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The Handiest Way to Clean

In modern times, it is difficult to come across a household where one parent or one person doesn’t have to work to help the house make the necessary living income. Because of this, the ever looming need to clean the house can really look exasperating after an 8 to 12 hour day in an office or a labor based job. This means that household cleaners and maid services are at a rise, and their competition with each other is making business entrepreneurs like Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua come up with iPhone apps that will allow people to hire a maid at the tap of a button.

Handy is the brain child of Hanrahan and Dua. This app is a marketplace where people come to both find their maid, and pay their maid. However, it works both ways. Not only can people come here to find someone to assist in their home, but they can also come here to apply as a maid. Working in much the same way as the Uber driving app, Handybook aims to take out all the middle businesses that may cause price increases and just get you straight to a qualified maid or a fair paying customer. Having Handy on youtube manage the payment system means that no customer will be overcharged, and no cleaner will be underpaid because the price is already agreed upon and dispersed.

For maids, this promises an easier way to keep hold of their finances. Of course, with cash paying customer maids can afford paying taxes by receiving payments under the table, but this doesn’t help them if they want to apply for a home or car loan. Handybook helps maids calculate their income and pay attention to necessary taxes, while reporting an accurate income balance that maids can present to banks and loaners. This greatly legitimizes their position, and helps them move forward in the business world.

Sometimes, people just don’t have the time to plan ahead or decide when a maid can and cannot get to the house.  When someone feels like that, now they just open the app, select the types of rooms they need to have cleaned, and receive prices from maids who can stop by relatively quickly. Not only are these maids readily available, but they have to pass a very difficult test. Although Handybook gets thousands of applicants, they only approve about 3% because their high standards require a lot from their maids.