of this sheriff in their articles. They reported often on what they felt were the unjust actions and mistreatment of Hispanics in the community, which was well within their rights.

Joe Arpaio on the other hand, thought that this was not in their rights, and on October 18th, of 2007, several armed officers of Arpaio’s Selective Enforcement Unit, (you can’t make up a name like that) performed a coordinated arrest of both Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, arresting both in their separate homes, throwing them into unmarked SUV’s, and taking them to two separate jails, both under Arpaio’s control. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

There was so much public outrage over these arrests that Larkin and Lacey were released the next day. However this was a blatant violation of the pair’s first amendment rights. This shocking and brazen display of corrupt authority shocked the area, and a lawsuit won Larkin and Lacey 3.75 million from Maricopa County.

Good from Bad

So while this story certainly stunned America, Larkin and Lacey have since used the settlement money they received from this case to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This fund gives grants to migrant rights organizations in Arizona.

This organization also works with other non-profits to ensure Hispanic and Latino rights are preserved. So while there has been plenty of scandal, at least some good came out of it, even if that was only revealing the level of corruption occurring in even the quietest parts of America.

Hispanics deserve to be treated like human beings right?

For nearly 2 millennia now, courage has been the most sought after characteristic for a human being. This is because courage is capable of changing the world as we know it. It takes courage to challenge the status quo, to get people to come to your side, to get the world to change according to your morals and your values. It was courage that led to the Christian church growing even in the midst of persecution. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It was courage that allowed the LGBTQ community to pass laws in their favor. It was courage that brought civil rights here to this great country. It has ever and always will be courage that faces tyranny and oppression and destroys it forever.

In the age where America is hostile against any opinion that differs between citizens, courage is in short supply. However, even in an environment of hostility and persecution, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin cry out to the world that the way we treat immigrants from Mexico is wrong.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are very passionate about Hispanics and Latinos being offered the possibility of growing in happiness while living here in the United States of America. To help gain a following, they began the Village Voice Media while attending college.

The newspaper did so well that these two men dropped out of university in order to continue spreading the newspaper and their ideals. Over time, they gained a following of 9 million people.

As Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have sought to educate people on the situation that is affecting illegal immigrants they have come up against a monster. This monster is worse than any found in horror films. The monster’s name is Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The reason I refer to him as a monster is because he has done untold atrocities to his fellow men. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have shown how he is the one responsible for much persecution of Hispanics in the state of Arizona. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio runs a series of prisons which he has referred to as his own personally ran concentration camps. In these concentration camps, he does all they can to persecute the Hispanic community.

He has chained women in labor to their jail cells while their babies died from the lack of care. He has allowed prison gang to kill Hispanics, and he has turned his back with security guards being Hispanic men to death.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin published these stories and Sheriff Joseph Arpaio decided that he was above the law and he will go silence these two tools. In doing so, he illegally detain then inside the very prisons that Hispanics died in and try to destroy their records they had concerning his crimes.

This not only showed how the government is oppressive and overreaching, but it directly violated the first amendment rights of these two men.

Out of this unfortunate situation, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would receive a sizable settlement to start their nonprofit.


The passion and dedication of Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin

Throughout their lives Jim and Michael’s careers have been highlighted by numerous events starting from those that spurred them into journalism following the 1970 Kent state killings. These events would lead the two into a path of investigative journalism that would seek to get down to the bottom of every matter they set their eyes on and with the sole purpose of establishing the truth and then reporting this truth without the fear or favor of individuals whether in power or otherwise.

There humble campus publication would soon grow into a well established publication that covered events coast to coast. Their ability to focus on an issue and investigate it with the efficiency it deserved made them very popular among their readers, but this would inevitably rub many especially those in public office who had things to hide the wrong way. Interestingly the same would rub the sheriff’s department the wrong way.

The department that was being run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio had seen a lot of changes for the worse since he took over in 1992. He had run on a platform of change, and many had hoped that he would run a professional department that was anchored on state and federal laws and in doing so secure the safety of the residents of Maricopa County. This would however never materialize as the sheriffs instead choose to lead the department into another direction.

