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Paul Mampilly Says Cryptocurrency Has Come, But You Shouldn’t Buy Bitcoin

Paul Mampilly has said in his newsletters and articles that he is a fan of blockchain technology and believes in digital currency, but he says Bitcoin is not what you should be looking into right now. Bitcoin reached some record-high levels in stock market value in 2017, and Mampilly says if he had realized that surge was going to happen, he might have urged his readers to buy it while they could. But now that it’s hit its high, he says it’s going to crash. That’s because it’s gotten so popular that a bubble has formed; a bubble just like the ones that formed in the tech industry in 2000 and the real estate markets in 2008. Bitcoin is not the investment for right now says Mampilly, but there is another digital currency out there that he says his newsletter readers can find out about. Visit to know more.

Paul Mampilly’s story is about his rise from a working family to a prestigious Wall Street investment expert to now actually doing something better as an investment newsletter writer. He got his bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University and his early investment advisory career began at Deutsche Bank. He moved up from research to active portfolio management while working at ING, Banker’s Trust and Sears. He became the ultimate portfolio manager when he joined Kinetics International Fund and made investments for clients that made very high returns of 26%. The Templeton Foundation wanted to see if he could do the same by putting $50 million in the stock market, so they asked him to come to their competition in 2008 where he took that $50 million and in one year turned it into $88 million. Best of all, he never shorted stocks to do that and he did it when the recession hit its worst. Read this article at

Paul Mampilly left Wall Street just four years after winning that competition, but he had plenty of savings to support his family and live financially free. He decided now it was time to share his investment secrets with the middle class, and the approach he took was through newsletters and giving his followers an over-the-shoulder look at how to run a portfolio. “Profits Unlimited” was his first newsletter and it’s served as a starting point for newer investors, while “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum” are newsletters for those who are ready to take on bigger stock investments. All of Mampilly’s articles and newsletters can be found at