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Beneful Healthy Dog Treats That Would Even Tempt a Human

There many are kinds of Beneful Dog Treats. There’s one kind that is made to clean the dog’s teeth and freshen his breath. Beneful makes Healthy Smile Dental Twists that are made from peanut butter and parsley. The dog treats are baked and better than being fried. The treats are made very various ingredients that would entice a human, such as apples, peanut butter, carrots, bacon, and cheese. Many of these best dog treats come in different shapes that include stars and hearts. These dog treats are for the adult dog only.

If you have a puppy you want to give a treat, it’s best to consult the veterinarian for suggestions. One customer said that she decided to discontinue giving her puppy dog treats because the calorie content was too high. Although it does not specifically say whether or not the dog treats are for senior dogs, I found some reviews in which the customers had dogs over the age of seven and some even in their teens that love the Beneful dog treats. There’s no specific caloric rating for the dog treats, however, the Beneful Break N Bites has only nine calories in each square.

On Amazon, customers seem to prefer Beneful Hugs more than the other type of Beneful Dog treats, giving it five stars. On Chewy, Customers tend to prefer the Healthy Smile Dog Treat and gave that a solid five star rating. It’s really a matter of getting different kinds of Beneful dog treats and see which ones your dog tends to like and agree with his digestive system. In both the Amazon and the Chewy websites, none of the Beneful dog treats rates less than a four star. Coupons can be found online, in the newspaper, at the vets, and even at the check out.