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Aloha Construction: Brief Overview and Commercial Information

The Construction company by the name of “Aloha Construction” had its origins as a solution of roofing and siding. This was for owners of home who longed for a touch that is both family and personnel. They have many services like new windows, work of soffit and fascia, replacement of shingles, and replacement of leaks. This company has kept to values they have of responsibility, integrity, and honesty.

They delight themselves in that even if they grow large, families will at all times receive customer service that’s alert. Also, work that’s high quality from Aloha Construction. They are one of the head contractors of siding and roofing in the Midwest. The company assists homeowners from locations of Southern Wisconsin and Illinois from the state’s two offices. Their first headquarters were located in Lake Zurich. Since then they’ve extended to another in location of Bloomington. Because of growth, Aloha Construction was pleased to get their achievement of finishing 20,000 roofing jobs that’s in their history!

It can be seen on common channels like TLC, History Channel, ESPN, as well as the Discovery Channel. The first one is centered on a partner company called “Aloha Reconstruction”. The owner of the company is Dave Farbanky who also is the CEO and founder of Aloha Construction. It began in 2008 and just hit their ten years of doing businesses. They are thrilled to honor that achievement.

The first commercial of Aloha Construction discusses that many restoration contractors only fifty percent of the job. That is a vital subject that’s not thought about by a lot of homeowners. Because of that the effect is two teams of customer service, two budgets, two distinct timelines, as well as two companies. This is something the owners goes deeper into in the commercial. The company will get covered water damage, mold removed, and smoke and fire restoration. Then they will go beyond and finish the remodel to the required specifications. They have the process done efficiently by utilizing one team alone for the job. Then they make getting the attractive home back very easily.

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