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Diversant LLC. A Leader In IT Staffing

Diversant is a leading staffing company in the IT industry. It goes beyond staffing and helps connect companies with the most qualified IT professional and experts across the country. Diversant is one of the fastest growing minority-owned handling matters of IT staffing in the U.S.

Diversant is spearheaded by John Goullet who is the chairman and principal of the company. The organization focuses most on providing IT experts to the midmarket businesses and their partners and associates.

The company has been developing IT professionals over 20 years now; Diversant has specialized IT recruiters who train the IT personnel and equip them with the necessary information and knowledge. The specialized recruiters perfectly understand the technology and the targeted market and industries where the company makes placements.

The good reputation established by the company and its clients indicates that the organization has attractive opportunities for engaging premier companies across the nation.

Diversant LLC was founded by Gene C. Wandy who is a visionary entrepreneur. The company has seen dramatic growth all the time even when there is a market downturn and also developed a reputation for excellence.

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur who has gained significant experience in IT Sector. He has founded various numbers of organizations and also has worked in different organizations where he helped take a business to a whole new level. John founded Info Technologies which is an IT staffing firm that specialized in the provision of IT solutions to various organizations. Prior to establishing Info Technologies, John began his pursuing his professional career as an IT consultant, later on in 1994 he moved to IT staffing.

Tech Technologies experienced rapid growth, and within the next five years after establishment, the company earned position eight on Inc. Magazine which indicated a list of 500 fastest growing privately-owned companies in the US. Gene and John in 2010 merged their two companies to form Diversant LLC. John being a Diversant principal he is able to continue pursuing his passion and career of creating new ways to help companies with IT solutions and meet the ever growing IT challenges.

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Bank inDallas Helps to Make Owning a Home a Reality for More Southern Dallas Residents

Unfortunately, statistics show that very few people in the Northern Dallas area own their own homes. In fact, many people throughout the community feel that increased home ownership would benefit both new homeowners and the residents currently living in the neighborhoods they move into, by providing diversity, stability and enriching experiences.

In order to help people with lower incomes own their first home, 3 of Dallas’ top organizations, (Habitat for Humanity, Dallas Neighborhood Homes and NexBank), have teamed up to extend at least 100 loans to deserving local families.

Habitat for Humanity, a nationally recognized organization, (now working with Nexbank) has thus far built a record 1600 homes and is currently the largest charity home builder in Dallas. They currently build about 50 homes every year and have been in the Dallas home building business for over 30 years. The organization works with both public and private funders to secure the money they need to achieve their goals which include:

• Breaking the cycle of poverty,
• Transforming communities,
• Transforming families, and
• Bringing new life to neighborhoods

Dallas Neighborhood Homes is an organization unique to Dallas. Though the organization is a mortgage banking agency with a state license, Habitat for Humanity established the group to help homebuyers secure mortgages for their homes. The organization’s goals are to:

• Make loans possible where other lenders will not,
• Make home loans accessible for every borrower,
• Increase diversity throughout Dallas neighborhoods, and
• Increase nonbiased buying power for poor and moderate income home buyers.

Their motto is, “Making the American Dream a Reality One Home at a Time.”

NexBank is one of the most successful FDIC member banking entities in the Dallas region. Their assets are approximately $3.5 billion and their bank charter dates back to 1922. NexBank is proud to participate in any charitable programs that will help to make life in their hometown better for all residents.

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Securus Technologies Still Stands Out As The Industries Leading Correctional Facilities Communication Monitoring Professionals

Correctional facility communications has become a lucrative business with over 200+ million calls involved at hundreds of facilities. Securus works alongside the Public Utility Commission to ensure system operations, public safety, integrity, and monitoring. Thousands of inmates each year rely on the correctional facilities to provide quality communication for access to family, friends, and legal counsel. Traditional correctional facility calls can be very expensive and Securus is committed to creating technological advances that will create cost effective communication for inmates and their families. They continue to represent the best interests of inmates and the general public.

