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Brazilian lawyer Ricardo Tosto Career

Brazil is in high demand for professional lawyers. Ricardo Tosto is one of them. In Brazil and the entire world in general, the legal profession is the most recognized career. Brazil holds a wide human resource of lawyers. This is a result of numerous law schools in Brazil. In regard to a report in 2010, Brazil is ranked number two in terms of “lawyers” representation worldwide. The United States is the leading nation in the world. Despite that Brazil hold the second rank, it has the highest number of law schools around the globe. Brazil has approximately 1,100 law schools across the world while in Brazil alone, it has 1,240 law schools.

To add on this, Brazil has more than 8,000 officially registered/certified lawyers. These lawyers are approved and certified by the bar association. These stands to be the lawyers that are permitted by law to handle any representation of a client in a court of law. Despite this, there are more than three million undergraduate lawyers in Brazil who are yet to be certified. The lawyers who have graduated from the bar are allowed to teach law or even join any law-related field or profession.

Among the prominent biggest law firms Brazil in terms of representation and human resource base is the law firm that was established by this prominent Brazilian lawyer, Ricardo Tosto. This law firm has more than 500 employees. The Brazilian lawyers are categorized into three classes. The three categories are interns, associates as well as partners. The partners in the law firm are supposed to search and bring the clients in the law firm. They are paid relative to the number of clients they manage to bring in the law firm. The Associates have fixed salaries that are paid by the law firm. The clients in a law firm are charged on hourly basis. To watch video click here.

Ricardo Tosto has interacted with many companies. He has dealt with very many cases. He has represented the who is who in Brazil and he is still rising in this career. He has consistently been listed at the top of the best rated Brazilian lawyers.

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