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Chris Burch Launches New Indonesian Resort Venture

Subsequent to having established and co-established numerous worldwide popular retail brands like Tory Burch and C. Wonder while still venturing in many others, Chris Burch decided to expand his business horizons by entering a new venture – hospitality.

Chris Burch forms a partnership with James McBride, a reputed hotelier. They purchased a beach hostel in the Island of Sumba, which is located in Indonesia in 2012. The two paid out $30 million in the refurbishment of the cited hostel in 2015, which they called Nihiwatu – a five-star resort. The resort was nominated as the best hotel around the globe in 2016 by Travel and Leisure.

During Burch’s interview in 2015 with Business Jet Traveler, he said that he bought the place for his children, and as something that he can reserve and hand back to the community. He added that there are plenty of things that can be done in a really beautiful environment, which cannot be done in other places such as have a butler in each room, go to places where nobody has ever been, or construct a spa beneath is a waterfalls.

He further commented that Nihiwatu exceeded his expectations, which is very uncommon since often times stuffs, events and possessions among other things do not come up to their expectations.

Burch divides his schedule between Nihiwatu, the Hamptons, and Miami  ( His Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia is composed of his private home – Raja Mendaka, and 27 private villas. Raja Mendaka is built with a private plunge pool, four additional villas, and the main house.

Chris Burch is regarded as a man loaded with talents. He became a billionaire in 2012 and in the ensuing 4 decades of his professional occupation as the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital, he has not slowed his pace. He is a successful businessman who applied his knowledge and abilities by investing in luxury brands, and various technologies. His professions commenced 1976 when he was at Ithaca College where he invested $2,000 and propagated apparel venture – Eagle’s Eye into a massive million dollar company worth $165 million.

In his overall success, Chris Burch believes that a business must have plenty of connections since these could lead to unforeseen opportunities like jobs and other lucrative ventures.  Refer to for more of his views.

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Chris Burch Entrepreneur and Resort Owner

Many people aspire to become a successful business owner. Operating a prosperous business is a proven way to increase income and have more freedom. Chris Burch is an entrepreneur with experience in multiple industries (  During his career, he has started numerous companies.

Burch now operates one of the best resorts in the world. Nihiwatu Resort is known around the world as a luxury location. Staying at this resort is costly. Customers who visit at the Nihiwatu Resort expect everything to be perfect.

Early Business Ideas

Starting a business is difficult. Chris Burch went to college to study business. He quickly decided to focus on starting a business rather than becoming an employee. His first business was a significant failure. He built a website to sell various products online. He struggled with marketing and went deeply in debt. After the company failed, he decided to learn from successful business owners (

He interviewed successful business owners across the country. During this time, he learned valuable lessons about starting a company. He now spends his extra time helping other business leaders in the community.

Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch had an idea to build a luxury resort in a prominent area. Due to his past failures, few banks were willing to lend him money. Any loan offers he received had interest rates that were too high.

Chris Burch decided to pitch his idea to several venture capitalists in the area. He was denied multiple times, but he eventually found an investor to fund his plan. Nihiwatu Resort did not make a profit during the first year. However, the resort is now profitable and is a popular tourist destination. Many people enjoy staying at the resort due to the various amenities offered there. Chris Burch is a great example of how to become a successful business owner.


Chris Burch: From Clothing Salesman To Wealthy Investor And Fashion Mogul

Over the past 40 years businessman and entrepreneur Chris Burch has been able to turn a $2,000 investment into an investment portfolio valued in the hundreds of millions. Burch’s first foray into business was selling sweaters door-to-door while at Ithaca College. Chris Burch working with his brother Bob founded Eagle’s Eye apparel when in 1976 they each invested $2,000. Within a few years, business was booming. The brother hired a sales team, had their apparel custom-made and had to work hard to keep the ever-growing customer base satisfied. When the Swipe Group offered the Burch brothers $165 million for Eagle’s Eye, they accepted it.

Once Burch had money to invest, he began making a series of savvy moves. At that time the Internet Capital Group was in its embryonic stage. Chris Burch was one of the first people to invest in them. His reputation as a visionary with his finger on the pulse of consumer demand and the ability to utilize superior sourcing infrastructure quickly grew (  Chris Burch invested in companies like C. Wonder, Tory Burch, Poppin, Voss Water, Cocoon9, Jawbone, TRADEMARK, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Bur+Mah and they all became wildly successful. His ability to locate the link between innovation and implementation is uncanny.

Chris Burch has gone on to invest in a wide array of industries from technology to prefab housing and organic food. He continues to be able to anticipate what consumers will want tomorrow and invest in it today. Real estate and hospitality are two areas in which Chris Burch is now making his mark. He has built luxury homes in Palm Beach, Florida, Southampton, New York and on Nantucket ( Working in collaboration with hotelier Alan Faena as well as architect Philippe Stark, Burch is also involved in the development of Faena Hotel + Universe in Argentina and a number of other real estate projects.

One of the most spectacular real estate projects with which Chris Burch is involved is the five-star resort, Nihiwatu, on Sumba island in Indonesia. The western part of the island was transformed into a resort with 27 private villas featuring private plunge pools, a blue lagoon, surf classes, an incredible surfer’s beach, horseback riding, yoga lessons, a spa under a waterfall, spa treatments on the beach or the private villas and countless other amenities. More to read on Chris Burch and his partners plan to build similar resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


How Chris Burch Became One Of The Most Accomplished Businessmen In The Country

You could probably say that Chris Burch has an eye for good taste and luxury. A longtime serial entrepreneur Chris Burch was involved in the development of one of the most modern companies in the American fashion industry. Before that he had built a fashion company while he was still working on his college degree while he was enrolled in college in upstate New York. That company focused on selling apparel to consumers. Later on Chris Burch would choose to apply his business acumen to the challenge of creating a new luxury fashion brand from scratch and he would end up being successful at this goal. While Chris Burch has managed to succeed in the fashion industry that sector does not represent the only sector that he has had success in. Chris Burch’s success as a businessman also extends to the work that he has done in other industries. For instance Chris Burch runs a fairly successful investment firm that is known as Burch Creative Capital.  He is the chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital.

Some of the many businesses that Chris Burch and his company Burch Creative Capital have chosen to include in their portfolio include companies such as Blink Health, Jack Rogers, Dirty Lemon, Little Duck Organics, Outdoor Voices and Solid and Striped. These companies, which span a variety of industries and sectors, all represent the ethos that Chris Burch has as an entrepreneur who values things such as creativity and innovation in the world of business. More to read on

The professional world is something that Chris Burch has been immersed in for most of his life. Chris Burch was actually exposed to the construction industry when he was just a child through one of his parents who worked in the industry. Like many successful business people Chris Burch actually got his first taste of entrepreneurship when he was actually quite young. Like the entrepreneur and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Burch actually started his very first business while he was still studying at a university in upstate New York.  Read his shared insights and views, hit on

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Like most business people Chris Burch had to earn his stripes as a businessman through enrolling in the school of hard knocks. Running a business while attempting to go to class and enjoy the life of a standard college student probably was not easy but somehow Chris Burch was able to pull the feat off and ended up turning his company into the poster child for entrepreneurial success.  For an overview of his diverse investment, check   Arguably, Chris Burch would take everything that he had learned from the setbacks and triumphs that come when one attempts to run their own business and apply the lessons that he had learned to running new businesses and helping other people run their companies. Check the diversity of his business ventures on

Take a quick tour to his awesome resort on


The Career Of Chris Burch Guides Entrepreneurs And Will Continue Well Into The Future

Chris Burch has ventured into many different businesses during his career. His success as an entrepreneur is due to his unique ability to make money, his passion, and his forceful drive. The establishment of Burch Creative Capital was a milestone in his life, and he remains the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is highly admired, on the list of billionaires through Forbes, and the man entrepreneurs follow. He has struggled for success, and his career has endured for forty years as an entrepreneur, hotelier, and philanthropist. Additional reading on

Chris Burch has strategized his career by constantly moving, creating new ventures, and dedicating himself to every project. His career often involves investments, and this has made him an expert in numerous fields, and resulted in over 50 successful companies.  Click on for a glimpse of his impressive investment portfolio.

This has created a man who is decisive, discerning, and understanding. His luxurious resort in South East Asia is named Nihi Sumba, and reflects his achievements.  Check this on   This success was not instantaneous, but a long journey that originated at Ithaca College.

Chris Burch has additionally built homes encased in luxury in many locations. The Universe in Buenos Aires, and the Faena Hotel are excellent examples of the ingenuity, and quality of his work. When he became interested in miniature homes, Cocoon9 was born. The homes are small, of the highest quality, require a building period of four months, and are easily transported, and installed. Since Chris Burch does not do anything in half measures, the houses were built for durability, energy efficiency, and to be affordable.

The path carved by Chris Burch is a beacon followed by entrepreneurs to their own success stories. He is respected for his accomplishments, giving back to his community, and his generous heart. His humanitarianism has helped the support of the people of Sumba, and provided aid desperately needed. A lot of his time is spent as a volunteer working all around the world with charities. He has provided aid for the NYU Langone in New York, The Child Welfare League of China, funded activities for medical training, and served numerous charity organizations. Despite his many successes, Chris Burch continues to venture into new, and exciting projects, tend to the growth of his visions, and surge forward. Read additional article here.

The career of Chris Burch covers many industries. He has been instrumental in the hospitality field, is a firm believer in the benefits of technology, has entered the world of apparel, is an expert regarding consumer products, and is remarkable concerning financial services. He believes branding has power, has a sharp sense in marketing, and has established a name destined to live on well into the future.  Read more of his insights and viewpoint in this article on

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Chris Burch Pulls Out All The Stops for His Party

Hosting a party can be a very stressful thing. After all, the host has to figure out many different aspects of the party. One of these aspects that the host needs to figure out is the catering. The food and the drinks need to be figured out. Fortunately, for Chris Burch, he is very creative in what he can do in order to make sure that the party is satisfying for everyone. He has found chef Andres Morataya because of his approach to grilling which is very friendly to the beach lifestyle. Chris Burch’s party turned out to be a success.  Additional article on

Chris Burch as a serial entrepreneur has brought forth a lot of insights that have benefited people who want to get their business off the ground.  More to read about him on  He has also shown a lot of insight and observation when it comes to technology and fashion. He has noticed a lot of examples of technology and fashion throughout the eras. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons that clothing does not look like it did a few centuries back is because of technological advancements. Therefore, different trims and even greater innovations in the practicality of styles have been brought forth from people.  Hit on to learn what his latest cool offering to the market.

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Chris Burch has a reputation for combining concepts that seem to be mutually exclusive. Another combination that he has revealed to go good is the combination of productivity and creativity. For one thing, they both go well together when it comes to bringing something new to the masses. If people were just productive, progress would be very slow. At the same time, creativity without productivity just leaves people with a bunch of ideas. With both productivity and creativity comes tons of advancements and improvements to the lifestyles of people. Chris Burch’s awareness helps people move forward with their goals.  To read more about his diverse investments, hop over to

Read his insights and views in this article on