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Robert Ivy – A Leader And Innovator In The Field Of Architecture

Robert Ivy is an American Architect and CEO. He attended Tulane University where he obtained a Masters of Architecture degree. Along with this, Robert also attended Sewanee: the University of the South where graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

In the beginning of his career, Robert was a critic for several national publications along with a Principal for Dean/Dale. In 1996, he joined a publication known as Architectural Record. Robert became the Editor in Cheif of this publication and helped it grow immensely popular. He had eventually become the Vice President and Editorial Director of Mcgraw-Hill Construction Media. In 2011, Robert joined the American Institute of Architect and became the Vice President and Cheif Executive Officer. During his time here, Robert has had the ability to transform the institute into an influential and successful organization.

In 2001, Robert Ivy published a biography about the late architect known as Fay Jones. He titled the biography as “Fay Jones: Architect.” In the biography, Robert details the work of Fay Jones who was an apprentice of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This publication had brought great success to Robert Ivy due to its critical reception. The Art Library Society had named the biography as the highest standards of scholarship design and production.

Robert Ivy’s success in the field of architecture has earned him a number of awards. Due to his leadership, Architectural Records had been honored several times. These honors include the premier magazine journalism award along with an award for general excellence from the American Society of Magazine Editors. Besides these two achievements, Architectural Records has also earned awards from several other publications. Robert has individually received the Crain Award in 2009. This is the highest recognition of an individual form the American Business Media group.

One of the biggest achievements during Robert Ivy’s career is receiving recognition from the Alpha Rho Chi, the national fraternity of architecture. In 2010, Robert was named master architect. The recognition received was due to his ability of strongly communicating the value of design. He is one of the very few selected to receive this achievement and the only one to receive it during this century. These achievements display the professionalism and hard work portrayed by Robert Ivy.

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A Winery Legacy in Profile: Julia Jackson

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson, middle child of the late Jess Jackson, now bears a great responsibility at the young age of 28 as a proprietor of the family wine business, Jackson Family Wines. Ms. Jackson attended Scripps College, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree, and from there went on to get her masters degree in business from Stanford University.While she of course spends a lot of time tending to the family business, from Napa Valley to LA, she is often seen at premier events and galas in company with A-list celebrities.

Julia Jackson

This is due not only to the Jackson family business being chosen to provide the wine at such events, but Ms. Jackson’s personality and sensitivity in particular. Speaking of which, in 2014 she founded the nonprofit “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment,” an organization dedicated to the celebration of women and their accomplishments. See contributes to it annually, and through it, grants are distributed to organizations with similar ideas and goals. It’s particularly a celebration of women who succeed in business and maintain, as she puts it, their authenticity.Jackson Family Wine is noted for their flagship wine, Vérité, a staple of the wine industry in the US for decades and released more recently in the UK to critical acclaim.


The Professional Life Of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a financial specialist based in San Diego, California. Below is information about his early life, specialties, professional life and much more.Bonar is a finance executive, and he is extremely popular and successful within the industry. His company is Trucept, Incorporated. His background in business leadership and he has lead various companies, including Dalrada Financial Corporation.As for his early life, Bonar has a strong technical background. He studied at the James Watt Technical College, which is where he earned a BA in Technical Engineering. From there, he want to attend Stafford University, which is where he earned his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Bonar’s specialties include acquisitions, as well as mergers. Whether it’s in business or in his personal life, he takes a creative approach to everything. He combines the brains of an engineer with the creativeness of an architect.

Brian Bonar’s Professional Life

IBM is where Bonar’s career began. While there, he worked as a procurement manager and his duties involved outsourcing motherboards for many of the computers sold and produced by IBM. From there, he took a job at QMS and for years he worked as the company’s director of engineering. While at QMS, he managed 100 engineers that were involved with developing hardware and software.Bonar left QMS in 1989, and he started to work at the Rastek Corporation. He served as the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. He eventually left the company and started to work as the sales manager at Adaptec.

In 1994, Bonar launched his own company called Bezier Systems. He ended up creating the very first SCSI based printer. Eventually he started working at ITEC imaging technologies, as well as Allegiant Professional Business Services. He worked at Allegiant as the president and he worked on improving the company’s sales, as well as marketing efforts.In 2011, Bonar became the CEO of Trucept. His company provides temporary staffing to companies located throughout San Diego. His company also offers insurance products to those in the city.