Securus works hard to maintain cost effective rates for correctional facility communication users. They have also teamed with Vimeo to offer quality video calling features for inmates and their families. This technology was initially used by the courts as a method of communication during court proceedings and quickly expanded to inmates as a means of communication. Securus Technologies comes in clear high definition HD with 1800 mp so you won’t miss a thing. You can attend events that you never though were possible as an inmate. The resolution is high enough to let you see every aspect of your friend or family members. In fact, Securus provides this service at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

Customers now have correctional facility communications that require integrity standards and the best prices for customers. Thus, Securus offers a competitive pricing plan to meet all budgets. They guarantee you will never get billed more than once for the same phone call. They are committed to a standard of excellency that is not provided by other correctional communications providers. Securus continues to be one of the top network providers in the industry. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas they continue to advocate inmate facility calls for the public.


White Shark Media – Get A Free Evaluation Today

White Shark Media is a top digital marketing agency that has managed nearly $36 million in ad spend. Sending out more than 300,000 emails and more than 35,000 reports, they truly know what they are doing in the world of paid advertising. Driving targeted traffic to a site is their forte.

They now offer FREE AdWords evaluations that can help anybody determine what they need for their marketing. A trained specialist on their team will actually show you how to get targeted traffic through the power of Adwords. This opportunity is almost never available for most customers since there are so many out there that would never offer this chance.

Every evaluation is done by a certified specialist. You can see the evaluation on the screen to learn what is going on and what you will be receiving and learning. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

This knowledge which they share can either be used to create your own campaign all on your own or even by hiring the White Shark Media Review team. They can handle all the work to ensure that you don’t have to. They love helping out their customers to give them a top notch experience.

White Shark Media is beyond reliable and definitely stands as one of the best companies in the world for numerous reasons. The company has remained to be immensely professional for numerous reasons.

You will find that they have grown over the years since they first opened up back in 2011. The truth is that they know what they are capable of, but they did go through countless troubles with their clientele.

In fact, they have lost clients because of the fact that they did make mistakes with how they do business. It can be scary sometimes because they weren’t able to handle the business aspect on so many levels, including the fact that they received numerous complaints. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

They have eventually found they can be ultimately one of the best in the world for numerous reasons if they know how to handle the stressful aspect of business.

White Shark Media was very much able to learn from their mistakes and get back on the right path. They learned that clients simply just want to be respected and treated with genuine dignity.

They are a reliable brand that knows what they are capable of. Working with them guarantees that they can help get your brand in the right direction and getting traffic.


Overview and Testimonials: Working at White Shark Media

With its headquarters located in the city of Miami, FL White Shark Media is a highly reputable leading Digital Marketing Agency that has helped thousands and growing companies across the U.S. grow their very own businesses by using their recommended online marketing tactics and suite of proprietary marketing tools to help their business grow, deliver, and succeed. Read more:

On, which is a highly reputable website where people across the globe rate various companies and their working conditions, White Shark Media has a 5 out of 5 star rating, consisting of thirty different reviews. They are also considered 100 out of 100 percent to be a company that one would recommend to a friend to work for.
If you look through the thirty different reviews left by people who currently work for White Shark Media on, you will see review titles such as “Awesome”, “Great!”, and “White Shark Media values their Clients and Employees.”

A current employee of the company wrote a review of the overall workplace and atmosphere on January 14, 2016, “I have been working at White Shark Media for over a year as a customer service representative. And I must say they are attentive to their clients, has a great business culture/value system that applies from management right down to the newest member of the team. Above all, White Shark Media shows great interest in the work that is produced for its clients, and ensures all employees are treated fairly and shows great interest in their continued growth.”

White Shark Media is also proud to be a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, as advertised on their official website. They also include the following three positive aspects concerning their company which include the following: The Premier Partner program only includes hand-picked agencies, White Shark Media as a whole meets all of Google’s most stringent eligibility and training requirements as a company, and many benefits are given/shown from using their proven AdWords expertise, like thousands of other SMBs.

White Shark Media also offers a Free AdWords Performance Evaluation on their official website home page (Http:// which is a risk-free assessment that is done by a specialist that will help point out both strengths and weaknesses, and hear what they could do differently as a company, as well as what it would cost if interested in doing do/proceeding.

There are also monthly packages of Specialized AdWords Management Solutions available pricing from $299 in price to $749 per month and offer different aspects.



Investors Are Turning To Gold To Protect Their Wealth In 2016 According To U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl

Paper money and stocks are not as solid as gold, silver and platinum, according to U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl. Mr. Diehl was recently interviewed by, and he said gold prices are going to increase faster than anyone expected in 2016 for several reasons. Philip Diehl and the precious metal veterans at U.S. Money Reserve are telling investors that now is the time to invest in gold and silver coins.

