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Stream Energy Shows Their Philanthropic Side

In the world of MLMs, there are very few companies that can stand up to the philanthropic prowess of Stream Energy. With the advancement of their amazing products and company, it is easy to see how they could get involved in charities. Hurricane Harvey is a great example of a time when Stream Energy stepped up to the plate. With the massive amount of rainfall in such a short period of time, there was a lot to be done. Being based in Dallas, Stream Energy knew that they needed to help their customers who were in need.

Hurricane Harvey isn’t the only place that Stream Energy has been helping out in. This company has now formed Stream Cares. This is a philanthropic endeavor aimed at helping those in need. Philanthropy is now becoming a very essential part of their brand. From affordable energy to virtual doctors, Stream Energy has created products that have really kept the customer in mind. This goes hand in hand with their charity work that has taken place recently. Creating new philanthropic areas of a company is a relatively new thing in the corporate world. Stream Cares sets a great example for other companies who have been thinking of creating an entity based on philanthropy.

It will be exciting to see where Stream Cares is headed in the near future. If the past indicates a future, there will be many great philanthropic efforts to come from Stream Cares. Homelessness is a big issue that’s train cars has been working on. With the alarming rate of new homeless individuals in Dallas each year, Stream Cares is working on solutions to this problem. This is just one of the many different issues that Stream Cares is committed to working on. Stream Cares continues to set a great example for other companies in the industry.

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Aloha Construction: Brief Overview and Commercial Information

The Construction company by the name of “Aloha Construction” had its origins as a solution of roofing and siding. This was for owners of home who longed for a touch that is both family and personnel. They have many services like new windows, work of soffit and fascia, replacement of shingles, and replacement of leaks. This company has kept to values they have of responsibility, integrity, and honesty.

They delight themselves in that even if they grow large, families will at all times receive customer service that’s alert. Also, work that’s high quality from Aloha Construction. They are one of the head contractors of siding and roofing in the Midwest. The company assists homeowners from locations of Southern Wisconsin and Illinois from the state’s two offices. Their first headquarters were located in Lake Zurich. Since then they’ve extended to another in location of Bloomington. Because of growth, Aloha Construction was pleased to get their achievement of finishing 20,000 roofing jobs that’s in their history!

It can be seen on common channels like TLC, History Channel, ESPN, as well as the Discovery Channel. The first one is centered on a partner company called “Aloha Reconstruction”. The owner of the company is Dave Farbanky who also is the CEO and founder of Aloha Construction. It began in 2008 and just hit their ten years of doing businesses. They are thrilled to honor that achievement.

The first commercial of Aloha Construction discusses that many restoration contractors only fifty percent of the job. That is a vital subject that’s not thought about by a lot of homeowners. Because of that the effect is two teams of customer service, two budgets, two distinct timelines, as well as two companies. This is something the owners goes deeper into in the commercial. The company will get covered water damage, mold removed, and smoke and fire restoration. Then they will go beyond and finish the remodel to the required specifications. They have the process done efficiently by utilizing one team alone for the job. Then they make getting the attractive home back very easily.

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Trust OSI For Your Diet

OSI Goes A Long Way To Expand International Ties

The OSI Industries Food Corp., premiere food processing experts, have expanded their global network to many of the popular international food industry leaders. It was important for them to expand their global portfolio with the best in the food industry. In fact, they made a successful bid for an EU food facility and have been able to create a great deal to process food at one of their largest facilities. OSI Foods is now, partners with the Flagship Europe Group. They have also been able to become a part of the Dutch food industry through Baho Foods.

How Does OSI Industries Serve The Community

OSI was one of the first food groups to be committed to humanitarian relief around the world. They’re committed to lending time and resources for refugees, adults, and children worldwide. Their team of professionals have been able to aucceaafully negotiate a deal for a popular Chicago food plant. Their efforts have been able to help thousands of current worker’s maintain their position at the plant and continue regular food processing responsibilities. They believe a stable economy cab serve the communities they feed by creating jobs.

