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The Visionary Plans Inside Omar Boraie’s Mind

Omar has been one of the few people to point out the potential that New Brunswick has over the years. Lately, he has invested at the heart of the Aspire. The city is expected to be the home of a residential storey building. The realization of this dream, which has been a dear plan to Omar, is quite fulfilling to him.


Leadership and Work


Omar, the ‘Boraie Development LLC’ leader, has fearlessly admitted that at the beginning his vision was scorned at by many folk. His desire to reconstruct New Brunswick, in the manner he witnessed in Europe has been a dear dream for him. As a scholar he says he travelled through Europe and got to see the terrible state of the place at the time. In the city, he narrates how it was impossible to walk at night along the streets without risking life and limb.


The Metamorphosis


Due to the visionary plan Omar Boraie had of changing the face of the city he lives in, he acquired old buildings and began to remodel and recoup these. Many questioned the rationale, but in retrospect are happy to eat humble pie. Omar first put up Tower One. Tower One was mainly office space, remodeled and completed by the 19990s. Tower Two came next, in 2003, and was close to the first tower.




He later put up a modern building that was meant to house condos. This became the tallest building citywide. The one hundred and twenty one condos therein are quite architecturally splendid. Offices and, garage space, barbecues and dog walking pavement are also included in the structure.


Gradual Change


When folks began to see the changes that Omar had brought to their town, they also started believing in him and his vision. Omar is very grateful to the many people he says supported his ‘wild ideas’. It is through their support that he managed to realize the vision he had for the city. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


Boraie Development


According to NJBiz, Boraie has a wide range of services that it offers in line with its real estate mandate. As a realtor, the company is dedicated to property management, sales and the development of real estate. While the company focuses on customer satisfaction through its many services, it is also keen on offering state of the art architectural designed buildings and residential property. Boraie works with reliable financial institutions, architects and contractors to ensure on time delivery as well as guaranteed customer satisfaction all the time.


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Robert Ivy – A Leader And Innovator In The Field Of Architecture

Robert Ivy is an American Architect and CEO. He attended Tulane University where he obtained a Masters of Architecture degree. Along with this, Robert also attended Sewanee: the University of the South where graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

In the beginning of his career, Robert was a critic for several national publications along with a Principal for Dean/Dale. In 1996, he joined a publication known as Architectural Record. Robert became the Editor in Cheif of this publication and helped it grow immensely popular. He had eventually become the Vice President and Editorial Director of Mcgraw-Hill Construction Media. In 2011, Robert joined the American Institute of Architect and became the Vice President and Cheif Executive Officer. During his time here, Robert has had the ability to transform the institute into an influential and successful organization.

In 2001, Robert Ivy published a biography about the late architect known as Fay Jones. He titled the biography as “Fay Jones: Architect.” In the biography, Robert details the work of Fay Jones who was an apprentice of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This publication had brought great success to Robert Ivy due to its critical reception. The Art Library Society had named the biography as the highest standards of scholarship design and production.

Robert Ivy’s success in the field of architecture has earned him a number of awards. Due to his leadership, Architectural Records had been honored several times. These honors include the premier magazine journalism award along with an award for general excellence from the American Society of Magazine Editors. Besides these two achievements, Architectural Records has also earned awards from several other publications. Robert has individually received the Crain Award in 2009. This is the highest recognition of an individual form the American Business Media group.

One of the biggest achievements during Robert Ivy’s career is receiving recognition from the Alpha Rho Chi, the national fraternity of architecture. In 2010, Robert was named master architect. The recognition received was due to his ability of strongly communicating the value of design. He is one of the very few selected to receive this achievement and the only one to receive it during this century. These achievements display the professionalism and hard work portrayed by Robert Ivy.

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