The world’s economy is following in the footsteps of China, and China’s economy is stuck in the mud of several missteps by the Chinese government. Some investors are not connecting the dots between China and the United States, but Diehl said they should start because China has a strangle hold on the worldÕs economy.

In a recap of the interview, said Philip Diehl isnÕt kidding when he said large investors are turning to gold and silver in 2016. Hedge fund investors are dumping stocks and reinvesting in the precious metal market. Investors are nervous not only about China, but they are also nervous about the health of the European Union.

There has been talk that the EU could collapse, and if that happens, gold prices will jump dramatically, according to Diehl. In fact, gold in London recently jumped 1.3 percent on news that the Netherlands rejected a trade deal with the Ukraine. The refugee migration is another issue that is tearing the EU apart, according to a recent article.

History shows that gold does well when economies stop growing, and there is proof that economies all over the world have stopped growing. A Crunch Base article supported the claim that even the Federal Reserve is being cautious now. Instead of pushing forward and raising interest rates, the Feds might decide not touch the rate, but if they do it will only help the price of gold.

Philip Diehl knows what he is talking about when it comes to how the government makes decisions. He served as the Director of the United States Mint under the Clinton administration, and he has been the director of the U.S. Treasury.

Investing in gold has always been the thing to do in China. Chinese investors are investing in gold now more than ever before, and that means gold and silver prices will continue to increase. U.S. investors are buying gold and silver coins from the U.S. Money reserve because they know that in bad economic times gold and silver always shines brighter.


Bob Reina Pioneering Video Communication With Talk Fusion

Bold Leadership Capabilities Of Bob Reina

When we consider what it takes to run a company, the amount of time and energy it takes to talk to other people and the amount of organizational skills it takes to keep a company on track, we begin to appreciate solid leadership skills. Bob Reina is a great example of a leader in today’s business world that is bold, courageous and trustworthy. He spent 15 years working in networking, and during those 15 years he did many extraordinary things. Bob came from a prestigious background as a police officer with exceptional skills and awards in his training.

Bob Reina founded a successful company called Cash Card Worldwide, and he continue to excel in direct sales. Actually, he served on the advisory board of several companies, and he made his name as one of the top 1 percent of all earners in many marketing companies. Eventually, Bob Reina decided to contribute to the growth of this industry by providing it with a much needed video communication service.

Pioneers Of The Video Communication Industry

Before Talk Fusion came along, the video communication industry was bleak and dismal. The internet was a newer thing still, so tech companies then thought it was not capable of sending high quality videos across the internet to other individuals or businesses. Bob Reina knew that this could be accomplished, so he gathered together the best technology experts he knew. Together they would figure out what was needed in order to send high quality videos. This is how Talk Fusion was first conceptualized by Bob Reina.

Talk Fusion, as a company, was founded in 2007. Talk Fusion quickly rose to a prestigious place among marketing companies. In the world of direct sales, there is a system called the Alexa Rating System. Talk Fusion is known as a company with exponential growth, according to the Alexa System. The Alexa System also makes a claim about Talk Fusion having the highest number of visitors coming to their site out of all the direct sales websites in the entire world.


Why Omar Boraie Emerged To Be the Best in Real Estate Industry


Structural development is the key economic growth indicator across the world. Many governments have invested in key structural development initiatives with the aim of improving the living standards of its citizens. This has also necessitated the private sector to invest in structural development to improve their profit proceeds. As such, there are different companies that have invested in the commercial and residential building process.
As a result, many people have also invested a lot of resources in the real estate industry to capitalize on income generation. Omar Boraie is one of the leading real estate developers in the United States of America. He was an Egyptian who travelled to the United States of America to acquire a doctorate degree in chemistry but later developed interest in real estate.
He established Boraie Development  over 40 years ago and the company has been building residential and commercial buildings that have been liked by many people. The company is headquartered in Albany Street where the 72 year old Omar Boraie has built his exemplary office suit where he observes most of his buildings from. Back in 1980s, the estate of New Brunswick was very poor and dilapidated with few occupants in the city. But he continued to work hard and bought abandoned houses which he later refurbished and improved to be among the most sought after apartments. During this time, the streets were abandoned and people would not walk on the street at 4pm for fear of being robbed.
His firm has attracted many big contracts from the entire population. He is responsible for building all houses of an American billionaire Donald Trump. He has heavy invested in the New Jersey state where he has contacted the professional services of Omar Boraie. His experience in the field of real estate has also attracted many investors who have developed interest in working with his firm closely. He has recently embarked on a multimillion building contract on the One Spring Street where they are building almost 120 square units of one, two and three bed roomed houses. These houses are aimed at improving the living standards of the common citizen in the state of New Jersey. The houses are affordable and can be bought ranging from 350, 00 to 500,000 dollars respectively. Through his leadership skills, he has continued to develop and offer affordable residential and commercial houses for the general public.

