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Thor Halvorssen Puts Himself On The Line In The Name Of Human Rights

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen is not a human rights activist in the way we all generally imagine them to be; instead, Thor Halvorssen looks to bring an energetic and positive image to the activism community he has spent the majority of his adult life working in. The Hollywood film producer has used the skills he has developed over the course of his adult life in a bid to bring attention to human rights issues. Halvorssen has gone so far as to place his body on the line during a trip to interview a political prisoner in Vietnam that brought him to the attention of local authorities.

In his work with the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen has also looked to create a number of contacts and connections with other activists who are fighting oppressive regimes from around the world. The latest President of the Human Rights Foundation is Gary Kasparov, the form chess champion turned political activist focused upon the issues in his native Russia.

Thor Halvorssen has also looked back to his own country of Venezuela and his adopted nation of the U.S. in a bid to use his power and influence to make sure every individual has the most information possible about the political situation in these countries. Halvorssen has publicized the problems facing the public in Venezuela as he feared the start of a major humanitarian crisis in the South American country that has been caused by economic and social mismanagement by the nations socialist government.

In the U.S. Thor Halvorssen has looked to provide his views to the mainstream media in a bid to explain his own views on the 2016 presidential election; the film producer has appeared on many different news media channels in the U.S. to explain the human rights issues candidates for President from both sides of the political spectrum face in their past.