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The Best Of Advertising In Brazil

Brazil is the mecca for advertising. They are known as the advertising Capital of the World, producing some of the most original advertising. These ads first began in the newspapers, then it became so popular, that it started showing up in magazines, radio, and TV. Now as a way to reach the people around the world, it’s on social media, which has now estimated to have grown to 81 million viewers.

Advertisers like Claudio Loureiro, who have helped pioneer the facebook age of advertising. The owner and CEO of Heads, which is the largest advertising agency in Brazil. The company boasts many important clients. He graduated from the University Pontifica at Parana in 1997. He once won the award for best advertising professional. He added producer to his long list of accomplishments, for films like Rio, “I Love You” and also for the Broadway musical “A Night with Janis Joplin”. Loureiro was instrumental in getting Woody Allen to come to Rio de Janeiro, to make a movie.

Many Brazilians print ads have walked away with top prizes at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival because of their creativity. The Brazilians love their advertising. They love looking at it, and they love to spend their money on what is being offered. Brazilians is not bothered in the least, when advertisers bombarded them with their products. Most of the time it doesn’t matter the cost.

As in the United States, one would find advertisement everywhere ,such as billboards,and sporting events, most notably soccer games.

Some of the models in Brazil are treated like celebrities. The tabloids would discuss their personal lives. This would propel the models to book more jobs and to gain popularity.

Still one must remember that there are restrictions about what one can do when it comes to advertising in Brazil. Things like alcohol and cigarettes. These rules are strict and one must adhere to the rules of advertising. These laws are strictly enforced. Another is medical advertising. They have to watch what they say very carefully. Doctors can not advertise her or his office phone number on social media. Also, any marketing that are geared toward children are strictly forbidden.