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Senor Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto holds one of Brazil’s best and brightest law firms all around. Ricardo Tosto is certainly not a name forgotten in his country. Find out more at Google plus, LinkedIn, Instagram or even YouTube. Ricardo Tosto especially known for his strategy. He knows the legal repercussions of not doing things properly and will hold all employees accountable until they have finished their jobs and have thus passed his full review and approval for each assignment in turn.

This is also what serious Brazilian lawyers love about Ricardo Tosto. He does not mess around, especially when it comes to the law, and any client will appreciate that as well. Ricardo Tosto can hold his own weight on legal issues – and even that of others – while showing the country what’s possible when things are done properly. He knows the legal systems in Brazil both inside and out – as if they were the very back of his own hand. He does not, however, boast of his knowledge but humbly regards himself as a lifelong learner and a servant who is willing to learn and adapt to the ever-changing laws within Brazil’s stringent society. This is also what most love about him, in addition to the fact that he never gives up on a case until he has seen through with every promise and delivered.

Mr. Tosto currently specializes in the following types of law and counseling. He is a master.
1. Civil Law
2. Commercial Law and Contracts
3. Banking Law
4. Political and Election Law
5. Business and Criminal Law – or even Business Criminal Law
6. Debt Law
7. Credit Restructuring Solutions

He has won countless cases and defended numerous clients of the last decade alone and can show you how to study, practice or even train others in law. Brazilian law, after all, is not for the faint of heart but only requires the best, leaders like Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto currently works for Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados, since April of 1991. You may learn more by visiting his main company website at

Whistleblower Attorney

There have never been more whistleblowers in the media than over the last handful of years, as all sorts of things have been coming to light that have told a lot about the vast amount of corruption that has been taking place in all sorts of organizations. Perhaps the most famous and well known whistleblower of all time, Edward Snowden, famously came forward a handful of years ago with attacks against our personal rights, which were in direct opposition to the constitution and to the bill of rights. He ended up having charges brought up against him and was forced to flee the country and to this day he is still residing in Russia for protection against prosecution. This is but one of the many examples of when a person has come forward with information and has been caught in the cross fire of legality. This absolutely was something that could take place in the past and for the most part, the majority of people who even thought about coming forward with information expected if they told the truth that they would face the consequences.

Things have changed dramatically over the last year or two and there are now protections out there that have afforded whistleblowers with a much higher caliber of protection. There are now whistleblower protections that not only provide a level of protection to those people who are brave enough to come forward with important information, but there are even monetary incentives. The goal of this is to shed light on any nefarious activity that is taking place, which has given an unparalleled level of protection to those people that want to come forward with information.

If you do have some level of information that you want to come forward with, it is still incredibly important to hire a lawyer for proper representation. While there are absolutely laws and programs out there that have been designed to protect whistleblowers, there is no question that you need to have an attorney representing you at all times. Before even thinking about coming forward with any type of information, or even hinting to anyone that you are thinking about becoming a whistleblower, make sure you go out and get yourself a great attorney. There are plenty of top notch firms and attorneys out there that specialize in whistleblower cases, so make this your first move if you want to come forward.

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An attorney also recognized as a lawyer is a person admitted to practice law in at least one jurisdiction. An attorney is also authorized to perform both criminals, and civil legal function on behalf of their clients, the legal functions bestowed upon an attorney include providing legal counsel, drafting legal documents to name but a few. For one to qualify to become an attorney, one must have graduated from a law school as well as having to pass the bar exam so as to be eligible to practice law in at least one of the jurisdictions. The main difference between a lawyer and an attorney is that attorneys have not only completed their undergraduate law course but also they have passed the bar exam and are practicing law in their particular jurisdictions. There are many qualified attorneys in the United States and more so in New York. One of New York’s renowned attorney is lawyer Ross Abelow.


Ross Abelow, a widely-known attorney, based in New York City, NY. Mr. Abelow is has a vast knowledge of experience in the law profession with his areas of practice in matrimonial law, family law, entertainment law to name but a few. Ross is the founder of Abelow and Cassandro, LLP firm that is in New York. He and his able staff offer a warm welcome to their clients and are more than willing to help you and answer any legal questions one may have. At Mr. Abelow’s office, you’re sure of getting the best legal attorney in the Greater New York City Area. Ross Abelow is quite understanding when it come to legal matters and willing to offer the best legal advice there could during the trying times.


The reason for hiring an attorney such as Ross Abelow depends on the situation you are facing. Mr. Abelow is capable of representing any of your cases either as an individual or business. Before he considers taking your case. Ross Abelow will invite you for a consultation so as to determine whether or not you have a case. If he thinks you have a case, he will be more than willing to handle the case either personally or have one of his qualified staff to take up the case. It’s advisable to find the right kind of attorney to represent you in a professional manner.

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Some Basic Information to Consider before Getting Divorced

When a person is considering a divorce or legal separation, they usually have a lot of questions. This is especially the case if they never had to personally deal with this situation or if they have not known someone who has dealt with this situation. One common question that a person may ask has to do with if they need to hire an attorney in New York or the place where they live. It is always a good idea to hire a lawyer to consult with when a person is going through major changes in their life. A lawyer is going to be able to help protect the person’s rights and the rights of their children when they divorce. A lawyer is also going to be able to help someone when it comes to child custody, dividing property and assets, family support, and visitation rights. One qualified lawyer to consider hiring in the New York City area is Ross Abelow. He has years of experience in a marital and family law. He graduated from the Brooklyn Law school.

Another question that a lot of people wonder about involves the legal grounds for obtaining a divorce. Basically, the legal grounds for obtaining a divorce are divided into two categories. There are no-fault and fault divorces. A no-fault divorce is one where both parties do not place blame on each other for the breakdown of the marriage. Normally, incompatibility or irreconcilable differences are the basis for a no-fault divorce. When it comes to fault-based divorces, there are of wide range of grounds that would include desertion, the use of addictive drugs and drunkenness, insanity, mental cruelty, adultery, physical cruelty and insanity. It is important to speak with a lawyer when determining the grounds for divorce.

Before a person would take any steps to legalize a divorce or submit any paperwork having to do with the division of assets, they need to speak to a qualified attorney to help. Ross Abelow can help individuals who are considering legal separation and divorce. He also specializes in entertainment law and commercial litigation. When a person is deciding on who they will hire as an attorney, it is usually a good idea to get a referral from friends, family members or professionals. There are websites that can be consulted to help an individual to see a list of state and local Bar Association referral programs that will direct them to more information and helpful resources.

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