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Fabletics Is Coming To Your City


A recent article appeared on Racked about Fabletics new plans. Kate Hudson is the woman that is behind Fabletics. Fabletics is a retail subscription service site. The site’s popularity has led to the store branching out and opening new stores in cities across the country. In fact, the store has plans to open 75 to about 100 stores very soon. This is great news for people, especially women that love the brand. Now, fans are able to buy the clothing in person and online. Currently, those customers with an online subscription receive a wonderfully put together outfit each month.

Perhaps, you are one of the only people on the web that has not heard about Fabletics. Well, the company is certainly making a name for itself across the Internet and across the retail world. The site is specially designed for women that would like to get great deals on athletic wear at very affordable prices. The clothes on the site are very in vogue and trendy. They are also very high quality, all at very reasonable prices. Those looking for a great deal will love Fabletics.

Fabletics World
Yes, it is a Fabletics World. In order to get started in this new retail world you will have to join their online site. For example, you spot some really cute yoga pants that you’ve just got to have. Well, join the site and become a VIP. First, you take a quiz. The quiz only takes a few minutes. The quiz will introduce the site to your personal taste and preferences in clothing and accessories. Fabletics will send you an outfit each month, that is based on your personal taste and style preferences. Fabletics states that the outfits are worth about $100, but all VIP members get a super discount. Fabletics is a fun way to get the trendiest outfits at a bargain price.