The Maricopa sheriff department would soon metamorphose into a department that abetted the racial profiling of the Hispanic populace in the county. The county is located in the state of Arizona, and as thus it’s a county within a border state this meant that the county was bound to have a significant Hispanic community based on this dynamic. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The sheriff would, however, take it upon himself and make it his duty to make as many deportations as possible on the war against illegal immigration that a war that he made the rules and implemented them however he saw fit. This mindset would see the department used to run a campaign that saw illegal arrests and detentions as well as illegal raids on businesses that were viewed as likely to hire illegal immigrants.

The sheriff went further and always ensured that his campaign for office was anchored on the ability to sow discord among members of his community and those he viewed as outsiders. The campaign would leave the community of Maricopa worse with every election cycle as it meant that those that he would convince would be as hostile to the Hispanic community as he was interestingly most did even understand what precisely they were opposed to.

It was thus crucial for Michael and Jim two men who had covered the sheriff to a vast extent that he gets justice for all his actions. When the courts found him guilty for violating the orders of a federal court it was just another confirmation of how far the sheriff was willing to go to push his racist agenda.

Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |


About Mathematician Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a mathematician. He earned his doctorate in the late 1980’s at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His thesis focused on probability in the Banach space areas and solving a problem related to the iterated logarithm. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Today, Lacey specializes in harmonic analysis, probability and erogadic theory. Harmonic analysis has to do with studying waves, such as sound waves. Erogadic theory has to do with studying dynamic systems related somewhat to statistical physics.

After earning his doctorate, Lacey held positions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Louisiana State University. While at the former, he and his doctoral supervisor, Walter Philipp solved the central limit theorem to an almost certainty. The central limit theorem basically calcluates averages-such as bell curves-by adding random independent variables.

Michael Lacey also held a position at Indiana University for six years (1989-1996). While there, he received the National Science Postdoctoral Fellowship and also the Salem Prize for his assistance in solving the Hilbert Transform in 1996.

Since 1996, he has been teaching at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has since received the Guggenheim Fellowship and the fellowship with the American Mathematical Society. He has since received numerous other awards and fellowships. He serves as director of various training grants, which have gone to dozens of students from undergraduates to postdocs.

He has advised all levels of students and at least 10 of his doctoral students have gone on to hold careers in industry and academic areas. He mainly mentors doctoral and postdoc students.

Read more; Michael Lacey |Math Alliance


Michael Lacey Joins Jim Larkin In Giving Back To The People Of Arizona

Humanity fosters the virtue of proper treatment. That explains the root of human rights. Besides, the revolution of human rights dictates that every individual must enjoy freedom. Whether in school, marriage or work, we deserve proper treatment.

To re-enforce this, most countries came up with documented statues. Human rights are now one of the leading statues in most countries. From America to Africa, everyone embraces the value of human rights. But, how did it begin?

Background Look

Throughout history, people acquired human rights as well as responsibilities. Their ties to these rights originated from their memberships to families and religions. Also, there were classes and indigenous nations. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Most societies borrowed similar traditions. The golden rule that dictated human treatment stated compulsory fair treatment. Until now, the same codes apply. Even better is the fact that these codes dictate the possibilities of growth.

The Revolution of Human Rights

The revolution of human rights saw to it that countries came together to foster peace. A good example is the United Nation taking the chance to unite continents.

In a meeting that included many countries across the globe, peace came through. At the same time, human rights foundations came about. This explains the origin of Open Societies.

Open Society

Open Society Foundations originated from the idea of uniting the less fortunate. George Soros is the present head cheerleader of the foundation. With his input, the foundation oversees humanity. How does Open Society Foundations do it? It is simple; the organization fights for the less fortunate by enhancing equality.


Another organization that fights for human rights is the Lacey Frontera Fund. Behind the management of the foundation are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The duo was put behind bars in October 2007.

Earlier, they did a report on the unfair treatment of detainees. Through their article, Sherriff Joe Arpaio arrested them. 24 hours into the arrest, the duo got out since their fan-base fought for their freedom. They received $3.75 million as settlement for the case.

The Lacey Frontera Fund

The two journalists put the money to good use. The Lacey and Frontera Fund is now an organization that oversees peace fostering. With the help of Lacey and Jim, this fund has financed many of Arizona’s less fortunate people.

One of the dockets covers immigrants and their settlement. Another docket of the same fund covers the less-educated. Well, from the look of things, the Lacey and Frontera Fund will transform many lives.


Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen

The health and fitness industry has a huge opportunity in the years ahead. Many people today want to improve their overall health and wellness. One of the best ways to do that is through eating healthier food.

Fast food has traditionally served customers who just want food fast and cheap. However, there are some companies that are investing in providing healthy food to customers in a variety of ways. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Nathaniel Ru is a business owner who has had a lot of success with Sweetgreen. This is a company that is growing rapidly. Not only does the company provide great food, but the customer service is among the best in the industry as well.

Starting Out

Nathaniel Ru has led a life with a lot of great experiences. He started off in college getting a business degree. He thought that he wanted to work for a major company. However, he also had a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and helping other people reach their dreams with their fitness.

He decided to combine both passions in his life. When he started Sweetgreen, there were many people who thought he was crazy. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase

The health food industry was still small at that point. He strongly believed in his idea, and he was able to get the capital needed to get started. Although it was tough to be profitable in the beginning, Nathaniel Ru did a great job of adding value to customers and growing the business.


With the success of his company, Nathaniel Ru is looking for additional places to build fast food locations. His customer base is around the country.

He wants to grow as quickly as possible, but he also wants to maintain the quality that is in his food. With some of the changes that he is making to the business, he is hoping to serve more customers than ever before.

Nathaniel Ru spends several hours a week giving back to the community. He strongly believes that business owners should help people who live in the local community as much as possible. This is another reason that so many customers love working with Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen.


End Citizen United Endorses Krysten Sinema

End Citizen United is a PAC that is focusing on introducing important reforms in the United States. The organization was founded just recently, and it was already making considerable changes in the campaign finance system.

Since it was established, End Citizen United has taken its time to understand American politics, and it has been successful in most of its operations. Last year, the institution played an essential role in the presidential election. Although their presidential candidate did not win the election, the PAC is still determined to make sure that it drives its point home. According to the top leadership of the political action committee, the fans of the organization have been giving a lot of money so that they can ensure that their candidates win in the election campaigns. The institution supports democratic candidates in the elections because of the policies they support.

Like EndCitizens United on Facebook

A few months after it was introduced into the market to introduce change, the organization shocked many because of the popularity it had acquired. When the founders announced that they would be raising money to support several candidates, people from the six states of America came out and gave more than two million dollars so that they could ensure that the candidates won in the challenging elections. The main aim of the institution is to end the black money that has been given to political campaigns so that they can acquire prominent positions in the country. According to End Citizens United, the black money should never find its way in the American politics. The institution faced a major setback in November last year when the presidential candidate they were supporting lost to Donald Trump. However, this has not affected the institution; they are still looking forward to making changes by electing the right people to the Senate. The Senate will be electing its representatives next year. Political parties are campaigning for their candidates of choice in the challenging races.

Krysten Sinema, one of the most popular congresswomen in the country has announced that she will be in the race. Fortunately, End Citizen United has accepted to endorse Krysten Sinema for the Arizona senatorial race. According to the political action committee, Krysten Sinema is the best candidate for the highly contested race because of various reasons. First of all, when working as a congresswoman, the successful Krysten Sinema proved to the country that she is very honest. Her transparency and accountability when handling all her responsibility have played a fundamental role in her endorsement. Tiffany Muller says that Krysten Sinema is the most suitable person for the senate because she knows the needs of the people. Furthermore, she belongs to the Democratic party, and she has all the qualities of a leader.

Visit for more information about the group.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Bring Hope To Those in Arizona as well as in other areas

Village Voice Media started out as one editor and one publisher. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were responsible for the informafion gathered and what needed to be done to help imigrants and migrants in the United States.

The newspaper in Phoenix was slated as being the alternative weekly paper. They were the only paper that was not afraid to step on toes in order to be heard. When many other papers decided to not publish certain stories, this paper did.

Village Voice Media has been in the news for a number of reasons however the one reason that they are most known for is the 2007 arrest of the founding partners.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had been arrested for leaking grand jury facts and for violating the secrecy laws surrounding grand jury’s. The arresting sheriff, Joe Arpaio roused the men from their beds in the middle of the night and tossing them in police cars and booking them.

The charges that were being brought against Jim and Michael were eventually dropped by the county attorney and the pair sought out financial gains from their wrongful arrest. It was this money that was used to help out immigrants and migrants in the United States.

