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Eli Gershkovitch and the Independence of Canadian Craft Beers.

Beer. The oldest and most popular beverage. Originally manufactured on a domestic or local scale, beers used to be as unique as the region it was brewed in. It took the industrial revolution to turn beer into a large scale industry, providing great economies of scale, but limited the varieties and made beer somewhat boring.

Fortunately, within the last 30 years, there has been a resurgence in the artisan craft of beer making. Launching a craft beer phenomenon through Belgium, Germany, England, the US and Canada and making beer fun again.


Canada? Yes, you read that right, Canada is becoming a leader in the craft beer world, taking 24 awards at the 2017 US Open Beer Challenge and putting Canada directly on the craft beer map. With the unique new flavors of brewers such as The Exchange Brewery from Ontario, Steamworks Brewery from British Columbia and Belgh Brasse from Quebec, and insistence upon individuality stamped within their brews, Canada will continue to provide a strong showing for many years to come.


Steamworks CEO Eli Gershkovich is a great example of the independence and individuality found among best of the Canadian craft brewers.


Eli Gershkovich, falling in love with craft beer during a trip to Belgium in 1987, and after finding a location in the Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver, began brewing small batches of his beer in 1995. Taking advantage of the available boiler system of his Gastown location, Steamworks became the only steam-powered brewery in Canada, giving Eli Gershkovich’s beer a unique taste that can only be found in steam-powered brews (


Focusing on the local market and responding to his customer’s tastes has allowed Eli Gershkovich to expand his brewpub, keeping the growing organic and in line with his goals until the opening of the Steamworks Brewery in 2013, which allowed him to expand his unique beers across Canada, into the US and Europe (LinkedIn).


Maintaining independence is what will keep the Canadian craft beer market strong and Eli Gershkovich of Steamworks sees no reason to give up independence in his company, rather he will continue the steady growth that has allowed him to gain such a presence in the craft beer market.

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