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Handy, Home Cleaning you Can Trust

Handy is a home services company that was founded in 2012 by two Harvard Business School students. The company primarily performs home cleanings for its customers, but also offers handy man, furniture assembly, and plumbing services. This company is taking the hassle out of hiring a cleaning service for homeowners so that they can instead sit back, relax, and actually enjoy their clean homes.

The company has quickly grown from doing $3 million in annual revenue to $52 million just two years later. Constantly expanding Handy is available in 25 cities nationwide, two in Canada, as well as London, England. It maintains such an impressive rate of growth through it extensive use of contractors. The company only employs 50 people full time, but commands an army of over 5,000 home service professionals who perform at least one job each month for the company. 

With well over 10,000 jobs being performed every month by the company’s contractors Handy is a name on recode homeowner’s can trust. In order to help build a strong relationship with its customers the company provides a money back guarantee on its services so that a customer never leaves dissatisfied. Another great benefit of using Handy is that if something happens to break, accidents can happen, during a service the company will fully reimburse the homeowner for the cost of the broken item. With a traditional cleaning service the customer may have just been left with a broken lamp and an apology note.

Handy also takes pride in ensuring that it only employs the best cleaning professionals the world has to offer. Although this can be difficult with such a large workforce the company takes great care to individually screen each applicant to ensure that they live up to the standards set forth by Handy. Every Handy home service professional has been run through a criminal background check on, passed a rigorous interview, and had their references verified. In fact, the founders take great pride in knowing that the company has a higher rejection rate than their alma mater.

In addition to the great service and reliability the company is also extremely convenient and easy to use. Homeowners just type in some basic information, receive a quote, pay with their credit card, and Handy will take care of the rest. No longer is it necessary to call around to different cleaning companies to see who is the best or even to have cash ready to pay the person who will be entering your home. Handy maintains the best staff in the industry and even takes the hassle of paying them off of your hands.