The money that Jim and Michael received from the settlement was 3.75 million dollars. They established the Frontera Fund to help out those who are Hispanic in Phoenix to get the help they need to be in the United States legally. They also allowed for others to be helped by advocating for civil rights and for enforcing free speech.

A specific organization that the Frontera Fund works closely with is Border Angels. This non-profit organization is based in San Diego and was founded by Enrique Morones in the late 80’s. The main focus of this group is to help migrants get the rights they deserve and to focus on immigration reform. They also are helping to cut down the number of deaths that the border sees each year by helping those find a safer way of entering the country. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

The goal of Border Angels is to engage the community to have the education it needs as well as the awareness through programs which involve taking guided tours into the desert to set water out for the migrants crossing the border to have access to clean drinking water while crossing the border.

They also help others to learn about the border policy surrounding the United States and Mexican border regarding policies and experiences of migrants and immigrants.

In San Diego, the outreach programs through Border Angels helps those in the area to have access to day labor and to receive free legal assistance through programs held in their offices each Tuesday of the month.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru successfully attained a BS in Finance in 2007 from Georgetown University in the School of Business. After graduating he joined his friends to begin Sweetgreen a famous salad food chain.

The restaurant gets its ingredients around the local town because they trust it is the best. Furthermore, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet also began an event by the name Sweetlife, this event is all about music festivals and of course food, the community is able to come together to be at this event. Various top music artists are also included not forgetting the best chefs too. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues and  Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

The three friends met at the university and more specifically at their entrepreneurship class. They had something in common which is having parents who are great business people and this made their dream easy to achieve.

After graduating, the launching of their fast food chain was held. The trio has specific principles that they obey and they also ensure that their employees follow them, they are; thinking sustainably, keeping it real, making an impact, adding the sweet and ‘win, win win’.

Sweetgreen is an incredible food chain and very helpful, so may pass bye to get their salads and more importantly students stop by after they are done with their lectures. The trio has their salad delivered fresh, organic and healthy.

Sweetgreen is now inclusive of the best food chain in the food industry. Big names such as Danny Meyer, Steve CAS, and Daniel Boulud support the developing business. Their great recipe is extraordinary. The food chain is now in over 40 places.

Nathaniel Ru clarifies that the firm is working on good products that will go around the community as well as other organizations whether local or traditional. The business operation of Sweetgreen is carried out via a website or a mobile app.

Nathaniel Ru and his colleagues ensure that their customers are always served first. They have a situation whereby every year 5 times they close their offices so that together with their employees they can work in the restaurant. The company has presently started a branch in Los Angeles to create more success.

Sweetgreen ensured their staff members have better bonding among them these will make them work swiftly and also Nathaniel Ru provides better environs for them to work hence these motivates them in delivering better services. Lastly, Sweetgreen also ensures that they pay their workers enough salary to take care of the family fully.


A Look at the Principles and the Wisdom of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is the ancient knowledge that elaborates how life and the universe are interrelated. This wisdom is a paradigm for existence. It teaches that all aspects of life, such as relationships, health, and careers, come from the same source.

Kabbalah tries to explain how life works at the core level. It also teaches people to view life in a particular way that enables them to access the fulfilment they need. Kabbalah principles are in line with teachings of all religious groups, faiths, and ethnicity. One unique aspect of this knowledge is that it emphasizes free will, meaning there is no coercion. Kabbalah seeks to deepen one’s knowledge in understanding of the universe and life.

About Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization whose main offices are in Los Angeles, California. This institution offers teachings on Kabbalah and courses in the Zohar. Lessons and classes are offered through study groups and city-based centers. This organization’s presentation was developed by Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg. The Kabbalah Centre has an international multi-ethnic staff of tutors that guides its global student community.

Kabbalah teachings approach begins with enlightening students about the general knowledge of Kabbalah. This organization also tries to relate religious and spiritual beliefs with the wisdom of Kabbalah. Zohar describes biblical stories such as the passage of red sea to the teachings in the book of Zohar. Kabbalah Centre has published a series of books with Kabbalistic commentaries. This institute also teaches the concept of Klippot, a philosophy that states that everyone has a connection to the metaphysical-spiritual world, which is blocked by Klippot to prevent that intense energy from penetrating the physical body. The Kabbalah Centre is involved in various philanthropic activities. This organization donates to the American Red Cross, Partners in Health, and Habitat for Humanity.