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Eric Pulier and the Role of the Prepared Entrepreneur

There are a ton of entrepreneurs out in the world all doing their thing. The one concept that they all have in common is their willingness to attack an industry and a job which has no clear and defined path. With that being said, you will see some common traits among these entrepreneurs. In the tech field there is one name that frequently rises to the top of conversation, Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier is the founder of vAtomic Systems, a digital micro-transaction company, as well as the famous XPrize Foundation. Pulier’s work has long been a favorite of ours to follow due in large part to his process and the innovation he brings to his companies.

For Eric Pulier success can be broken down to habits. A strong positive habit can inform many of your decisions that you make as an entrepreneur and as an entrepreneur you need to be ready at the snap of your fingers. For Pulier his best habit is his meticulous list keeping. Pulier always has a way to take notes or jot down ideas with him at all times. Pulier keeps his smart phone or his laptop on hand and he’s always ready to funnel inspiration. Pulier says, “I try to write down key words of ideas and inspirations that might hit at any time of day or night.”

You can’t just make great habits and expect success to follow. Sometimes you have to be ready to look at something old in a new way. That is how Pulier approached his work with vAtomic Systems. Pulier monitored marketing trends and looked to disruptive technology, technology that creates a fundamental change in a marketplace, in order to get to his idea. He cites Google Maps and the GPS smart phone as an example of disruptive technology. Pulier goes on to say, “It became clear that macro elements were in place to fundamentally impact the economy.” This, of course, is in reference to his work at vAtomic Systems.

Eric Pulier came up from a small child in New Jersey to become one of the biggest tech innovators in Los Angeles. He is the father of four and has played a part in founding or funding 12 different companies in his career.

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The Success of the Skout App

Skout is the world’s largest app that is used specifically for meeting new people. Millions of Skout users all around the world have given individuals the ability to connect with others regardless of where they are. Skout specifically offers an instant connection and assists the discovery of new people. Whether it be a friend or a new romance, Skout is one of the hottest new social apps that has been around and has been expanding throughout the world ever since 2007. With the known fact that meeting new people can be tough, Skout now creates a database with people who are matched together with common likes and dislikes.

In recent news, Skout has created a new fun holiday that is paying tribute to one of the world’s most popular product, the potato chip. This new holiday is national potato chip day that has brought together thousands of individuals who have a love for the potato chip. Skout has celebrated this holiday by conducting a new survey that consists of over 3,000 participants who all have consumed potato chips. Of these 3,000 individuals who were involved with the survey it was found that 96 percent of these individuals actually liked and enjoyed eating chips. Overall interesting facts were discovered about individuals through this survey through the simple process of taking a survey.

This survey about potato chips matched individuals up based upon their preferences of politics, TV shows, and even preferences of exercising. For example, it was found that those who liked the less salted chips more were more likely to enjoy going to the gym on a daily basis. By using only one simple product, Skout has been able to match people up successfully in a clever manner. The millions of Skout participants not only love what this app does, but they also love how simple it has become to meet new people from all over the world.

Currently Skout has become so successful that it was become an app that is used in over 180 different countries. In addition to the global expansion, Skout is also offered to people in over 16 different languages that encourages a more and more globally spread platform. The creators of Skout are excited about their new product and hope to continue expanding the app. Skout hopes to have over a billion users of this app within the next ten or so years.


A Great And Amazing Way To Meet Your Soulmate – Skout.

If you are in bed and you probably feel that it is too big for you, it would be better if you had some by your side as you sleep every night. Maybe you are now enjoying black coffee in your favorite downtown restaurant; you feel that the coffee is too hot for you to take. It would be better if you had someone to drink coffee with, you would talk as you slowly sip the coffee and will only realize you were to drink your coffee after it has gone cold. Skout is an online dating app that will make your wishes and dreams come true.

Skout app can be downloaded from Android play store or Windows play store on your smartphone. You probably are thinking, why should I download this app to my phone. First of all, this app offers a fun way to meet your soul mate online. Anyone you meet in this app is lonely and wants someone to spend time with. Someone whom they understand each other and share many interests together. Also, if you the shy type of person, this app is like a miracle to you. It helps you avoid the part where you verbally have to approach your crush with your heart nearly coming out of your mouth. The app also brings a whole new experience your smartphone use. You can shake your phone to start chatting. You can also meet and interact with people from other countries and share ideas. Furthermore, the app has a “Feature me” feature that put you as the center of attention so that everybody can see you. What you find in Skout you can never find it anywhere else.

