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Chris Burch Investor Extraordinaire and His Successes

Christopher Burch is one of the world’s greatest investors. The greatness and secret of Christopher’s investments he states is he invest in individuals and people rather than investing with the mindset to make money. Christopher invested in a vast array of areas such as technology, branding, hotels, and different consumer goods, click He humbly began the Eagle Eye apparell business where he invested a total of $2000 with his brother. This company eventually was purchased from the brothers by Swire Group for over a 160 million dollars. He is also one of the earliest investors in Internet Capital Group which is a well reputable IPO space online.

Mr. Burch is extremely gifted in launching start up businesses in multiple fields of retail. He even helped Ellen DeGeneres launch her ED brand. He also shows hospitality where he allowed himself to be used by other consumer brands such as home furnishing, health foods, development of technologies, and children’s products (

Christopher Burch, while being previously a president of the Pierre hotel, spent a portion of his wealth towards research and donations to Mount Sinai hospital in New York. He even on the island of his most luxurious hotel has given back to the island’s main charitable foundation called Sumba Foundation. While he has made tons of money through his investments, he continually works to be someone who creates and designs masterpieces.


With his understanding of how people behave and how they desire to experience customer service related infrastructures, Burch relies on his intuition to achieve unparalleled success. Birch has several domestic and international locations where he invests in acquiring properties. His work in Indonesia on the island of Sumba is where he worked on both the purchasing and renovation of a luxury resort named Nihiwatu. It seems that since 2012 when entrepreneur Christopher Birch expanded their resort and poured a large investment into the resorts acquisition and renovation it proved to be an investment worth the money. Travel + Leisure has given the hotel in all categories of their World’s Best Awards the number one hotel on the planet for the years 2016 and 2017. Christopher believed in the potential of the island. To take the breathtaking beauty of the island and create from his vision something that he could preserve, but also give to others to enjoy and truly marvel at the wonders of the island paradise. This property changes the way one sees resorts.

Chris Burch’s Luxury Resort Nihiwatu

Chris Burch, successful entrepreneur and cofounder of many internationally recognized retail brands such as Tory Burch and C. Wonder, bought a beach hostel island in Indonesia in 2012 along with hotelier James McBride. Within three years, the island was transformed into a luxury hotel known as Nihiwatu, and in 2016 was voted “best hotel in the world” by Travel + Leisure ( Nihiwatu encompasses 567 acres of land, has 32 private villas, and offers various resort activities unique to the island such as waterfall hiking, surfing, stand-up paddling, and village sightseeing.

Burch started his entrepreneurial career in 1976 while he was still attending Ithaca College. It was then that he invested $2000 into Eagle’s Eye Apparel, a business which eventually grew to $165 million. After selling Eagle’s Eye Apparel to Swire Group, Burch invested in Internet Capital Group which soon became a well-known IPO story on the internet. He continued investing and creating for the years following that, using his intuitive understanding of consumer demands and experience to guide his way to success. Some of Burch’s notable investments include Faena Hotel + Universe, ED by Ellen Degeneres, Cocoon9, BaubleBar, Blink Health, and many more. He has also been a active philanthropist, contributing to countless domestic and international institutes (

The story of Nihiwatu and the island it is based on, Sumba, begins with the Marapu spirit who landed on its beaches centuries ago. According to the Sumba people, the Marapu spirit is a benevolent force that has safeguarded the island and has worked to attract custodians to protect the Sumbanese people and their way of life. In 1988, Claude and Petra Graves were attracted by Marapu to the beaches of Sumba in search of waves to surf on. In appreciation of the island, they decided to found a hostel which they named Nihiwatu, after the beach they first came to. Twenty-four years later, word of Nihiwatu and the Graves’s desire to expand the hostel reached Chris Burch’s ears. He then joined forces with James McBride who’s successful hotel management in Singapore was used to create the luxury resort that is so well known today.

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Chris Burch: Investment Genius

The business world can be a very tricky maze to navigate. Most people see successful businessmen and think that it is an easy way to get rich. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every time you invest, there is a good chance that you may lose it all.

Business is characterized by aggressive competition whereby someone else is always ready to take your position, and you must always work hard to stay ahead of the competition. Success in business is only achieved through hard work, dedication, and above all, passion bordering on obsession.

