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Chris Burch Helps Bring Nihiwatu to Life

Chris Burch has made his mark with unique retail brands as either their founder or co-founder. These brands have an international reputation and a couple of examples are C. Wonder and Tory Burch. He’s also invested in some other retail names successfully and is now using his business experience to strike out in a new direction.

The hospitality industry is his current endeavor and his entrepreneurial skills are helping make this a success also. He has partnered with hotelier James McBride and together they developed a five-star resort on an Indonesian island called Sumba.

The location was formerly a hostel and they committed $30 million to bring forth world-class luxury accommodations for those seeking island getaways. The resort is called Nihiwatu and it opened in 2015 and was voted as the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure in 2016.  Check

Burch was inspired by the next generation and hopes to leave something amazingly beautiful to his children and he also hopes to help the local community with a greater financial opportunity. The island has extraordinary colors in water, sky, and vegetation which lend a spectacular air to the surroundings.

The resort contains some unique places such as a spa underneath a waterfall and despite the island’s remoteness, it offers employment opportunities for the island’s residents. Nihiwatu has become the island’s largest employer and it also infuses cash into the Sumba Foundation. The foundation helps fund projects that improve life on the island amongst those in the local community. A portion of the resort’s profits helps with these noble ambitions that make life better.

The resort contains 27 private villas and they each have their own plunge pool. There is a large indoor-outdoor entertaining area as well as two tree houses at the resort which are pretty incredible in their own right. The novelty of sleeping in a luxurious tree house is something quite rare indeed. The furnishings include traditional Sumbanese antiques with a distinctive island flair which makes the local culture that much more interesting.  Related article on

The wellness center is where yoga practitioners can go for daily sessions and private classes are offered as well. Every level of experience can be accommodated by talented instructors.

The beach is where surfers rule and it is considered a paradise with large waves to entice them to shoot the curl. A trip to nearby waterfalls can provide spectacular photo opportunities and a trip to a nearby lagoon is also available. The tropical island resort of Nihiwatu is truly high luxury with a gorgeous slice of nature surrounding it. Click on this for an additional article.

Chris Burch is a talented serial entrepreneur who’s been involved in fashion, technology, and real estate among other niches.   Hop over to for an overview of his divere investments.  His first endeavor in starting a business was Eagles Eye Apparel which was accomplished with his brother and was successful until they sold it for a substantial profit.

Burch Creative Capital is his organization and they are all about putting money to work in creative ways. Some of their notable successes include ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, and Poppin.  More to read on

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A Look At Chris Burch And His Go-To Chef Andrés Morataya

Chef Andrés Morataya of Panama has a very custom cooking technique that he has devised over the course of his career. His restaurant, Panga, is very popular and one of the guests that really enjoys his menu is Chris Burch, the founder and chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. One time when Chris Burch needed a chef for one of his parties in the Hamptons he even flew Andrés Morataya from Panama to there in order to cook.

Panga is part of the latest trend in restaurants which is serving a menu comprised of farm-to-table fresh ingredients. When Andrés Morataya, along with his wife, first opened the restaurant they didn’t have the funds needed for a lot of cooking equipment. Instead, they got creative and came up with different ways of cooking. This includes building his own grill from bricks as well as driftwood he found on the beach. When cooking for Chris Burch and his guests in the Hamptons he did the exact same thing by building his own grill in the same way.  Refer to for related article.

Chris Burch owns a resort in Indonesia on Nihi Sumba Island. Andrés Morataya will be taking his chef talent there in October along with his unique cooking equipment and techniques. The way he cooks he calls “back to basics” and he says that by limiting himself it actually opens him up to being even more creative versus the use of modern day cooking equipment.

Burch Creative Capital is a luxury fashion brand that Chris Burch founded a number of decades ago. Visit their website, hit on  He has been behind some of the most famous luxury brands in the world including Tory Burch as well as ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Other well-known brands of his include Cocoon9, Poppin, and TRADEMARK.

In addition to his clothing empire over the years Chris Burch has branched out into other industries. He is also experienced in the financial and hospitality industries as well as consumer products, food, and technology. He has deep experience in sales, marketing, and design. Altogether he has been a major part of over 50 companies across a span of industries.  For his latest innovative offering to the market, click on

One of the things that Chris Burch emphasizes is that, unlike what many people think including even business leaders, creativity and productivity can work hand in hand instead of at loggerheads with one another. He says that spending the time generating ideas is not a waste of time at all and is needed in order to provide market disrupting products.  For more of his views on things around his field of interest, head over to this.