Discover The OSI Food Group

OSI Industries, a premiere food processing plant in Aurora, Illinois, represents one of the largest food processing plants in North America. Their food is processed with the strictest guidelines set by food authorities. There are thousands of families around the world that are currently, eating an OSI diet that includes hot dogs, meat patties, frozen poultry, organic vegetables, desserts, and more. There are thousands of customers that have been able to eat a safe affordable meal you can trust. Pamper your family with a safe meal from the popular OSI Industries Food Group today. read full article


Jason Hope: Fostering an Exciting Time in Biotechnology

They say that children are the future, but what if it were possible for you to have a future that was much longer than you had ever imagined it could be? Wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to be there for your children’s children were even their children? The field of biotechnology has been exploding in recent years. With organizations like the SENS research foundation, the race to a longer life has been underway for quite some time now. The SENS research foundation started with the purpose of providing humanity with a type of regenerative medicine that would prolong the human lifespan. They have made substantial headway in their field and are even concentrating on research that will specifically look at the way that proteins bind in individual cells to prevent certain bodily processes that increase the propensity for disease.

One of the major donors that are responsible for this branch of biotechnology is Jason Hope. “Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging on is a great resource for some of the work that the SENS research foundation is completing and how Hope’s substantial $500,000 donation is being used in other areas. Jason Hope graduated with a degree in finance from the Arizona State University and he also has an MBA from their school of business. He uses this substantial knowledge in the financial industry to help build his investment projects technology companies. He has made a lot of money in his field and earned a reputation as one of the most formidable futurists in the country. Regardless of his financial and business leanings, Jason Hope has also proven that he is interested in furthering the advancement of the community around him as well. This is why his investment of such a large sum of money does not come as a shock to those who truly know and understand his motives.

The next move for SENS is to continue their cutting-edge research and contribute to the overall global demand for longevity. While people are embracing their aging bodies to some extent, there are many people that want to fight off the effects for as long as they possibly can. This may give them the opportunity that they need to increase their health along with their physical appearance. It would certainly be nice for humanity to strive for that longer lifetime as a whole. It is an exciting time in biotechnology.

About Jason Hope:


Vijay Eswaran is revolutionizing the field of Multilevel Marketing

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia on October 7th, 1960 his mother was a school teacher, and his father worked with the Ministry of Labour. Vijay Eswaran is currently the executive chairperson of a company known as QI Group of Companies that has their headquarters of operation in Hong Kong. Vijay Eswaran moved around a lot in Malaysia because of the work of his father in the Ministry of Labour. After completing his studies and obtaining his degree in the field of socio-economics, he cruised around Europe doing menial jobs for a year.

Vijay Eswaran in 1984 worked in the construction industry in Belgium and also worked on a farm in France picking grapes. During his time in the United Kingdom, Vijay Eswaran was introduced to a system of marketing known as the binary system. It was at this point that Vijay felt the urge to acquire professional skills from CIMA in the United Kingdom. Also, Vijay Eswaran obtained his MBA in 1986 from the Southern Illinois University and was at the time venturing in the field of Multi-Level Marketing part-time and was also working with Synaptics.

Besides he also has years of experience having worked as a system and information engineer for renowned brands such as IBM among other companies in South-East Asia and even in North America. Vijay Eswaran returned to his home country after over a decade of being away, and it was during his time in Malaysia that he decided to put more consideration into MLM after an encounter with Cosway Group that was venturing their business into the Philippines. Vijay Eswaran took the Asian market by storm with the company that he cofounded dealing with multilevel marketing growing and expanding at an exponential rate.

The company grew its roots to QI Group and an e-commerce agglomeration also dealing in luxury products, travel, telecommunications, media among others. QI Grup also expanded their offices to regions like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore. Furthermore, the company also had their businesses in 10 different countries through an extensive variety of subsidiary companies. One of the subsidiary company for QI Group is currently overseeing an ongoing commercial and residential project that is taking place in Bandar Meru Raya.

Vijay Eswaran is also a public speaker and has spoken at business and management forums including the sixth event of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas that took place in India. Vijay is also a writer and is the author of the books In the Sphere of Silence, In the Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones and On the Wings of Thought.