Chris Burch has managed to succeed in multiple industries ranging from fashion to real estate and hospitality. His companies are known for their strict adherence to quality.

He recently launched one of the best resorts in the world on a remote Indonesian island. Travel magazines have described it as the ‘best hotel in the world (

Early life and Education

Chris was born and raised in Pennsylvania. His family was middle class; his father owned a company dealing in mining equipment. It is fair to say that Chris inherited his business talent from his father.

He undertook his high school education at Tilton School in New Hampshire. He got his undergraduate degree from Ithaca College.

Business Career

Burch began his entrepreneurial venture very early in his life while he was still in college ( He began by selling sweaters door to door on campus, buying them for ten dollars and selling them for fifteen dollars.

He worked hard at this modest business, and he quickly grew it into a company that was making sweaters and selling them on neighboring campuses, eventually making it into retail stores. He would eventually sell his clothes business in a deal that brought him over fifty million.

This was just the beginning of what would turn into a glittering investment career. His next venture was in technology when he invested in an internet IPO company, which grew to become the now recognizable Internet Capital Group.

He made a return to the fashion industry when he co-founded a clothes company in 2004. Under his leadership, this company achieved tremendous success eventually attaining a valuation of over three billion.


Nihiwatu, the five-star resort by Chris Burch investor and philanthropist

Chris Burch is at it again! He invested in a hostel and turned it into liquid gold. Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu the best hotel in the entire world. There are a lot of hotels worldwide, so this was quite the honor. It was not easy though. Hard work and money was involved to create this five-star paradise. With a $30 million dollar investment and time, it all came together magically. Sumba, the Indonesian Island has experienced quite a positive change since Nihiwatu was created. The Sumba Foundation, which consists of the local community has vastly benefited from Nihiwatu which donates some of their profits to the organization so they can financially support local projects. They are also the island’s largest local employer, giving much needed jobs to the community.


When it comes to beautiful aesthetics, Nihiwatu fits the bill. With an homage to the natural beauty surrounding the resort you can’t beat that kind of backdrop. The resort also uses art and pieces of antiques from the native culture to give a feeling of serenity at this peaceful resort. There are 27 villas in total around resort for dedicated surfers, nature lovers, or travel lovers. There is additional villa, Chris Burch’s villa called Raja Mendaka which can also be inhabited. This exclusive villa have a bonus four villa that all individually have their own plunge pools. The views are spectacular, the wildlife is incredibly, and accommodations simply fantastic.

Businessman Chris Burch is passionate about making a positive change in the world. He has donated and helped organizations like The Child Welfare League of China, NYU Langone, The Henry Street Settlement, The Sumba Foundation, Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, and The China Association of Social Work. He was previously the President of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board and was on the board of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. Chris Burch sits on a total of 9 boards in effort to give back to those who truly need it. More on

While attending Ithaca College Mr. Burch started up his own clothing line with his brother Bob. It took off like wildfire and later sold to Swire Group. It was worth an estimated $165 million dollars. With so much potential and success with his first company, Chris was destined to become a heavy hitter with his smart and creative investment philosophy. He is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Burch Creative Capital.

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The Philanthropy And Career Of Entrepreneur Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a New York-based entrepreneur who founded Burch Creative Capital. He is the company’s chief executive officer. Burch Creative Capital invests in privately held companies, many of them in the fields of fashion, hospitality, organic foods, technology, and others. Since the 1970s he has been an instrumental part of launching north of 50 businesses. (

As a venture capitalist, Chris Burch says that creativity is the key to making good investments. He adds value to the companies he invests in by lending them his creative skills and passion for success. He has been highly involved in many brands including Tory Burch, Powermat, Jawbone, Voss Water, Next Jump, Little Duck Organics, BaubleBar, and Cocoon9. He has a five-star hotel in Argentina called Faena Hotel + Universe (  He also has a resort in Indonesia called Nihi Sumba Island which has been referred to as one of the best in the world.

Burch grew up in New Hampshire. For high school he attended Tilton School which is a private boarding school that was founded in 1845. After graduating in 1972 he went to Ithaca College and graduated from there with his bachelor’s degree in 1976. According to, it was while he was a college student that he co-founded his first company. This company sold apparel on college campuses, starting at Ithaca College. Years later he and his business partner, his brother, sold the company for several hundred million dollars.

