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George Soros’ Philanthropic Move

George Soro is an American- Hungarian businessman, author and a philanthropist who was born on August 30th, 1930. He is among the most successful investors in the globe being among the top thirty wealthiest persons in the world. George commenced his investment career by accepting several jobs in England at merchant banks before moving to America where he founded Double Eagle, his first hedge fund in 1969. Through Double Eagle, George acquired enough capital that enabled him establishes his second hedge fund called Soro Fund Management in 1970. Through his stewardship, George made sure that Double Eagle which got renamed to Quantum Fund increase its assets from 12 million dollars to 25 billion dollars in 2011. Prior working in Double Eagle, George had worked in various organizations that gave him the relevant experience that he needed. Some of these organizations include the Wertheim and Co, Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, Singer and Friedlander, F.M Mayer and much more. He has master’s degree in philosophy from the London School of economics.

Through his philanthropic nature, Soros has donated quite a massive amount of money to various organizations ranging from political organization to social economic institutions. For instance, in 2009 through Soros, George gave 35 million dollars to the disadvantaged children in New York State. Every child in the state aged three to seventeen years got 200 dollars. He also donated 100 million dollars to Eastern and Central Europe to support the financially strained nongovernmental organizations and voluntary groups. George has also endorsed world’s drug policy reforms whose aim is to respond to the social and cultural influence of drugs. For instance, in 2008 he gave 1.4 million dollars towards supporting Proposition 5 in California whose main aim was to enlarge the drug rehabilitation programmes. The programs acted as an option for prison persons who were judged for non-violent offenses such as drug abuse.

Politically, he has not been left behind. His political stance has been influenced by his belief in an open society. He believes that an Open Society is a society that is not perfect but is subject to improvement. Because of this view, he has supported political candidates that also hold to it. For instance, in 2012 he donated 1 million dollars to super PAC that supported the re-election of President Barrack Obama. He also gave 1million dollars in 2016 to the Super Pac which backed Hillary Clinton presidential bid.

Recently, George has funded the Open Society Foundations with 18 million dollars. It became one of the most significant wealth transfers done by a private funder to a single foundation. Through this donation, Open Society has become the second largest organization in the United States that carries philanthropic actions. The team boosts typically the human rights and democracy in countries that exceed 120. Through the funding, the Open Society has supported treatment centers in the year 2014 during the eruption of Ebola disease. The society also protects the rights of lesbians and gays and minimises police abuse to people and Follow him