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Amanda Taylor Joins Sussex Healthcare

As people are growing old, they need specialized care so that they can live longer. Most people, however, are very busy with their lives, and this only means that they cannot get the time required by the senior people in the society. There are investors who have realized that this group of people needs extra attention, and this is why they have started healthcare facilities that take care of the elderly. The competition in this department is quite high. Very many companies are coming up, and this means that all company owners have to work hard so that they can offer the high quality services the patients need.

Sussex Healthcare is among the companies that are changing the lives of seniors in the community. This institution was introduced into the market by a renowned medical professional, Shafik Sachedina several years ago. Sachedina knew that these people were neglected, and he wanted to give them the good life they had been dreaming about. Sussex Healthcare has professionals who are highly skilled when it comes to taking care of the elderly people and those who have any form of mental challenges. Sussex Healthcare always takes its time to understand its patients, and this is why it has won the hearts of so many people in the United Kingdom.

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At the moment, the United Kingdom based healthcare company has more than twenty homes that have all the equipment the seniors need. Sussex Healthcare has great leadership that ensures that the customers are happy. These leaders are responsible for the success the company has been getting over the years. Led by Sachedina, these people take their time when dealing with the seniors so that they do not have to feel lonely.

This year, the healthcare company announced that it was going to introduced a new face in its top leadership. According to Sussex Healthcare management, the organization will be operating under a new chief executive officer. Amanda Taylor will be taking the prestigious position. Taylor is a highly successful businesswoman who is known by the young and old because of his achievements. Taylor is already very excited about the position offered by Sussex Healthcare, and she is looking forward to making the great changes the company needs. Taylor has been receiving the training she needs so that she can perform all her duties well. The management of the company has announced that it will work closely with Taylor so that the company dreams can be realized.

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The Current State of Prostate Cancer in the U.S, According to Dr. David Samadi

American men aged 65 or older are likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. In fact, the average age of discovery is 66, with six new cases of prostate cancer out of 10 being discovered in older men. The American Cancer Society estimates that 2018 will see 164,690 new cases of prostate cancer and 29,430 deaths as a result of the same.

However, prominent urologists, led by Dr. David Samadi—a urologist based at Lenox Hill Hospital—are convinced that prostate cancer is a curable disease, especially if detected in time and treated appropriately. Dr. Samadi advocates for surgery over radiation therapy in treating prostate cancer.

Apart from several studies that have demonstrated that surgery is more effective than radiation therapy at treating localized prostate cancer, Dr. Samadi criticizes radiation therapy for its ability to initiate cell mutations that result in secondary diseases such as bladder and rectal cancers.

More worrying is Dr. Samadi’s revelation that prostate cancer patients treated with radiation therapy are at an elevated risk of succumbing to prostate cancer than patients whose prostates are removed surgically. Dr. Samadi puts the survival rates of patients that go under the knife at almost 100 percent. Dr. Samadi stresses that it is risky to perform surgery after radiation therapy sessions.

A patient diagnosed with prostate cancer should, however, not settle on inexperienced urologists to perform either surgery or radiation therapy. Urologists whose track records are impressive have better chances of ridding prostate cancer patients of the killer disease. Patients should examine their urologist’s records of accomplishment based on statistics such as successful past surgeries. Other factors include the ability to maintain control of urinary functions and retain sexual ability after surgery among others.

Dr. Samadi advises prostate cancer patients to remain optimistic that they will beat back the disease. Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, and John Kerry triumphed over prostate cancer, having chosen to go under the knife.

Dr. David Samadi

Starting out his career at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Samadi has carved a niche for himself as a leading urologist in the U.S. So sought-after is Dr. Samadi that he was the highest paid doctor in New York in 2012. He is currently based at Lenox Hill Hospital, as the in charge of the medical facility’s urology department and robotic surgery. To know more about us: click here.

Dr. Samadi’s career revolves around the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. He is conversant in laparoscopic, robotic, and open traditional surgeries.


Sussex Healthcare Recruits To Improve Its Care For The Elderly

Sussex Healthcare is a privately owned company specializing in providing care for senior citizens since 1985. Based in Sussex, England, the company has expanded its operations opening other 20 care homes in various parts of the region including Sharpthorne, Horsham, Purley, Warnham, Henfield, East Grinstead and Billingshurst. Sussex Healthcare facilities are designed with the home setup in mind to ensure maximum comfort for the elderly.

The company offers a range of care services to individuals with various health needs, including learning and physical disabilities. The areas of care include palliative, respite, dementia and specialized adult care. Sussex Healthcare also offers education and recreation services to ensure the elderly stay both physically and mentally active. Individuals are encouraged to take part in various recreational facilities including swimming, gardening, crafts, and sewing.

