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The Power of Naomi Campbell in the Entertainment Industry

There are a on of people that are fans of Naomi Campbell. She has managed to become this iconic model that Beyonce references in song. She is known in many different circles as one of the most iconic models of all time. There are a lot of reasons for people to embrace what she is doing. They still see her on television. I have seen her on Empire, and I was impressed but not surprised to see how she was breaking new ground in television all over again.

The first time I remember seeing Naomi Campbell on television I was watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She had a small but very memorable role as a hot date for the character Jeffery on this show. I was so impressed by the way that she moved. She didn’t have a lot of lines, but I knew right there that she was someone that the world should be paying attention to. I saw early on that she had a talent for more than modeling.

I was correct. She has been on reality televisions shows since then, but she has always kept entertainment near and dear to her heart. People have come seen her on countless magazine covers, and they have to admit that she is one of the best supermodels when it comes to longevity. She appears to be one person that wanted a career that would last. Even when there were so many other models that faded into the background, Naomi Campbell was a master of moving from one task to the next. Naomi Campbell has shown that she could use her uniqueness to build career. People love her, and they love what she stands for.

Campbell represents the supermodel that is appealing because she is not cut from the same cloth as everyone else. She ranks up their with German model Heidi Klum and Ethiopian model Imani. Naomi Campbell is from the United Kingdom. Anytime that models outside of America come to the United States they are viewed as exotic goddesses. That is what Campbell is.

Norka Luque, Her Passion is Music

Norka Martinez Luque: a new air of positivity that moves every individual to pursue their dreams. Her story is full of motivation and inspiration, where impossibility never exists. The Venezuelan lady is sweet, a dreamer that discovered her passion for music at a tender age and who has been clean towards her goals: bringing forth her music has a positive message full of hope.

As a child, and with unconditional support from her parents, she began attending music lessons with piano, voice practices, flamenco and ballet, all while pursuing her normal elementary education.

Norka went to France after finishing high school and pursued a degree in Culinary Arts, Fashion, and Marketing, it was in France, that she got the opportunity to be part of a musical band. This helped her stay focused and constantly connected with her dreams of becoming a singer. However, it was just four years ago, when the renowned musical producer Emilio Estefan showed interest in her work and opened the door to the long-life dream of becoming a professional music singer. This was a very rare opportunity that many talented artists miss. Norka feels so blessed and privileged that Emilio liked her music and gave her the chance to become what she is today. Working with him has been a miracle in her life. Every day she spent time working with him she gained so much and learned something new. His faith and conviction in her are what mattered most. She has always believed that she will make the world a better place through her music. She has also realized that being alive is a privilege in itself.

Under the direction of the well-known music producer Emilio Estefan, a great team of producers composed of Archie Pena, Luigi Giraldo, Hermano Gaitan and many others played a very crucial part in the production of the song Milagro, which, together with El Cata, Norka is currently promoting. This song has been a hit in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the United States. The song is now one of the favorite songs in the Latin Music Billboard. The song is a pure blend of reggae, rock, pop, and Caribbean sounds that are combined with a very powerful message.

Norka believes that it is the sole duty of artists to bring a positive message to their fans in their musical lyrics because the songs arouse the deepest of emotions.


Celebrity Human Right Activist And North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is the young, beautiful defector from the brutal regime of North Korea. She garnered instant, global fame after her speech on human rights at the One World Summit in Ireland. She approached the stage wearing a traditional Korean dress, and she told one of the most emotional and heart wrenching stories most people have ever heard, and it ended in many people crying, while Yeonmi Park had to stop many times to wipe her own tears. In the speech, she briefly described her childhood, that status of North Korea and the story of how her family was forced to flee the dictatorship through China and Mongolia to get to the South Korean embassy.

As a child, she said she was convinced that Kim Jong-Il could hear her thoughts, and she even witnessed her best friend’s mother being publicly executed for a mere triviality in the 1990s. Her early childhood was decent by North Korean standards. Her father and all the men in her family were members of the Worker Party, and her family was fairly wealthy. According to Yeonmi, her father frequently spoke out against the Kim Dynasty, and he blamed the regime for the state of North Korea. For shielding his family from the awful famine in 1990s, her father was jailed for smuggling food from China for precious metals. Then, the status and comfort she knew as a child was ripped away from her, and she had no future whatsoever.

The decision was made that they would all make the perilous journey through China and across the Gobi Desert to reach the South Korean embassy. Because Yeonmi’s father was sick, her older sister fled first, followed by she and her mother and her father later joined them in China. Her father died during the journey, and Yeonmi was forced to dispose of his remains one night on her own when she was only 14 years old, and she has stated she was too afraid to even cry for fear of being extradited back to North Korea.

Yeonmi and her mother eventually escaped China by walking into Mongolia. She had seen her mother brutally raped at the hands of Chinese smugglers many times in China, and she had even threatened to commit suicide herself before letting anyone do the same to her. Once in Mongolia, Yeonmi and her mother had to cross the frozen wasteland of the Gobi Desert. They followed the stars like a compass to their destination.

Today, Yeonmi Park of the youngvoicesadvocates has become a global sensation, and she is feared and hated by North Korea. Her story is an important one to listen to because North Korea often gets shuffled to the bottom of the discussion when it comes to human rights violations, and it is only spoken of when the threat of unprovoked military action pops up.