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Your Investing Needs Meet By Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management Group is an investment advisory managing $13.9 billion in assets. The President, CFA and CMA Co-Founder of the company is James Dondero. CFA, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder is Mark Okada. The advising group has offices located in New York City, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Seoul, and headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They are listed on the Nasdaq and on October 12, 2016 celebrated the listing of The Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF in Time Square in New York City, New York. The company follows the principles of experience, discipline and boldness. They specialize in several areas of investment. One area is credit strategies such as credit hedge funds and collateralized loan obligations. Alternative investments for example emerging markets and natural resources is an additional area of specialization. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.


Highland Capital Management Group has a verified client base for instance public pension plans, endowments and financial institutions. The diversity of the group ranges from high yield credit options to structured products. They also offer distressed and special situations, along with long and short-term equity. Investments can also be found in healthcare and real estate. Highland Capital Management Group holds stock in several companies for instance Citigroup Inc., UnitedHealth Group Inc., Microsoft Corp., K12 Inc., and Western Gas Equity Partners LP. Read more at

Highland Capital Management Group is a privately-owned advisory with employee partnership. Employees of the advisory group are given benefits for example health, dental, and healthcare flexible spending. Staff also get perks featuring a fully stocked kitchen, banking services, charitable giving, employee referral program, and firm wide activities. The investment advisory hires for a variety of occupations such as Consultant Relations Director, Investment Analyst, National Account Direct and Real Estate Accountant.

Charity is another important aspect of Highland Capital Management Group. They invest in both local and national nonprofit organizations. The employees can see that the company invests in local communities when they live and work by being an active member of the advisory board. Volunteering is one way in which the group gives charity. Highland Capital Management Group helps in many ways when it comes to charity.


Agora Financial Investment Advice You can Trust

There is too much advice on investment from people in the media, many from whom who are not even from this sector. One can see television celebrities asking people to buy stock of a specific company, and then many financial advisors push people to buy certain funds that they are not sure will offer long-term benefits. If you have faced such an issue, you might be worried about your future. Since it is your money, you should not follow anyone blindly. But, it also doesn’t mean that you become a financial guru.

You just need to decide whose advice you should be taking. Agora Financial is one of the leading financial companies that work without any biases as they do not earn any commission off the investment you make. The company publishes only the facts and figures about the financial world and let people decide on their own. The company wants to educate the average investor and not to take advantage of their uncertainties and fears. They have helped their readers make money by providing them with relevant information complete with raw data and facts.

Agora Financial is part of the company Agora, Inc that was established in the year 1979. Started in 2004, Agora Financial has it’s headquarter located in Baltimore. The company conducts research and offers essential investment reports with supporting data to its customers. Most of the investment opportunities provided by them are far advanced and much before the mainstream investment companies come to know about it.Agora Financial continually publishes articles, videos and webinars discussing the different investment tips. It also holds conferences where highly experienced and knowledgeable investors and economists speak about various options and make bold predictions that most often come out to be true. All of the information presented by the company is unbiased making it a reliable source of information for investors.


Vincent Parascandola Success as a Finance Professional

AXA Advisors is a trustworthy firm that is perceived for the outstanding money benefits that it gives. The organization has primarily had practical experience in worldwide protection and helping its clients in dealing with their ventures. It right now has workplaces in areas, for example, Middle East, Western Europe, Africa, and North America. The business has been performing great in the market for as long as eight years, and its development rate has been around 14 percent for each annum. It is additionally viewed as the main endeavor in the business. AXA Advisors has been giving money arrangements that encourage the accomplishment of organizations and people. It likewise guarantees that its customers turn out to be fiscally secure.

According to Rocket Reach, the considerable achievement of the firm in the business sectors has been encouraged by various mergers and acquisitions that it has made. AXA was established in 1895, and from that point forward, it has purchased endeavors, for example, Guardian Royal Exchange, Equitable, Winterthur Group, and in addition Sun Life and Provincial Holdings. It is likewise dedicated to financing different magnanimous endeavors. It began AXA Research Fund in 2008, and the association has offered its help to different ventures that decide and fathom issues that are unsafe to the earth and human life.

Vincent Parascandola is a proficient expert in the back world. He has been serving the part for more than two decades and has held different driving positions. Vincent Parascandola right now works at AXA Advisors’ fund unit as its senior official VP. He has majored in administrations, for example, upgrading the aptitudes of back callings, administration advancement, and enlistment methodologies. Parascandola is a graduate of the New York-based Pace University. He landed his initially position at Prudential and was later offered an opportunity to fill in as one of MONY Life Insurance’s specialists. The firm valued him for his astounding work, and he was elevated to go about as an official.

Parascandola was later designated to be the leader of the Advantage Group. The firm is a division of the AXA Equitable and has been centered around fund experts. Vincent served the organization for a brief span before moving to AXA Advisors. His profession achievements have empowered him to be respected by being offered honors, for example, the Master Agency Awards


David Giertz’s Insights on Retirement Planning

Social security is one of the most underrated topics according to David Giertz. People who have retired are also the most underserved when it comes to social security benefits. According to a survey conducted by Nelson NHY Financial Retirement Institute, three out of ten retired people were not covered by retirement benefit plans. Giertz urges individuals who are still employed to sign up for reliable retirement insurance plans for future purposes. These plans can be sought from established life insurance companies. He also advises them to be consistent in sparing a portion of their incomes in savings accounts. Such savings would secure them a happy future upon retiring.

Retirement planning is difficult to undertake because it requires consistency and dedication. Giertz advises people to optimize their social security allocations on Spokeo for security and comfort. He also urges them to hire a financial advisor to help them in evaluating their incomes and determining the amount to be allocated for social security. Before entrusting an advisor with your retirement planning work on, conduct a background check on the expert. Ensure that this expert has helped clients with retirement needs such as yours. You should also ensure that he or she has been accredited to operate as a financial advisor.

David Giertz’s Professional Background

Giertz is a finance executive who has been interviewed severally on financial planning matters. He currently works as the VP of nationwide financial distribution and sales for Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He was appointed as VP in 2013 due to his extensive experience in life insurance planning. Giertz also holds executive positions in other subsidiaries of Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

Giertz is the sales vice president of Nationwide Financial Services. As the sales VP, he oversees the company’s financial planning matters. He also works in close cooperation with other members of Nationwide Financial Services’ leadership team. Source: