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David Osio Lauds the decision of the Davos Real Estate Group Board to Develop New Application

David Osio has welcomed the Davos Real Estate Group board’s initiative to develop a new ‘Davos CAP Calculator’ application due to the number of benefits it will offer the investors. The mobile application will assist investors in finding out the likely returns on investment when purchasing a property based in the United States. The Davos Real Estate Group that is allied to the Davos Financial Group Company is aiming to offer estate investment options that will meet the cash expectations that its customers possess. It has a team of experts who will advice on the rent, sales process, mortgage and the legal aspects of investments.


The David Osio-led Davos Financial Group has offered suggestions to be considered during investment in real estate and alternative assets with a broad portfolio. This is aimed at improving the return on investment and the reduction of risk levels that are associated to achieve a balance in the yield spreads. David Osio, in his analysis, highlights a number of main factors that are improved performance levels, diversification criteria, ability to influence the performance through improvements on the property and protection against the inflation associated with adjusted income. Investment requires the special considerations and assessment which need the costs associated with the buying, selling, maintenance to be calculated and the capitalization level is also calculated. This is the reason why the Davos Real Estate Group developed the “Davos CAP Calculator” application.


The CAP calculator helps an investor to simply and accurately calculate the net income, cash flow and capitalization rate of the investments you make in real estate. The application also allows mortgage information to be entered to enable you see the impact of cash flow and profitability of your investment. The application is well developed by programmers and is available free from Google Play for android devices and iTune Store for iPad and iPhone.


About David Osio


David Osio is presently the Davos Financial Group CEO. The Davos Real Estate Group forms part of the Davos Financial Group. David has extensive experience and expertise in the sector of finance and this has helped him a lot in his position. He has worked hard and tirelessly to ensure that his company thrives well and is currently supporting the introduction of the new application from the Davos Real Estate Group. The new application will assist the company in its growth and assist it to do business in more parts of the world. The application has been quite effective as there is evidence of more growth since it was launched. Learn more:

Osio is on Twitter @davidosio1

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The Midas Legacy Offers A Guide To A Happy, Healthy, And Wealthy Life

Located in Winter Garden, Florida, The Midas Legacy offers what it calls shortcuts to success. It defines success in several ways, including wealth management, entrepreneurship, happiness, inner peace, natural cures for illnesses, and reaching retirement as quickly as possible. While many people may focus on the wealth management part of the company, and the research it provides in that area, The Midas Legacy considers all of its areas important to the individual in achieving a better life.

There is no financial commitment of join The Midas Legacy. Membership is free. Individuals taking advantage of this free membership receive a copy of The Midas Code, a book that begins the membership journey. Once membership is established, individuals then have access to all the benefits including experts, product contributors, entrepreneurs, authors, and many other individuals whose expertise spans all of the areas that The Midas Legacy promotes.

Examples of headlines on the company’s website include natural cures, retirement calculator, real estate riches, wall street informer, and best business blueprints. Each of these articles addresses an area referenced above, and if that is the area that will make a member happy and successful, then the information is available.

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Special Report | The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy Helps People Protect Their Retirement & Live Healthier

Wealth management is the key to the services offered by The Midas Legacy. Once an individual has control over his money, he is free to tackle the other areas. For example, an entrepreneur needs capital to begin a business. It can be difficult to get a startup loan. The person who has accumulated wealth has the opportunity to use that money to start a business, and sustain it until the business can stand on its own.

While money will not always make you happy, it can provide peace of mind, and it can alleviate constant worries about how the bills are going to get paid. Good health requires some financial commitment, whether to natural cures or traditional medicine. Finally, early retirement only becomes a reality when a person has the assets and income to last what can easily be several decades. No one wants to outlive their retirement funds.

Anyone seeking a happy, healthy, and successful life with early retirement would do well to read the website of The Midas Legacy. The keys to success are all there.

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Doing What is Necessary for The Desired Change

When it comes to human rights, the desire is for everyone to have the same amount of human rights. However, this is not likely to happen with all of the different types of rulers and different types of countries. For one thing, there are a lot of tyrants on power trips that are looking to run their country in the way they want. In many cases, there is no reasoning with them. Instead, there are other forms of actions that need to be taken in order to bring human rights to the people that are being denied those rights.

