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Lovaganza Announcement – The Worldwide Cultural Event Is Set For 2020

Lovaganza, the most anticipated global event in recent history is scheduled to take place at eight flagship locations around the world, in 2020. From June to September, there will a a dazzling display of cultures, which will incorporate both new and traditional technologies to enhance cultural exchange and understand each other. Initially, the world-event was scheduled in 2015. However, project managers had no choice but to push it back five years as new sponsors were keen to showcase immersive modern technologies. Therefore, the new Lovaganza is destined to amaze even the most critical audience. In fact, the integration of immersive technologies, motion pictures, live events and exhibitions is unlike anything that is displayed on such a large scale.

According to the management, promotional events are planned for 2017. The best of Lovaganza promotional event is the “Traveling Show”, which will offer the breathtaking glasses-free 3D experience to audiences around the world. The immersive experience is a sort of trailer that will be used to build awareness among the broader audience. Hopefully, sharing the experience will enable other individuals to take advantage of numerous promotional events that will follow the landmark “Traveling Show” exhibit.

One of the examples of numerous other promotional events are Lovaganza traveling pavilions, which will provide yet another distinct 3D viewing of the three motion pictures to be released by 2017. The motion picture trilogy will also be presented in the traditional 3D and 2D cinemas around the globe. Event organizers have confirmed that shooting for these pictures has started in countries including United States, Spain and France. Soon, there will be more shootings to follow in Africa, India and lots of exotic destinations around the world. Just like the “Traveling Show”, these traveling pavilions and accompanying motion picture trilogy will help organizers to market the event.

Reliable sources have also confirmed that traveling pavilions will use groundbreaking Immerscope screen. These Immerscope screens have never been used to offer cinematic experience. Hopefully, the technology will be a highlight of the event. For those interested in getting more information about the event, they can visit the company’s website at Lovaganza.

About Lovaganza

The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is a for-profit enterprise dedicated to using modern cinematic technology to bridge the cultural gap and promote awareness of world’s traditions. Its non-profit entity, Lovaganza Foundation, will resume operations in 2017. Accordingly, Lovaganza Foundation will provide funding for similar global and regional initiatives around the world.

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