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Rebuild and Renew with Barbara Stokes

Ceo Barbara Stokes is the owner of Green Structure Homes Delivered, also known as GSH of Alabama, LLC which gives disaster relief for those needing their homes rebuilt in times of a weather crisis or any other natural disaster. Before starting this company in Alabama, in 2001 she graduated from Mercer University, which Barbara studied Engineering and Physics, Technical Communication, Structures and Properties of Materials from 1996 to 2000. The experience from going to Mercer, getting her education in this field, and taking into account her work experience with Pisces Corporation and Boeing, has assisted Barbara Stokes to start contracting with the United States Government and FEMA. Taking advantage of this opportunity has enabled her to make a huge impact on survivors dealing with the loss of their home, business, or in some cases, a loved ones property. Follow Barbara Stokes on

At Green Structure Home Delivered, she is proud to support the mission of FEMA by making a difference to her community in the time of need. Throughout the United States, GSH has offered on-site construction of residential, modular commercial, and mobile structures for those who are not in position to rebuild it themselves. Rather it’s a commercial or residential structure, Barbara Stokes’s goal at Green Structure Home Delivered is to plan the rebuild from the ground up. She is doing an amazing deed by properly re-installing and inspecting these properties to give the people of the community a fresh start, after such a dramatic incident no one wants to go thru.


Barbara Stokes has created new jobs not only in Alabama with GSH, but you can add Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Florida, and Virginia to the list for those wanting to have a part in rebuilding structures for their community as well. Green Structure Home Delivered has over 30 years experience providing housing and improving the unforseen circumstances of their community and are appreciative for Barbara Stokes leading the way. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.