Support services offered including reflexology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Sussex Healthcare homes are equipped with modern equipment including rehabilitation and physical therapy machines. All the care activities are instructed by certified and highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the wellness of each of the patients. These specialists assess the needs of every individual then customize programs to meet these needs. Nursing care services are available for 24 hours every day. Sussex Health Care offers balanced diet and delicious meals. The meals are prepared by professional chefs who make use of fresh locally sourced ingredients.

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Sussex Healthcare is currently led by joint chairmen, Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. The board consists of individuals who are experts in the medical and business sectors. Other key executives include Corrine Wallace and Carol Dilley who serve as head of operational care services and head of education and training respectively.

Sussex Healthcare offers an extensive career progression to its employees. With a mission to provide the highest level of care services to everyone, the company starts by hiring ideal professionals at all levels. These professionals are then trained by the company to ensure that they give services that meet the organization’s standards. Sussex Healthcare also offers support and opportunities to those who wish to continue with their professional education.

The company provides a productive and fun environment for its employees. Staffs also enjoy a range of benefits depending on their positions. The company is currently recruiting a number of professionals to fill various positions at its different branches. Some of the open positions include data analyst, care assistants, pre-registration nurses, deputy care home manager, clinical nurse auditor, registered nurses and associate dentist. Sussex is an equal opportunity employer and has invited applications from all qualified candidates who are passionate about the job.


Modern Technology in the Medical Realm with Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a top and paramount medical screening service that serves all the states in the United States of America. For the organization responsible for this matter to conveniently served, the role of booking for these services befall the clients in need. It is the clients who need the health screening services which determine where the Life Line Screening will be working, on which day and at what time. These services unlike the regular services offered by quacks are so much right with a hundred percent results. This has so far helped to the invalid for him or her to identify precisely the ailment in the body and what measures he/she needs to partake in a proper and healthy living.

The Aging with Dignity organization is so much responsible for this technological advancement was founded in the early 90’s. Its aim for all those years in operation has been to provide proper medical care to the sick and work hard towards ensuring adequate healthcare. The medical guru behind this excellent and remarkable work is Dr. Andy Manganaro who fully commits himself to the health science. These screening services have been a source of peace of mind to those affected by various infections. It is said that it is better to know what is wrong with your body and the cause of your sickness than to suffer without knowledge of what is haunting you.

Nurses and medical doctors have been undergoing training on how to use this technology and believed it or not, no negative result on the performance of the screening process has ever been heard of. Life Line screening organization is a private firm which not only focuses on prevention of diseases and wellness of different patient from diverse parts of the world but also fully indulges itself in community-based activities. This firm focuses on the health of various communities which seem to be neglected or not well looked after. Though its origin and foundation was in Florida, the Company has served forty-eight states across the entire U.S.

Surprisingly enough is that the medical organization has a thousand plus qualified employees working under its growth and success. Millions of health screenings have been held across the globe with so much ease and success. The screenings detect comprehensive diseases which ordinary hospitals cannot be able to identify. Their charges are so much affordable. That is why the firm is famous and receives much love from all the clients it has served and not yet served.

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Preparing for Life Line Screening Tests

Life Line Screening is a well-known healthcare company that is saving the lives of many patients in the world. The firm was established several years ago, and its greatest mission is to make everyone aware of their health problems before they get too serious. The institution also encourages the clients to seek medical attention with physicians so that they do not get serious complications later in life.

Life Line Screening has established itself as the best and top community-based provider of preventive health services in the United States. The private healthcare company has won the hearts of many people in the country because it only uses advanced ultrasound equipment to make its diagnosis. The equipment is similar to those in some of the best hospitals in the world. The professionals serving in the private company are highly trained and experienced. When a client visits the facility, these professionals will do their best to make sure that they give the best results. The professionals follow the highest medical standards too.

The company was introduced into the healthcare industry in the year 1993. Since then, it has successfully managed to screen more than eight million individuals. The company is only dedicated to giving the client the best medical attention. Unlike most private institutions, the screenings offered at Life Line Screening are affordable. This means that the middle-class investor can comfortably afford the services.

When going for any medical procedure, it is crucial for a patient to prepare themselves so that everything can run smoothly. The company only conducts ultrasound screening that are painless and non-invasive. This means that customers do not have to get worried when going to the facility. The blood screenings from the company will also need a very simple figure stick and several drops of blood.

The screenings in this health company will require minimal preparations. Some of them do not require any preparation at all. Individuals who are taking the blood sugar test, however, might be required to take fast for some hours so that they are given adequate results. Evert test is different from the other, meaning that the patient will have to talk to the physician before coming for the test.

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