Fortunately, there are people that are willing to study the problem and find out what is needed in order to bring an effective solution to the citizens of tyrannical countries. Among these people is Thor Halvorssen, a prominent figure in the fight for human rights. He is in fact very passionate about fighting for the rights of others that he is willing to do more than talk. He is willing to get in on the action himself so that he can figure out a good solution to the issue. Thor’s passion for human rights keeps him up for long hours. He is not some average good boy. He is someone who has a heart for the suffering and a will to make things right. Therefore, he is willing to work long hours without tiring.

Thor does not coddle the enemies. For instance, when it comes to the supposed North Korea hack on the United States, Thor Halvorssen has made a statement saying to hack them back.

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White Shark Media – Get A Free Evaluation Today

White Shark Media is a top digital marketing agency that has managed nearly $36 million in ad spend. Sending out more than 300,000 emails and more than 35,000 reports, they truly know what they are doing in the world of paid advertising. Driving targeted traffic to a site is their forte.

They now offer FREE AdWords evaluations that can help anybody determine what they need for their marketing. A trained specialist on their team will actually show you how to get targeted traffic through the power of Adwords. This opportunity is almost never available for most customers since there are so many out there that would never offer this chance.

Every evaluation is done by a certified specialist. You can see the evaluation on the screen to learn what is going on and what you will be receiving and learning. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

This knowledge which they share can either be used to create your own campaign all on your own or even by hiring the White Shark Media Review team. They can handle all the work to ensure that you don’t have to. They love helping out their customers to give them a top notch experience.

White Shark Media is beyond reliable and definitely stands as one of the best companies in the world for numerous reasons. The company has remained to be immensely professional for numerous reasons.

You will find that they have grown over the years since they first opened up back in 2011. The truth is that they know what they are capable of, but they did go through countless troubles with their clientele.

In fact, they have lost clients because of the fact that they did make mistakes with how they do business. It can be scary sometimes because they weren’t able to handle the business aspect on so many levels, including the fact that they received numerous complaints. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

They have eventually found they can be ultimately one of the best in the world for numerous reasons if they know how to handle the stressful aspect of business.

White Shark Media was very much able to learn from their mistakes and get back on the right path. They learned that clients simply just want to be respected and treated with genuine dignity.

They are a reliable brand that knows what they are capable of. Working with them guarantees that they can help get your brand in the right direction and getting traffic.


Igor Cornelsen, a knowledgeable investor

Igor Cornelsen is a South American native and he was born and raised in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen is a major investment banker. When he first began his career, he spend several years in Brazil. He has helped so many people in this industry after he received a great education on investing. He was Brazil’s most prominent banker. He had a responsibility of managing some of the biggest banking institutions in the world. When it comes to investing, Igor has experience and his experience can help you. He goes through Bainbridge Group Inc. This is an agency that can be trusted because they can provide expert insight in investing.

Igor found out the hard way when learning to invest. He found out that going with the trends of investing is never a good way to make money. This is the experience he had shortly into becoming an investor. He found out that a person has to look at the potential of a company. You have to look at whether the company will be productive or not. The company has to have the potential to maximize profit. You just have to have knowledge of the market.

Igor Cornelsen has his basics of Brazilian banking with one beginning with Brazil being the largest economy in South America ,and it is the eighth largest company worldwide, and in this large economy are 10 major investment banks that are privately owned. Citibank Brazil is apart of the top 10.

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Whether you’re investing in commodities or foreign exchange…

Igor Cornelsen – Colorado, Bainbridge Investments

A new face could turn things around. The reason for this is because the new economic matrix thought up of by Guido Mantega failed miserably. There is a new minister that seems to think of something different in which it may bring hope to Brazil’s banks.

China is Brazil’s trading partner and on the other hand, they are the biggest competitor to Brazil’s industrialized goods. What Igor would like you to know is to pay attention to trading partners as it will better help you to understand your investments. If you watch out for all of the markets that are connected, it may lead to great success.

Although Igor was a great businessman, he still knows how to enjoy himself when he is not working. Igor loves playing golf. A lot of times Igor Cornelsen is seen at golf courses all around South Florida. Now, Igor Cornelsen is a retired man but he is still opened to giving interviews to interested and beginning investors. He absolutely enjoys giving banking tips.

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Bob Reina Pioneering Video Communication With Talk Fusion

Bold Leadership Capabilities Of Bob Reina

When we consider what it takes to run a company, the amount of time and energy it takes to talk to other people and the amount of organizational skills it takes to keep a company on track, we begin to appreciate solid leadership skills. Bob Reina is a great example of a leader in today’s business world that is bold, courageous and trustworthy. He spent 15 years working in networking, and during those 15 years he did many extraordinary things. Bob came from a prestigious background as a police officer with exceptional skills and awards in his training.

Bob Reina founded a successful company called Cash Card Worldwide, and he continue to excel in direct sales. Actually, he served on the advisory board of several companies, and he made his name as one of the top 1 percent of all earners in many marketing companies. Eventually, Bob Reina decided to contribute to the growth of this industry by providing it with a much needed video communication service.

Pioneers Of The Video Communication Industry

Before Talk Fusion came along, the video communication industry was bleak and dismal. The internet was a newer thing still, so tech companies then thought it was not capable of sending high quality videos across the internet to other individuals or businesses. Bob Reina knew that this could be accomplished, so he gathered together the best technology experts he knew. Together they would figure out what was needed in order to send high quality videos. This is how Talk Fusion was first conceptualized by Bob Reina.

Talk Fusion, as a company, was founded in 2007. Talk Fusion quickly rose to a prestigious place among marketing companies. In the world of direct sales, there is a system called the Alexa Rating System. Talk Fusion is known as a company with exponential growth, according to the Alexa System. The Alexa System also makes a claim about Talk Fusion having the highest number of visitors coming to their site out of all the direct sales websites in the entire world.


Thor Halvorssen Speaks Out For Human Rights & Against Nicki Minaj’s Performance in Angola

Thor Halvorssen is president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) based out of New York City. Halvorssen, a Venezuelan-Norwegian, is a human rights advocate and film producer who started the foundation in 2005. He calls himself a “classical liberal” with no interest in politics. His goal is to simply dethrone the dictators he grew up hating because of his heritage. He began advocating human rights in London during 1989, against the South African apartheid. Nowadays, he often expresses his thoughts and opinions regarding different issues to print and television news outlets including Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, NPR, TIME Magazine, The Daily Telegraph and GQ, as well as Al-Jazeera, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC, HBO and many more.

Recently, American rapper Nicki Minaj traveled to Angola to perform at a Christmas concert that was organized by the state-owned telecom company, Unitel. Many, including Halvorssen and George Ayittey, who heads the Free Africa Foundation, were critical of her performance in a country that is being unjustly ruled by tyrant José Eduardo dos Santos. The leader allegedly has been amassing a fortune illegally since 1979 while ruling a country whose citizens are living in deep poverty. Halvorssen and Ayittey took the time to point out the hypocrisy in Minaj’s decision to travel and perform in Angola. Though often outspoken about injustices regarding race in the United States, Nicki Minaj She was paid $2 million (in US dollars) of Angolan taxpayer money to perform in a place where one-third of the population lives on less than two US dollars a day.

While it is hard to place blame on celebrities like Minaj for their participation in events like this, their effect on the public image and perception abroad of dictators like this has to be acknowledged. Halvorssen has done this and continues to speak out against the horrible injustices committed by leaders like dos Santos. Having created numerous other non-profits as well, he is becoming the face of a new sort of global rights movement. For him, it is all about using 21st century means (not only print and TV, but Twitter and YouTube as well) to gain equality and more advocacy for human rights without focusing on himself or politics.


CCMP Continues Steady Growth With New Acquisition

CCMP (Chase Capital Management Portfolio) founded in 2006. One of the co-founders was Stephen P. Murray. Stephen Murray began working at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation shortly after graduating college in 1989, and when the CCMP spin-off was about to happen, Murray handpicked his team of experts and headed the equity investments at CCMP.

The many merges bringing about CCMP started with Chemical Venture Partners (CVP) designing a group called Chemical Bank in 1984, which merged with Manufacturers Hanover and Chemical Bank in 1991, then merged with Chase Manhattan Bank. Chemical Ventures were renamed Chase Capital Partners (CCP) in 1996. Finally, Chase Capital Partners were renamed JP Morgan Partners, and today we have CCMP, Chase Capital Management Portfolio. Since the formation of CCMP in 2006, Stephan Murray served as Chairman, President, and CEO and led CCMP to the success it enjoys today.