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White Shark Media – Get A Free Evaluation Today

White Shark Media is a top digital marketing agency that has managed nearly $36 million in ad spend. Sending out more than 300,000 emails and more than 35,000 reports, they truly know what they are doing in the world of paid advertising. Driving targeted traffic to a site is their forte.

They now offer FREE AdWords evaluations that can help anybody determine what they need for their marketing. A trained specialist on their team will actually show you how to get targeted traffic through the power of Adwords. This opportunity is almost never available for most customers since there are so many out there that would never offer this chance.

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This knowledge which they share can either be used to create your own campaign all on your own or even by hiring the White Shark Media Review team. They can handle all the work to ensure that you don’t have to. They love helping out their customers to give them a top notch experience.

White Shark Media is beyond reliable and definitely stands as one of the best companies in the world for numerous reasons. The company has remained to be immensely professional for numerous reasons.

You will find that they have grown over the years since they first opened up back in 2011. The truth is that they know what they are capable of, but they did go through countless troubles with their clientele.

In fact, they have lost clients because of the fact that they did make mistakes with how they do business. It can be scary sometimes because they weren’t able to handle the business aspect on so many levels, including the fact that they received numerous complaints. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

They have eventually found they can be ultimately one of the best in the world for numerous reasons if they know how to handle the stressful aspect of business.

White Shark Media was very much able to learn from their mistakes and get back on the right path. They learned that clients simply just want to be respected and treated with genuine dignity.

They are a reliable brand that knows what they are capable of. Working with them guarantees that they can help get your brand in the right direction and getting traffic.


Overview and Testimonials: Working at White Shark Media

With its headquarters located in the city of Miami, FL White Shark Media is a highly reputable leading Digital Marketing Agency that has helped thousands and growing companies across the U.S. grow their very own businesses by using their recommended online marketing tactics and suite of proprietary marketing tools to help their business grow, deliver, and succeed. Read more:

On, which is a highly reputable website where people across the globe rate various companies and their working conditions, White Shark Media has a 5 out of 5 star rating, consisting of thirty different reviews. They are also considered 100 out of 100 percent to be a company that one would recommend to a friend to work for.
If you look through the thirty different reviews left by people who currently work for White Shark Media on, you will see review titles such as “Awesome”, “Great!”, and “White Shark Media values their Clients and Employees.”

A current employee of the company wrote a review of the overall workplace and atmosphere on January 14, 2016, “I have been working at White Shark Media for over a year as a customer service representative. And I must say they are attentive to their clients, has a great business culture/value system that applies from management right down to the newest member of the team. Above all, White Shark Media shows great interest in the work that is produced for its clients, and ensures all employees are treated fairly and shows great interest in their continued growth.”

White Shark Media is also proud to be a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, as advertised on their official website. They also include the following three positive aspects concerning their company which include the following: The Premier Partner program only includes hand-picked agencies, White Shark Media as a whole meets all of Google’s most stringent eligibility and training requirements as a company, and many benefits are given/shown from using their proven AdWords expertise, like thousands of other SMBs.

White Shark Media also offers a Free AdWords Performance Evaluation on their official website home page (Http:// which is a risk-free assessment that is done by a specialist that will help point out both strengths and weaknesses, and hear what they could do differently as a company, as well as what it would cost if interested in doing do/proceeding.

There are also monthly packages of Specialized AdWords Management Solutions available pricing from $299 in price to $749 per month and offer different aspects.



William Skelley Is Honored As One Of The Nation’s Next Real Estate Leaders

Real estate has long been seen as a good investment. An investment in real estate can help anyone create an impressively diversified portfolio of important investments that is likely to retain value even in the face of a potential downturn of some kind. One company that has helped people in the United States and around the world continue to invest in real estate is iFunding. Innovative funding ideas are the wave of the present and likely to continue to flourish in the future as well. This company has reached out to real estate investors to help them discover potential investment opportunities.

Help From iFunding

Investing in real estate can be a daunting prospect. While many people find it quite helpful to buy a house in order to have a primary residence, many people also find it confusing when thinking about going further into this field and investing in other forms of real estate such as buildings and commercial rentals. This is where those at iFunding can help. They have been able to help provide all kinds of assistance for those who are looking to invest in real estate as a commercial venture as well as investing in primrary home of their home.

