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The Midas Legacy- Your Ultimate Wealth Management Advisory Firm

Located in Winter Garden, Florida, Midas Legacy is a research service company that offers financial management advisory services. The company has a mission of helping each client achieve the life they desire.

Whom do they offer their services?

The Midas Legacy company offers its services to anyone who has a vision of achieving more in life wealthwise. These include; those who look forward to a better and happier life, those who want to retire early, aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking to make a difference and investors who want to manage their wealth wisely.

The research service company achieves its mission of helping its clients through the provision of tested and proven materials that have worked for individuals in various sectors. The material used have been tested and shown to work for people in the real estate, natural health, retirement and finance among other areas.

Joining the Midas Legacy

The company’s mission is integrated immediately a client becomes a member of the advisory firm. As a free membership bonus, the customer is presented with the Midas Code book. From there, there will be advisory contents from periodic article publications in Real Estate riches and management, natural health and cures which incorporate the best health practices, wall street trading and consultation, self-discipline and better retirement strategy.

Why you should Trust the Firm for Advisory Services

You see, when it comes to health and financial advice, one wants assurance that you are getting it from an expert or a team of experts. The Midas Legacy firm is made of such of experts from various fields that possess vast knowledge in their respective areas of specialization.

Among them are multimillionaire entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and successful stock market investors among many others. With this kind of expertise on board, you can rest assured that you will achieve your desired success once you seek the services of the Midas Legacy.

Philanthropic Deeds

In addition to offering its clients valuable information on helping them make it in life, the Midas Legacy is also a philanthropic firm. It is involved in providing donations to several charity organizations which include; Give Hope Foundation which assists children who have cancer, Florida Sherrif Department, Wounded Warrior Project which helps wounded veterans during military activities and Salvation Army which involves in helping the needy including children and victims of trafficking.

The firm also offers assistance to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital which participates in helping children involved in fatal diseases as well as American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Sanjay Shah’s Story

Sanjay Shah’s story begins in Kenya where he and his family lived until his parents decided to move to the United Kingdom. Being only a few years old when the Shah family moved from Kenya to London, Sanjay Shah has grown up to be a Brit culturally. He comes from a well to do family and lived in a prestigious London neighborhood.

Expectations were high for the young Shah when he finished school. His family wanted him to study medicine and become a doctor. Sanjay Shah went on the route his family planned, but several years into his medical studies he quite and decided to pursue accounting instead. Shah was intrigued and fascinated by the prospect of making lots of money and the way the financial system functioned.

Sanjay Shah would indeed make a lot of money. He went on to study at Cambridge University and majored in accounting and finance. There he would also meet classmates who later on would help him with a charity he would eventually establish called Autism Rocks. It raises money for autism research done at Cambridge University in England.

Mr. Shah quickly found employment at a large brokerage firm and worked as an accountant for many years for several brokerage firms. He found the work tedious and was itching for an entrepreneurial venture. The final straw came when the financial crisis of 2008 stuck. Sanjay Shah was fired from his position as an accountant and was unemployed.

Out of work but not disheartened, Sanjay Shah went on the found his own investment firm called Solo Capital from a small studio on the outskirts of London. It started out as a small firm with only a few employees. Mr. Shah micromanaged the operations Solo Capital at first.

Eventually the firm grew big enough and successful enough to became an established boutique investment firm. Solo Capital now has its own professional office space in downtown London and owns it. It is no longer run out of a studio apartment. Unlike the micromanaging days in the beginning Sanjay Shah lets Solo Capital managers take full reins of investments now. Mr. Shah now considers himself partially retired. His focus now is spending time with his family and raising awareness about autism through his charity.


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