Roberto Santiago Taking the Real Estate Landscape of Brazil to Another Level With Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a name to reckon with in Brazil when it comes to the real estate sector. As an entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago started his career in the field of packaging and manufacturing but soon switched to real estate. As a visionary and smart entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago understood that the booming economy of the country would boost the spending capacity of the people and the prices of the real estate. It is what convinced him to make some massive investments in the field of real estate. It paid him well, and in the plot, he purchased in the city of Joao Pessoa, which is where he grew up, Roberto Santiago builds the biggest mall in the city by the name of Manaira Shopping Mall.


The mall he constructed is not only the biggest in the city of Joao Pessoa but also the largest one in the state of Paraiba. The Manaira Shopping Mall has been developed a lot of planning and is inspired by the shopping malls one sees in the western countries. The Manaira Shopping Mall is massive and has just about everything a mall should have, and much more. A wide variety of local cuisines are available at its food court, and numerous shops are selling different categories of items, starting from fashion to groceries, and even automobiles, in the mall. It is a one stop junction for all thing entertainment and is a popular place for hangout among the residents of the city.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is majestic to look at and is magnificent in its rights. It almost seems endless, and people need a couple of days to go through it all. If you are a movie buff and love to watch the latest movies, you would like what the Manaira Shopping Mall has to offer. It has eight screens, and two of these movie theatres have 3D technology with Dolby Surround System, ensuring that you enjoy the real-life like movie watching experience. The best part is that you can order food from your seat and get the food delivered to your seat. There is a massive selection of food and various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that you can order at affordable prices. The Manaira Shopping Mall ensures that the customers are well taken care of and that the guests enjoy their time at the mall, whether it is food court or the movie theatre.


The security at the Manaira Shopping Mall is also very tight, and people can be sure that they have nothing to worry about when at the mall. The food court of the mall is the place where hundreds and thousands of people come every day to enjoy the sumptuous and reasonably priced food.




Careers Available at Talos Energy

Talos Energy was established in 2012 and is based in Houston, Texas. This oil and gas company has an employee capacity of 200 people. Talos Energy has a fast growth rate which means that it carries out recruitment of new employees quite often. The company offers equal employment opportunities to all people across the world without regards to their background. Ensuring fairness and avoiding discrimination at all levels remains a fundamental principle of the company.Joining the organization as an employee is based on an individual’s merit, education background, and abilities. If a person scores high in those fields, they find themselves most suitable for particular job positions offered by the company. If an individual is highly qualified, they are prioritized as well since people are not discriminated against color, national origin, age, disability, province, race, or religion. This principle is also applied to other business operations such as promotions within the company.

The people who work hard, achieve their target and demonstrate outstanding skills are prioritized for promotions. #Talos has been nominated severally as one of the top places to work. Such nomination is done by employees which shows that they are satisfied by what the company offers in terms of salaries and working conditions. The company does not only focus on making profits and providing quality services but also minds the welfare of employees. For instance, employees are able to improve their relationships through games. The company has a kickball team that is made up of both men and women. Before applying, it is essential to find out the job positions available and use the recommended channel to apply. Through the company’s official website, the career section gives details about jobs at Talos Energy.

Candidates are supposed to submit their resumes for consideration. Some of the positions available include Drilling Manager, Drilling Engineering Manager, General Application, Offshore Operations Engineer, and Senior Drilling Engineer. Before applying, it is important to look at the job qualifications, duties and responsibilities, experience, and physical requirements among others. For instance, the skills required for an individual applying for a Drilling Engineer Advisor position are; more than 20 years experience in drilling, a professional license, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering among others.Talos looks for brilliant minds and talented people. The company is always willing to engage individuals who would like to contribute their knowledge and skills to a dynamic company. It is important to note that Talos Energy offers impressive benefits to its employees such as medical coverage and voluntary life insurance among others. Additionally, an increase in salaries at Talos Energy is done annually where a bonus is also offered.


Perry Mandera Knows how to Succeed

As a citizen and businessman, Perry Mandera displays leadership qualities and a superior level of service in his life and business dealings. His history and record if performing in this way spans over quite a bit of time, and the details of these events come together to make him better than the average man (Chicago.Curbed). Unlike so many CEOs and other captains of Industries whose resumes and records of service have several different names on them, Perry Mandera casts a different shadow. This is most likely due to his level of commitment and personal discipline that doesn’t allow him to just walk away from people and the promises that he has made to them.


