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The Defector Story That Will Have You In Tears

Suffering sexual abuse and all kinds of physical abuse this young teenage girl will live to tell her story. Yeomni Park has a story that will only have you in tears.Starting in North Korea with her mother and her sick father, Yeomni and her family will leave in the cover of the night on a long boat ride across a river. With food and shelter being an issue they had to stick together. Yeomni’s father had a form of cancer that would have been treated in other countries. By the time they got to the first stop of their destination, her father passed away from his cancer leaving the two fragile women to fend for themselves. Yeomni continues the story saying that the next leg of the excursion was the hardest. She and her mother had no shelter or food and had to rely on the help of other people. This was not the only problem. No one protected them from what was in store. Yeomni says on DailyMail her and her mother was raped repeatedly daily. They would eventually make their way out of China to South Korea by plane. The emotional state of this young girl was damaged as she wanted to kill herself daily. It took her to be stronger than ever to get over the past events, and what made it harder was the fact that natives of her country did not believe her story on Youtube. Claims that landmarks and descriptions of her country land were described wrong and certain events did not match up. Yeomni then admitted that she withheld some of the story so she would not shame her family. Now she is doing better and still fighting the critics about her story.