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3 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Event Planner

Hiring an event planner does not have to be difficult. It can seem that way when you take into consideration all the elements that go into pulling off a successful event. There are a number of excellent event planning companies in NYC and it you follow these simple steps you will no doubt find the perfect one for your next event.

1. Objectives
Why are you having this event? What do you want to accomplish? Most people come up with a budget first and give little thought as to what they want from the event. Do you want people to mingle and interact? Or maybe you want them to contribute to a charity. Your ultimate outcome will determine your budget and also whittle down the number of event planners you choose from.

2.Budget Estimation
Based on the outcome you want from the event, you can then begin to estimate a budget. Keep in mind that this will no doubt change as the planning progresses. By getting a feel for what the event will cost you can further narrow your pool of event planners to choose from. Some will just be too expensive.

3. Source Qualified Planners
Using word of mouth and review websites like Yelp! are a good way to build a list of qualified event planners, but don’t stop there. Take some time and ask other professionals in your area for recommendations.

Other professionals in the event planning industry can steer you to a good event planner. Talk to professional organizations in the area who may have used event planners in the past. Another good source of information is local hotels and event halls. They have seen it all and can give you some invaluable advice.

Twenty Three Layers is one of the most popular event planners in NYC and for good reason. They can help you with everything from venue selection, lighting, floral design, photography and entertainment. With their experience and relationships with some of the most exclusive establishments and vendors in the world, they can turn your next event into something to remember for a lifetime.

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