It was with sadness that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital passed away from illness at fifty-two years of age. The impact he had on building the strength of CCMP gained much respect and led the organization to the level it is today. Stephen Murray is remembered for his leadership, strength, and organizational skills. Many of his handpicked team are still with CCMP and towards the same goals he set when CCMP was founded.

Greg Brenneman was named Chairman, President, and CEO of CCMP following Stephen Murray on wikipedia’s resignation. CCMP, a private equity company, specializes in growth and buyout investments in North American and Europe. The areas of investment are in the consumer retail, industrial, healthcare and energy areas. The management team works cohesively streamlining their most important drivers. After setting their financial targets, they admonish each target to ensure success. The CCMP teams work in partnership while building the success of their investment and are supportive of each team needs in meeting their goals.

One of CCMPs most recent acquisitions finalized in October 2015 was Shoes For Crews. CCMP now owns the controlling interest in this remarkable product. The Smith Family, who founded the company developing superior slip-resistant footwear. The product is made of an unequaled rubber compound that significantly reduces slip-and-fall accidents. Shortly after the development of this compound the Shoes For Crews became the leader in the industry supplying slip-resistant footwear to over 90% of the restaurant chains. This product has spread to include footwear used in industrial, health care and hospitality suppliers of shoes, expanding to many other industrial business sectors. Other acquisitions include PQ Corporation, Eco Services, Jetro Cash & Carry, The Hillman Group, Jamieson Laboratories, Pure Gym, Newark Energy, LHP Hospital Group, Milacron and many others. CCMPs investments are in the growth equity and middle market buyouts of $100 to $500 million in North America and Europe alone. They are constantly on the lookout to acquire more investments to add to their already successful portfolio.


The Forefront of Entrepreneurship in America

Chicago has always been at the forefront of entrepreneurship in America. It is home to 16 of Forbes 400.It’s also home to 33 Fortune companies. And it turns out it was one of the launching ground for small online start-ups back in the late 80s and early 90s.Ideas more than a decade ahead of their time. The 1st foray was in 1988.Two companies tried their luck but soon met the Ripper. Early in the 90s three companies entered the scene. Jewel, Dominic’s and Eagle were chain superstores with a revolutionary business model. Back then, the idea you could shop from home was still nascent.
Jewel established a relationship with a small company called Peapod. Peapod developed a software that users could install on their computer and get access to Jewels database of 12, 000 items. You could order the items to your liking. Peapod had a computer linked to jewels database, so their list was current. Peapod personnel did the deliveries. It even had a comment section. Deliveries cost $ 5 and were made four times a day. You had the option of a credit card or check for payments. To participate, one needed an IBM machine with 512k RAM and membership fees.
Dominick’s established a similar relationship with a company called Prodigy. Prodigy was software that offered home shopping among its features. It ran on IBM machines with 512 RAM or Mackintosh machines with at least a megabyte of RAM. An independently contracted company made the deliveries, but I cost $ 10 per delivery. The deliveries were restricted to suburbs around the 11 Dominic’s stores. For $ 4.95, you could find your groceries tagged. Payments were Via Cash, check and credit cards.
The Eagles approach was a little different. You didn’t need a computer. You just called a catalogue listing of more than 25,000 items from stores all over Chicago. You then called a number in the neighbouring state of Nashville. The orders were processed by Shoppers Express, the eagle’s partner. The company also did the deliveries. The cost of delivery varied depending on payment option. You could pay via credit cards and checks.
There was Expresso Inc. service firm that bought and delivered glossaries for you. The president of expresso was a brilliant entrepreneur called Majeed Ekbal. Expresso even would take the orders to your particular asking. Payments were by cash or check.
Majeed Ekbal is today a Chicago-based Marketing Executive. He is a leader, innovator, reformer and a business relationship manager. He has over 15-year experience in global marketing and has started several ventures. He is skilled in marketing, SEO analytics and e-commerce start-ups implementation. He was in 2012 among the top 5% most viewed profiles in LinkedIn.