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Club Participation with the Magnises Card has it Perks

Magnises is all about millennials and their habits of working hard in a self inflicted isolation. Getting them out and about is selling as they love to join Magnises and carry the card. The card carrying smart choice to have a personalized black card that gives the young successful millennial access to a social life at the clubs they love to join is catching fire. It looks a lot like an American Express card with its black design but suggests the electronic medium of the social norms used by young and rising professionals on The punch card effect is also characteristic of the Magnises Black card to signal its binary language supported basis where it is entirely connected online through the electronic lifestyle of Internet and computer driven technology to reach that goal of being socially advanced and integrated with important events, social trends and life changing interaction between the age group members that have only known this kind of communication.

Not only does holding and presenting the Magnises card provide great access to other great people, but it allows for deep discounts in the enjoyment of great eateries, saloons and membership at popular gathering places. Getting a private seating at a very exclusive concert or an posh getaway reservation is easy and commonly available because of being a member of Magnises. This black card has the mystique of the well branded, traditionally reliable AmEx card but it is in its own right one that offers so much more access for people who love other people in the younger generations that are picking up the baton from the previous baby boomers who created the widespread use of the American Express brand.

This is Magnises, a card that supports those who identify with Billy McFarland, a twenty-plus, who is brightly instep with the power of connectivity on a social media platform on exclusively for the millennial business person, consumer, and Internet shopper. It is a great boon for businesses as well as consumers looking for great deals on entertainment, products and services and a space for social interaction. Some 12,000 new members have ballooned into reality for McFarland’s new Card with its reasonably priced membership fee of $99 per month for New Yorkers. With this they earn access to a new work-lifestyle facility called Alley. They can take advantage of the corporate offices that provide space to rent at a steal of a rate of $500 per month. This feature is searchable as WorkPass, where details about McFarland’s Magnises work-life aspect of this card can be found.

This fledgling ambitious start up has also branched out to offer membership to the Magnises club for exclusive New York nightclubs for a $65 month fee. One of the spots that are featured in the HotelPass of the Magnises card are The Dream Hotel where members will get rooms for $79 per night. Much research about member’s patterns of choice and behavior has fructified into offers such as these that are effectively growing the base of support from new memberships exponentially.