William Skelley’s Many Talents

Someone who has done much to help provide leadership for the company and for the world of real estate as well is William Skelley. Found here on Facebook, William Skelley is the Founder as well as the Chief Executive office of iFudning. His efforts in this field were recently honored by those who understand the field of real estate. Skelley was honored for his contributions to the field of real estate in a recent dinner. The dinner was aimed at showcasing those who have helped make an important contribution to the real estate in New York City and the region as a whole.

iFunding Offers Much Help

iFunding allows people to invest in real estate with as little as five thousand dollars. This can be a great way for someone to use their savings to earn a good rate of return from an investment that is known to weather downturns well. Many people have been pleased to learn just how easy it is to work with this company and get started using real estate to help create a portfolio of investments. This can be an ideal way to expand any real estate portfolio into many new fiscal areas.  Follow Skelley’s blog at the iFunding website, for more information on the company and where they are going towards the future.


Investors Are Turning To Gold To Protect Their Wealth In 2016 According To U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl

Paper money and stocks are not as solid as gold, silver and platinum, according to U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl. Mr. Diehl was recently interviewed by, and he said gold prices are going to increase faster than anyone expected in 2016 for several reasons. Philip Diehl and the precious metal veterans at U.S. Money Reserve are telling investors that now is the time to invest in gold and silver coins.

The world’s economy is following in the footsteps of China, and China’s economy is stuck in the mud of several missteps by the Chinese government. Some investors are not connecting the dots between China and the United States, but Diehl said they should start because China has a strangle hold on the worldÕs economy.

In a recap of the interview, said Philip Diehl isnÕt kidding when he said large investors are turning to gold and silver in 2016. Hedge fund investors are dumping stocks and reinvesting in the precious metal market. Investors are nervous not only about China, but they are also nervous about the health of the European Union.

There has been talk that the EU could collapse, and if that happens, gold prices will jump dramatically, according to Diehl. In fact, gold in London recently jumped 1.3 percent on news that the Netherlands rejected a trade deal with the Ukraine. The refugee migration is another issue that is tearing the EU apart, according to a recent article.

History shows that gold does well when economies stop growing, and there is proof that economies all over the world have stopped growing. A Crunch Base article supported the claim that even the Federal Reserve is being cautious now. Instead of pushing forward and raising interest rates, the Feds might decide not touch the rate, but if they do it will only help the price of gold.

Philip Diehl knows what he is talking about when it comes to how the government makes decisions. He served as the Director of the United States Mint under the Clinton administration, and he has been the director of the U.S. Treasury.

Investing in gold has always been the thing to do in China. Chinese investors are investing in gold now more than ever before, and that means gold and silver prices will continue to increase. U.S. investors are buying gold and silver coins from the U.S. Money reserve because they know that in bad economic times gold and silver always shines brighter.


Susan McGalla is behind the new Steelers closet

The Steelers are making the best out of fashion; the team has launched a website and a clothing line to connect their fans and the team in a more interacting way. Steelers look forward to winning the first home game this season. The team has made tremendous steps in ensuring they score high points with their fans unique fashion style. The strategic move has been facilitated by the new Steeler’s director of strategic planning Susan McGalla. Steelers are upping their game starting with their fan’s dressing code. The whole team looks amazing and stunning with the new outfits introduced. I bet this is doing great improvements to the team’s performance. The team has a chance of showing the world its other side unlike the common football aspect that people see. The Steelers now have the opportunity of showing its fashion sense and style. Susan has made it happen; she has brought the family side of the team. Fashion has drawn the family together. Susan has a significant role to play in the organization; her skills are of much importance in the team’s success. She has vast experience in the field of fashion and strategic planning, this will benefit the team in various ways. Her career history is marked by dedication, results, and hard work. She has a lot of expertise in business management, fashion branding, and retail positioning. Susan has worked in various companies and organization displaying her outstanding skills. Susan McGalla has worked with the American eagle outfitters where she employed creativity to build the women’s and accessory businesses. Susan’s tireless work ethic and confidence attracted various job offers but, she decided to be a private consultant for financial investment and retail industries. Today Susan McGalla is working for the Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and growth. Her primary goal is to foster and develop their iconic brand. Susan has ensured that there is a revolution in the world of sports; every fan looks trendy with the new outfits. Both ladies and men want to blend in the outfits for the Steelers. Every aspect of fashion has been brought out in this amazing clothes.