Capital Management and the CCMP

In the current developing global economy, the need for capital management skills has been on the rise. This has been influenced by several factors including the complex international trade on and the growing online trade.  One of the greatest capital management advisors known all around the entire globe is Stephen Murray. Murray is a well-known and highly reputed financial management advisor and to his reputation is his brain child, the CCMP capital. He was the founder and the president of the company before his death, which was a blow to family and friend.

However, he left a legacy that can be celebrated and used to commemorate his industrious life. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has been operating in the industry for years now and it has made great progress since the day of its inception. CCMP has been able to accumulate great experience over the years making it one of the most competitive company in the industry. The company came into being in 1984 and ever since it has been experience tremendous changes all geared to making it a better business entity. Dealing with capital management is a risky and a volatile business since business is about risks and returns are only by a chance which is almost equal to the chance of making losses. In some investments, the chances for losses are even higher.

To maximize its profits and to match with its goals in the industry, CCMP mostly deals with big corporations and governments. This is evident from its historic transformation form what it used to be to the current status. CCMP is a leader in technology especially in creating financial products and I research and market watch. This has been achieved by the company’s strategic move to help its employees to become innovative. At CCMP, employees are free to come up with new ideas and they are assured of great support from the management. Some of the greatest idea that the company has come up with are drawn from the employees who work very hard to create new venture and come up with new innovative proposals.

The company has helped a good number of organizations and governments in their dilemma of investing. The company has been very keen on the current market trends keeping tabs on the business world both locally and internationally through extensive research. As a result, investors are satisfied by the results they get after following the company’s advice on investment. The company gives advisory services alerting investors on upcoming and viable opportunities to invest since it keeps researching on the current affairs in the business world.


James Dondero the Expert on Credits and Equity Markets

Mr. Jim Dondero is a renowned man in the investment market. He attended The University of Virginia where studied Bachelor of Science majoring in accounting and finance. During his graduation, he bagged the highest honors a fete many have struggled to achieve. This was an immense achievement to him considering his young age the challenges faced by his peers at the time.

Towards the end of 1984, the bright man was employed to work as an analyst by Morgan Guaranty training program on Working in such a professional and demanding environment molded him into a skilled expert who could work with any client or company. This initial experience enabled him to apply for other competitive positions, which he got after rigorous interviews.

Additionally, he is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. This company specializes in asset and private business management. He is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the initiatives set by the firm are realized. Moreover, this entrepreneurial idea has made him a household name in Texas and the surrounding states.

Highland Capital Management Corporation is an affiliate of NexPoint Real Estate Advisors and begun operations in the year 1993. Today, the company manages over twenty one billion in assets. As president, the firm has been at the forefront in the development of new asset classes.

He has gained thirty years of experience since he completed school. With such knowledge on the market, many companies and individuals spends millions of shillings to enlist his exceptional services. Also, people have come to trust and value his advice on credits and loans because he has worked for companies that handle billions in a year. His reputation in the business therefore remains untainted and speaks for itself.

He has offered his quality services for decades and this earned him the coveted certified management accountant title. Any individual with this designation is considered an authority in the industry and companies often follow to the letter his proposals and warnings. In addition, he recently became a chartered financial analyst further adding to his achievements.

His work with American Express is most noticeable. Here, he was responsible for over one billion dollars fixed income funds. This was managed so well that the company moved up the corporate ladder to be ranked with its established superiors. He is a man who wants nothing but perfection and his profile indicates the same. His success with portfolio management has contributed to his classification as an enigma in the corporate world.

Mr. Dondero is also a philanthropist and has support a number of causes over the years. While giving public lectures in schools and universities, he often reiterates the importance of quality education and the role it plays in shaping the future of youths. He has sponsored several educational programs where he offers free advice to those in attendance so they too can take charge of their lives and businesses.