Over the years Chris Burch has donated his time and money various nonprofits. He served for a number of years on the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation’s board of directors. He used to be the president of the board for The Pierre Hotel Co-op. He has supplied money to both research projects and philanthropic initiatives that have taken place at New York City’s Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Oversees, Chris Burch has been very generous as well. He started The Sumba Foundation which helps people that live in the island his resort is on in Indonesia, and additionally is the island’s biggest employer. He also gives money to the Child Welfare League Of China which advocates for children’s rights.




Chris Burch Lists A Few Gifts He Loves Giving To Family Members

Chris Burch’s business career has always changed with the times. Whenever he’s determined that one company was successful, he usually exits and sells it and moves onto the next business. At his venture company Burch Creative Capital he helps turn others’ ideas into businesses with specialized brands. But even though Burch may change businesses that he runs, he likes giving gifts to his family and friends that last for years to come. Some fine items that he told blog readers make good gifts are a Barbour Gisbourne jacket for the cold winter months, Pretzables snacks and sweets, a zero-gravity massage chair and other home warming gifts.  Refer to for additional article.

How His Entrepreneurial Journey Started

Chris Burch didn’t go into business building through the usual corporate channels. He started out as a college student selling sweaters that he’d buy from a factory in Ithaca, NY and sell around his college campus for a $5 profit. has more of this story.   The business grew larger than Burch expected and by the late 1970s he already owned his own factories and several retail stores for his new Eagle Eye Apparel brand. Burch sold this company after running it for 20 years and then started investing in early tech-based companies with the Internet Capital Group. He owned part of Tory Burch, a fashion brand that his then wife had started, and he sold the shares in 2008 when he launched Burch Creative Capital. Companies that are either currently in the portfolio or were formerly in it include Powermat, C. Wonder, Actua, Voss Water and Poppin.  Click this link for an update to his latest cool offering to the market.

There are two big 5-star hotel properties that Chris Burch has funded; the Faena Hotel + Universe and Nihiwatu Resort. The Faena Hotel + Universe was a partnership with Argentinian real estate mogul Alan Faena that saw the construction of Buenos Aires’s best vacation hotel in 2004. Burch Creative Capital and Faena remained partners until 2014. Nihiwatu Resort was Chris Burch’s biggest investment when he and James McBride bought the property on the remote Sumba Island in Indonesia. They had a vacation resort built that has scenery you could only imagine in dreams, and Burch also has a grand home there that he travels to and from throughout the year. When he’s not spending time on business, Chris Burch also is involved in philanthropies like supporting the Tilton School and the Rothman Orthopedic Foundation.

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Chris Burch: A Man Of Innovation

Christopher Burch has had a successful career spanning over 40 years.

He is the current CEO of the company Burch Creative Capital and has had a hand in over 50 companies in various industries, including technology, apparel, financial services, hospitality, and more. He is a master entrepreneur with high-level investment skills that he brings to every project he has worked on. He has done business with Ellen DeGeneres and co-founded Tory Burch, a luxury fashion label. Chris has both built luxury homes across the United States and high-profile hotels across the globe. He also has launched Cocoon9, a company responsible for building miniature homes.

One of his most successful endeavors is the luxury resort, Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu is located on Sumba Island in Indonesia and contains 27 villas which are constructed out of teak wood and natural stone. This elegant resort is surrounded by the beach and jungle. Some of the activities include relaxing in the lounge, taking a boat ride, going on a safari ride, or taking a hike toward a waterfall. During construction, one of Chris Burch’s goals was to leave the natural surroundings as undisturbed as possible. He started the Nihiwatu project with James McBride, another hotelier.

Chris Burch was born in March of 1953.

He was an undergraduate student at Ithaca College from 1972 to 1976. According to, his career started while he was still in school when he started Eagle’s Eye apparel with his brother. The pair sold the company after it grew to $165 million. He also invested in

Internet Capital Group very early on. He has invested in real estate ventures worldwide and is known for his ability to recognize success.  For his latest cool offering to the market, hit this.

Christopher is also known as a generous philanthropist.

He works with The Sumba Foundation and has supported numerous charitable organizations primarily in the United States and in Asia.  Check for an update on his recent timeline activities.

Chris is also a financial supporter of medical training programs in New York.  For more reading about him, hop over to

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