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Fashion And Technology Relying On Each Other

Our world of technology keeps growing and growing to the point it seems it will never stop. We started out making calculators that were the sizes of rooms and now we have moved on towards our cell phones that have the same thing embedded in them on top of their other numerous functions. These kinds of leaps in technology have also been partnered with fashion. Take for instance the iPod, something that was spurred all the way back by the boom box and the idea of personal music. It soon became unfashionable to walk around with a large speaker everywhere (as well as inconvenient) so technology companies started to upgrade the idea into a personal music player that evolved into the iPod and MP3.   Check this latest cool innovative product in the market today, hop over to

There are other spaces where technology and fashion have been able to meld together in the world. For example, we have been able to find numerous ways to capture movement and be able to turn it into viable energy. Many fashion companies have been taking this technology and trying to implement it into their products, like watches with a rechargeable battery and shoes that can charge your phone. Along with these new ideas, there have also been advancements in the clothing technology itself, allowing it to deal with weather differently and also helping to adjust your body temperature.   A must-read article about shared views on new ideas put into technology, hit on

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The reason that these two fields are so closely tied together is that they need each other to grow in a direction that the public will find enticing. It is a mutualistic relationship because as technology grows some people may not catch on to it right away due to its downsides. Take the earlier example with the boom box, the device would not have gained so much traction if it were not a social fashion item at the time.   Interesting news available on

The same can even be seen today with the new Google glasses. Some non-glasses wearers do not like the idea of wearing glasses due to the fashion stigmas surrounding them, but when models started wearing them on the runway these ideas started to change. Through these acts, the fashion market was able to gain more products to market and the technology sector gained better customer loyalty. These relationships between technology and fashion will continue to grow and create amazing things together in these ways.  More to read on

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Chris Burch is prominent due to his great influence in the fashion industry. Despite him founding a variety of business ventures, Chris Burch has remained relentless in his pursuit of success. More recently, he together with his friend and an hotelier James Mc Bride, bought a beach hostel.

This beach hostel is in Indonesia. After the acquisition of the resort, Mr. Mcbride, and Burch went forth to renovate the hostel into a five-star hotel maximally. Renovation of the hotel into a modern day five-star resort was costly. An approximate of almost 30 million dollars was used to refurbish that hostel

Nihiwatu Resort.

After the renovation, Nihiwatu opened in 2015. Nihiwatu is a five-star resort with luxurious facilities. The beautiful scenery at the Indonesian beach further transforms the place into a one of a kind nature experience. Besides, the spas in this resort are under a waterfall.

These massive transformations not only have they increased the number of tourists visiting Indonesia but also led to Travel+ Leisure magazine naming Nihiwatu as the best hotel in the world.

In an area where the stability of the economy is always in question, Nihiwatu resort has been a huge blessing to the locals of Sumba island Indonesia. Currently, the resort employs the largest population of locals in the area. Besides, Sumba Foundation gets a percentage of the profits from this resort,check this on

Sumba Foundation is an organization that helps support local projects in the area. The resort also provides an avenue for locals to sell their antiques. Some of these antiques can be seen as they are hanging around the resort.

Life and career of Chris Burch

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital. He is also the CEO of this company. Before being a billionaire, Mr. Burch first investment was Eagles Eye Apparel. This business entailed Mr. Burch purchasing garments at 10 dollars and selling them at a profit.

Although the firm initially targeted his college mates, he quickly expanded his franchise to other neighboring colleges. This move would later propel him to open a fashion label together with his wife in 2004. Later on, in his life, he diversified into real estate. More related articles on

Currently, Mr. Burch not only boasts of developing luxurious homes but also developing the best hotel in Indonesia. Besides this, Burch holds multiple stakes in different companies.

For an update of Burch timeline activities, head over to this.

Mr. Burch rise to be a billionaire was not an easy journey,he made sure to add value in every business venture that he undertook. Even though he has achieved a lot, he still helps those who are less fortunate in the society through his various charity contribution.

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