Features of a good dating site.
It is rare to find a nice dating app that will meet your expectations these days. Most app makers just make apps without basis or just for financial purposes. Here are some of the features of a good dating app.

i. Prioritizes your privacy.
In this age your online security is paramount. You would not want an app that will give out your private details to people without your authority. A good dating app always protects your private information until you feel like sharing it with some.

ii. Freedom.
A good dating app will always give you the freedom to manage your account. You can use any name that you like and put any profile that you want as long as it does not infringe the rights of other users. This will also help you keep your privacy levels the way you want. You will only fill out your profile with the information you are comfortable with. You can also leave the app whenever you feel like.

iii. Fun to use.
A good dating app will always have fun features like emoji because it makes the dating experience more fun. If the app is boring, you may never even use it.


Skout: A New Dawn In Dating

With the incredibly fast growth of technology in recent years. More of our daily activities have become dependent of the realms of technology and more so the internet. With the development of smart phones, limitless possibilities have come to light with apps designed for nearly every purpose imaginable. Ranging from simple tasks like alarms to functions like score predictions, taxi services and most importantly dating.

They include Tinder, a flirting app that allows users to find potential dates in their vicinity. Badoo, boasting of over 200 million adult users. Other dating apps include Omegle, Meet Me, Hot or Not and Skout a dating app that allows users to sign up either as adults or teenagers. From there, users join chat rooms with their peers allowing for interactions. Users are notified of new users from within the same area code.

Skout‘s home page displays other online users, and a click on their profiles gives their info and one can then start a conversation. There exists an inbuilt currency system where users earn coins for using different features on the app. These coins can then be used to enhance user experience through sending gifts virtually and other features on the app.

Initially created as a way for users to expand their social scopes, Skout on skoutorganic also has additional benefits that make it more beneficial compared to other social network. In the case of the perpetual traveler, Skout comes in handy in that it enables travelers to relate with locals in their destinations. Originally made for users to take virtual trips and for use by travelers without any contacts in their destination of choice, many users have transformed these virtual escapades into real time vacations with a number of locals travelling with people they had met via the app’s travel feature.

The ban however, only applies to pictures in which the user is partly or fully nude. Skout was in the spotlight in 2012 following reports of 3 users who claimed to be raped after agreeing to meet people they met via the app.

While many people may argue that Valentine’s Day is the busiest time of the year for dating sites, they could not be further from the truth. February records the lowest profile views among both male and female users. Major dating apps have come up with ways and events to make up for the slump. Skout for example, declared Feb 4th as International Online Friend Day and carried out surveys to see how many of its users made friends from other parts of the world.

Christian Wikilund, Skout CEO emphasizes on the importance of an enjoyable and satisfactory user experience with cleanliness and logistics, speed, charm and device independence his key areas of concern. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and the App Store.


Skout Is The Place To Start Dating Online

Nowadays, if someone can’t find a date because they don’t seem to have enough people in the town available for dating, then many of them will go online and look for a date that way. It seems funny that a person would stray from the norm and go online for a date, but dating online is now the normal way of dating. Over 50% of people are dating online these days, and that means that the majority of people prefer online dating.

If a person has reservations about online dating, then they may want to stick to the normal way that they used to date, and they won’t have to explore anything new. Dating online means being open-minded enough to try something new, even if it means stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Some people are more comfortable talking amongst other people, especially when they are right in front of them. There are some people who prefer to date online as they don’t feel comfortable enough to talk to people that are in front of them.

Everyone should date in a way that makes them feel comfortable, and they shouldn’t feel pressured to date online or in person, but they should date however they want to. Those that are adventurous enough to want to date online will find that there is a big world out there that they may not have explored before, especially since there are billions of people online these days.

Some people will sit at their computer and go to different online dating sites in the hopes of finding someone that they can love or at least talk to in order to find a date. Although using a computer is still a good way to date online, the online dating world has revolutionized to where dating applications are a lot more fun than sitting at one’s computer. Using a dating applications means not having to be constricted to a seat in front of a small screen and having to type a million words back and forth. Those who choose to use a dating application, such as Skout’s dating application will able to use their phone to communicate with others.

Not only is a smartphone a great way to use the Skout network, but it may be a lot faster than using a computer. A person can use their talk-to-text feature, and they can easily relay a message to someone through the Skout network. Another thing that a person can do while using the Skout application is to use the “shake to chat” feature. The shake to chat feature is renowned as one of the most fun and popular features on the Skout network, especially since it helps a person to interact physically with their phone when using the feature.