This first commitment to himself and others is when he graduates from high school and Chicago Illinois where after he joins the United States Marine Corps. While in service to the Marines his job is in the motor pool and transportation. With his service behind him, Perry Madera returns to civilian life successfully with an honorable discharge to make his legacy in the world. In the beginning, this legacy starts as many do with quality work for a few different employers just to learn the ropes of the business and get a taste for it. Not surprisingly, in Mandera’s case, this leads to his starting up his own business and running it successfully for half a decade.


Moving on to bigger and better things, he is elected to a most prestigious position indeed. This is that of Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago. For the record, he holds the honor of being the youngest person elected to that office, at the time. So it’s not surprising that he would be the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. What is surprising is the amount of business this little organization does. And, it amounts to about 200 million dollars in sales a year ( But, Perry Mandera just thinks of it as being a full-service transportation provider. The people of his community know him as a charitable man who not only succeeds in business but does what he can for veterans and those in need within the Chicago area.

More about Perry Mandera on LinkedIn


Jorge Moll Studies the Brain and Emotions

Jorge Moll has many diverse talents. He is a researcher, neuroscientist, and businessman. He is CEO of one of the most well know hospital groups in Brazil. It is called The Institute of Research and Education. His work with technology has made the healthcare system in Brazil more streamlined and efficient.


He pushed to have Sutter’s Health Google glass used in the hospital system. This tool helps the doctors to communicate with their patients more easily and saves time too. His work in technology has made their healthcare system more productive and patient-friendly. His studies on altruism and emotions have been published in well-known magazines.


Jorge Moll lectures about the healthcare system in Brazil as part of his work. A recent study he conducted was about why sports fans are so passionate about their teams. Belonging to a group is a basic instinct of human nature. His study was published in Nature’s Scientific Reports.


This study revealed the altruistic nature of soccer fans through an MRI study. Dr. Jorge says that a unique aspect of human nature is the attachment individuals have to groups. He believes the neural study was very important to understand this concept. It was conducted by the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (


The study used 27 Brazilian soccer fans. Each group had to decide about donations and during this process, the MRI study captured how human brains functioned while making these decisions (LinkedIn). The overall purpose of the study was to investigate the neural mechanisms in the brain that caused altruistic behavior.


Learning about these neural mechanisms lead to developing brain techniques that can address antisocial behaviors, aggressive behavior, and psychiatric symptoms. Jorge Moll says that many more years of using neurofeedback in studies will be needed to give studies credible results.


These studies Jorge Moll concluded could lead to training men and women to learn to have empathy, compassion, and altruistic feelings for others.



Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is one of the leading business people in Switzerland. Currently, he is the co founder of an innovative company called Swiss Startup Factory. His company has been known to provide valuable assistance to a number of new companies looking for guidance. In the first few years of his company’s existence, Swiss Startup Factory has emerged as one of the leading companies. Along with being an entrepreneur, Baur had a long and successful career as an investor where he would regularly invest in new companies. When he first started his career, he worked in the banking field where he helped entrepreneurs get the funding necessary to start and expand their companies.


Baur began his career in the banking sector where he worked for a number of banking firms. During this time in his career, Baur helped a number of new companies get started up. He frequently met with entrepreneurs and went over their financial needs. Since numerous business owners needed funds to start up their companies, Mike would accommodate them by assessing their potential profitability and granting them loans. As a result of his assistance, Mike would help many businesses get started up and expand. This experience also prompted Mike to get more involved with startup companies himself. After working in the banking sector for twenty years, he moved on to invest in startup companies.


The next thing that Mike participated in was investing in startup companies. For ten years, Mike would use his own funds to receive returns from new companies. This turned out to be a very profitable and lucrative venture for Mike. It also gave him more in depth knowledge of how new companies work and what they need in order to be successful. Investing in startups allowed Mike to prosper as well as enhance his knowledge of business. After investing in startups for a decade, he decided to move on to start up a company of his own.


A few years ago, Mike Baur started up his own company and named it Swiss Startup Factory. The company was established to help entrepreneurs better manage their business and make it as successful as possible. It helps businesses by providing coaching and mentoring on number of things such as finance, marketing, product development and management. In its first few years, it has emerged as a very unique and innovative company that has helped numerous businesses reach their full potential.