George Soros Comparison Only Cast a Long Shadow

George Soros recently spoke in Sri Lanka at an economic forum and warned that the world was at risk of a similar crisis to that of 2008s. Soros is famously known for forcing the pound out of the mechanism in 1992. His remarks came after China suspended its benchmark CSI 300 stock index after just fifteen minutes of trading. The first time that day the market leapt 5% triggering a 15 minute circuit breaker. When fixed the market dropped another 2% forcing them to close the trade for the day. This was the second time in a week. According to an article in business, Insider, the halting of the market was done under the new regulations that were designed to prevent panic selling.

The Guardian, Business, Economics George Soros is quoted saying that China had serious adjustment problem. His comparison of the current scenario indeed would be taken seriously based on his expertise and previous experience. Many financial experts, however, seems not to agree with his view. Mark Ostwald in the same article is quoted to have said that Soros parallel comparison of the two crisis would “only serve to cast a long shadow” over the markets. The crisis is not parallel to 2008. This is because there is no reckless lending, wayward blindness to credit sector risk, irresponsible supervision and bad regulations of the market.

CNBC Economy ( ) also mention U.S. stocks index futures had sharp lower opens. The focus is however mostly in China. Analyst have shown concern over Chinese market regulators who seems to have no grasp of the market. The circuit breakers seem not to be of much help to them. There have been new rules though by the Chin securities regulator, the number of shares that can be sold by major shareholders.

George Soros had warned of a similar catastrophe back in 2011, but it never came to pass. His worries cannot be ignored. Likewise, investors must be cautious moving ahead.

No two crisis are the same. An article in NASDAQ website (news), investors, should be hopeful. The present crisis has been observed for a long period and this period of turmoil is of no shock. What causes huge reactions in the market sometimes is the shock. 1998 was a perfect scenario when there was a huge reaction causing a market to a crisis. All this could also be as a result of the strengthening dollar or weakness in China and other emerging markets.

2016 could be more close to 1998 than it is to 2008. However bad the current scenario is, one can almost be sure that it will not be like the previous scenario. The current crisis has been detected and is being observed carefully and for that reason, past mistakes are not likely to be repeated.


Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a businessperson and philanthropist based in the US and was a former NBA team owner as well as a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC under which the Atlanta Hawks basketball team operates. The LLC also owns Phillips Arena. Bruce Levenson has been on the NBA Board of Governors first as Hawks’ Governor then later as an ex-officio. He also owns the United Communication Group or UCG, which he co-founded in 1977 and TechTarget, where he serves as a board member. Bruce Levenson comes from a Jewish family that was based in Washington, D.C. He was brought up in Chevy Chase, Maryland and later went to Washington University in St. Louis before graduating with a law degree at American University. While studying for the law degree, he used to work part-time as a journalist with the Washington Star. Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz started UCG in Gaithersburg, Maryland and used Levenson’s apartment as their office. The company started with publishing newsletters regarding the oil industry, Oil Express, but later acquired a larger database that enabled them to venture into other industries such as data collection and analysis in energy, telecommunication, mortgage banking, healthcare, and technology. UCG has since developed and operates a mobile application, Gas Buddy that provides drivers with information of the low gas prices at their current location. He has also served as an adviser with BIA Digital Partner, appears in the Board of Directors for the newsletter Electronic Publishers Association, and features in the Software and Information Industry Association Hall of Fame in 1997. Atlanta Hawks The duo formed Atlanta Spirit LLC in 2004 with an aim of buying Atlanta Hawks LLC that was then owned by Turner Broadcasting. Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz are still the majority partners of Atlanta Hawks LLC though the purchase had originally included Atlanta Thrashers, which was sold in 2011. As of now, Levenson serves as the managing partner and appears at the NBA Board of Governors as a member. In 2012, Danny Ferry was hired by the team as Hawks general manager as well as president of basketball operations. Ferry once played for Cleveland Cavaliers but later became their general manager and has also served as vice president of operations with San Antonio Spurs. In March 2014, Bruce Levenson and his family accompanied the Hawk’s trip to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. taking into consideration his mother-in-law is a Holocaust survivor. He was able to speak with the team regarding his experiences. Later in the year, he announced his bid to sell his share of ownership based on a self-reporting email that was sent out in Aug. 2012 that started the decreasing interest of African-American fan base for the team. As such, Bruce Levenson is bringing on a team of investment bankers to aid with the process. Philanthropy Bruce Levenson participates actively at the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., the Hoop Dreams Foundation, and serves as president for I Have a Dream Foundation Washington chapter. Bruce Levenson is a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and has made major donations to the SEED Foundation as well as Seeds of Peace.